Most of us understand the mechanics behind the increasingly erratic weather Earth is experiencing as the result of the magnetic influence of Planet X in the inner solar system. However, articulating this complex dynamic in layman's terms is not always a simple matter.

To assist in explaining this dynamic more clearly, I've developed a visual representation of the magnetic influence Planet X has upon the Earth using a compass and another strong magnetic object.

1.  Place a compass on a table top away from any metal objects and orient the compass until the arrow is aligned North.

2. Position a magnet or any other magnetic object on the table 2 feet away from the compass in the South direction and slowly move this magnetic object toward the compass.

3.  As the magnet approaches the compass, observe the compass needle. It will either move toward West or toward the East depending on the polarity orientation of the object.  If the north pole of the magnetic object is pointing at the compass, the compass needle will move to the west.  Use this orientation to proceed.

4.  Now, with the compass needle deflected to the west by the presence of the magnetic object, suddenly pull the magnet away while observing the compass needle.  Does it not swing back toward the east before returning to North?

This is what is happening daily as the N.Pole of Planet X is increasingly pointed toward the Earth.  Earth's N. Pole deflects away as the hose of magnetic particles from the N. Pole of Planet X assault the Earth which often is depicted in the Magnetosphere Simulator.  Then the Earth will swing back in opposition toward Planet X, "attempting to point its N Pole along the magnetic field lines of Planet X such that its N Pole is pointing toward the S Pole of Planet X. Opposition allows the magnetons to flow from the N Pole of Planet X through the Earth using the Earth's S Pole as an intake and thence on to the S Pole of Planet X."  ZetaTalk

This movement, back and forth, to and fro and becoming increasingly more violent, creates turbulence in the atmosphere which translates into erratic temperature gradients mixing warm and cold air which ultimately manifest as unseasonable conditions and violent weather patterns. 

As Planet X draws nearer, this dynamic will increase until such time that the seasons have blended completely and the wobble becomes so severe that Earth falls on her side in a Static Lean to the Left, a sign the Last Weeks have commenced.


Excerpt from:

ZetaTalk: Earth Wobble
written July 17, 2004

The key to the Earth wobble many are now beginning to Notice, and the odd cold spot that lingers over Hudson Bay and in the waters off Nova Scotia, lies in the shape of the Atlantic Rift. We have stated that Planet X is skewed at least 45° along the Sun's magnetic flow lines, pointing its S. Pole away from the S. Pole of the Sun as it rounds this pole, thus putting a tug on the Earth's N. Pole which is attracted and tempted to align with Planet X in an end-to-end arrangement. The tilt of the Earth's N. Pole, leaning somewhat to the right to the side of the Sun Planet X is rounding, has created a false season simulating Summer in the northern hemisphere, were it not for the Constellations being out of place, an almost perfect mask for the approaching monster about to upset life on Earth as its current inhabitants know it. For those with keen eyes and clear eyes, for at least half the world from Japan to Ontario, an Earth wobble has become a reality. The Atlantic Rift is skewed to the West in the northern hemisphere, and then to the East in the southern hemisphere, following the deepest cleft between the continents as they rip apart during what is commonly called the Continental Drift. As wehave stated, this Atlantic Rift is itself a magnet as the tearing occurred during prior pole shifts and cooling magma was quickly aligned with the reforming poles, and thus becomes a third magnet encouraged to align with the Earth's core and Planet X during their encounters. At the point where the Atlantic Rift either faces or is in opposition to Planet X, this tugging to align occurs, creating the Global Quakes noted on live seismographs only during this past year, for the Earth, when Planet X has been in the vicinity. Why has an Earth wobble developed?

  1. When the Atlantic Rift is facing Planet X, high noon over the Atlantic, the tilt and lean of the Earth are tending to align side-by-side with Planet X where it rides on the Sun's magnetic flow lines, rather than the Sun, as the combined pull on the Earth core and the Atlantic Rift is a strong magnetic resonance. Due to the 'S' shape of the rift, leading with its southern edge more toward the East, this tug on the rift tends not only to tilt the Earth's N. Pole toward the Sun but also lean the N. Pole toward Planet X, as Planet X is approaching from the South, below the Ecliptic, from the right, and it grabs at the southern portion first, as nearer at hand. This gives Europe to Ontario a sunrise with a northern tilt, the increasing motion North of the Sun after the Solstice that has been noted.
  2. As this southern portion of the Atlantic Rift disappears around to the side of the Earth at dusk, this grip is relaxed and the Earth tends to align side-by-side with the Sun, moving its N. Pole back away from Planet X slightly. This gives the Western Half of the United States a sunrise location more in keeping with what is expected shortly after the Solstice, the Sun seeming to move South. This also moves the Hudson Bay and waters off Nova Scotia away from direct sunlight, thus the odd cold these regions are experiencing during their Summer. This wobble of the N. Pole away from the Sun and Planet X is most accentuated at this point, because the southern Atlantic Rift disappears and is entirely shielded from the direct grip of Planet X, being blocked by the Earth.
  3. As the southern portion of the Atlantic Rift approaches the dark side of the Earth, where it is again in line with the Earth's core and Planet X as magnets, creating magnetic resonance, the tug to align with Planet X again becomes strong, giving Japan the view of a sunrise moving North after the Solstice. But as the southern portion of the Atlantic Rift swings round to approach its dawn position, it is now more accessible to Planet X than at dusk. Approaching from the South, Planet X can directly grip this southern tip of the Atlantic Rift, so any wobble to align with the Sun is slight,tipping the Earth's N. Pole away from the Sun, is slight. Thus Siberia does not find itself with the lack of sunlight the Hudson Bay region does during its daylight hours.
We mentioned, in the Whiplash ZetaTalk, that ricochet effects and twirling are possible. Twirling? What does that mean? Why is the cold spot to the west of Hudson Bay the coldest spot on Earth? That’s not the N Pole. What point is pointing away from the Sun most of the day? Are we going to develop a wobble? Are we going to suddenly lurch about so that the Sun is rising and setting in a place way off from where the public would expect?
This is in your future, folks, but we will not give you the date.
ZetaTalk: Twirling Wobble, written May 25, 2004 on the Lou Gentile Show, live
Tilting and leaning or aligning with the bully magnet that Planet X represents will occur, with ricochet effects and twirling possible to an extent we decline to reveal at this time.
ZetaTalk: Whiplash, written April 14, 2004

Hudson Bay Cold Spot

Cold spot just west of the Hutson Bay noted in May.
And continuing, temps on Sunday June 20 in Alaska, 89°, in Michigan, 39°.


Increased Wobble Weather Effects

Seems that most of the Northern Hemisphere is dealing with unusual warm weather. For Sunday they expect some 13 degrees Celsius over here in the Netherlands and other countries are dealing with warm weather too. The new ZetaTalk about the magnetosphere says "This is the reason for the increased violence of the wobble, as the PUSH away of the Earth’s N Pole is stronger."  And also that the sun is setting to south. I am sure this is related to the warm weather, but with a more violent wobble and air masses clashing I would think that there is more going on now. Could the Zetas say something about this?
[and from another]
At least 128 people have died during a two-week-long cold spell sweeping across northern and eastern India, news reports said.

"An apparent contradiction is that while the Sun has been located too far to the south at sunrise in N America and setting too far to the south in Europe, implying that less sunlight should be reaching these areas, while much of the Northern Hemisphere has had warmer than usual temps for December. The Earth wobble primarily pushes the Earth’s magnetic N Pole away when the Sun is over the Pacific and the N Pole currently off coast of Siberia in the Arctic comes up over the horizon. This great push puts the PACIFIC under the Arctic air, while giving India cold spells. N America is to the side during this push while Europe finds itself pushed under tropical air as a result.

By the time the globe turns so that the Sun is coming up over Europe, the globe has bounced back, rebounded from the push and in fact over compensated. Where Europe was pushed south during the polar push, it now bounces UP northward, so the Sun seems too far south. But the warming influence of the tropical air lingers. For N America, which lies to the side on this push/rebound, the effect is a pumping action. The jet stream is disrupted, and the air mixed. While the south may be having cool spells, the north may be virtually roasting, the opposite of what is expected."

ZetaTalk - written December 31, 2011

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According to Time & Date, the Moon was supposed to set at 9:31 pm on September 2 in Saskatoon.  That is a significant discrepancy, KM.  Thanks for posting.

Thanks Howard. Great  explanation. It will help lots of people understand a complicated topic.

It helped me understand the earth wobble better too. I appreciate the info.

thanks howard  for this info.


I have tried to understand the figure of 8 and earth wobble. Please see embedded youtube clip or the attached file in the video upload area


Can someone check out this site .

In particular the images in .KALPANA,MET-IODC,FY2E and GOES 12. with the 8 image and full disk.

I think they are showing the wobble and feel queasy watching.

I dont know how to cut and paste the current simulations and these will of course change throughout the day.

I dont really know what Im looking at or if its just showing a computer glitch.

The FY2D 8 Image Animation is even more pronounced.  It is unclear if this is an anomaly or evidence of the wobble, but it has been ongoing for some time.  A proactive approach would be to contact SSEC and request they add an explanation of this apparent wobble to their FAQ page.

Patricia, complementing the excellent explanation of Mr. Howard.  The onset of severe wobble, be strong, Planet X will be visible to all, will be many degrees apart in the sky, as the sun, moon and stars, according to the day or night, you will not be denied that everything has begun the process of the last few weeks, as the Zetas have predicted. If you live near the coast, please leave there in advance, who they are when it starts there, will have no greater chance of survival.

Patricia Kuypers said:

¿Hasta dónde crees que provienen de las "7 semanas antes" , dijo Howard:

Patricia - Además del sol que es salir de la posición en el cielo, las líneas de costa será asaltado con las mareas inmensas.

ZetaTalk - 30 de enero 2010

" La severa oscilación traerá un doble de un columpio días, que no es la hora del cambio de polos, pero es un movimiento de 12 horas. Estas mareas se puede esperar que haya cientos de metros de altura, 200-300 pies, lo peor es que un normal de la marea bajo la influencia de la Luna está en proceso durante la oscilación. "

Patricia Kuypers dijo:

Gracias, pero por favor no dicen cómo hemos de discernir con precisión el día 1 de los 9 días de severa oscilación?

Julia - Planet X has been moving from under the Sun in a retrograde orbit (from right to left when facing the Sun), rising upwards toward the ecliptic and rolling its magnetic N. Pole upward, increasingly pointing it in the direction of Earth.  While moving past the Sun's S. Pole, the magnetic poles of Planet X are subject to the dominant magnetic flow lines of the Sun.  It is not that the magnetic poles of Planet X are swinging more erratically, it is Earth's magnetic N. Pole that is increasingly attempting to avoid the hose of magnetons emanating from the N. Pole of Planet X that is relentlessly approaching.

forgive me, I am seriously trying to visualize the wobble! I understand the magnet/deflecting the compass point to the west senario, but you 'pull the magnet away quickly and the compass point will bounce back and forth and settle back on the N. pole.'  Does PX have a wobble of its own that allows this to occur?/ It seems to me that the N. pole of PX aimed at earth would keep the earths N.pole tilted away with no chance of rebounding back.....Can you explain this aspect of the earth wobbleing back and forth?


This blog is intended to provide a rough visualization of the Earth Wobble.  Obviously, a compass and another magnetic object on a table are no substitute for the highly complex and ever-changing dynamics between Earth and Planet X.

Earth's magnetic N. Pole is pushed away daily as Earth's rotation turns it to face the direction of Planet X.  As Earth's rotation continues, it eventually brings Earth's magnetic N. Pole below the horizon from Planet X.  Earth's magnetic N. Pole escapes the assault of magnetons emanating from the N. Pole of Planet X which allows Earth's magnetic N. Pole to attempt to return to its normal position.  Thus it bounces back in opposition because the magnetons from Planet X are no longer pushing it away.

Steven R hughes said:

forgive me, I am seriously trying to visualize the wobble! I understand the magnet/deflecting the compass point to the west senario, but you 'pull the magnet away quickly and the compass point will bounce back and forth and settle back on the N. pole.'  Does PX have a wobble of its own that allows this to occur?/ It seems to me that the N. pole of PX aimed at earth would keep the earths N.pole tilted away with no chance of rebounding back.....Can you explain this aspect of the earth wobbleing back and forth?


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