For many, Aftertime preparations are relegated to securing a safe location, gathering vital essentials and do not include provisions for generating electrical power.  While this isn't imperative for survival, it will be required for optimum vegetable cultivation, radio communication, among other quality of life improvements.  Although many are hoping to be deemed worthy of receiving a perpetual power pack, there's no telling when or even IF this can be expected.


Some may be able to rely on their ability to generate power from salvaging Aftertime wreckage, but most of us cannot.  This discussion is offered for those intending to generate power in the Aftertime and wanting to learn more.  Anyone currently living off-grid or with expertise generating and storing power is encouraged to share their ideas on reliable alternatives in an Aftertime environment.




There's much to be said regarding human powered generators in the context of an Aftertime scenario.  Most commercially available human-powered generators involve either a stationary bicycle that utilizes legs for pedaling or a hand crank mechanism that utilizes the upper body. Since a human is only capable of producing relatively low RPMs, power output is likewise limited.  And while pedaling a stationary bike for an hour currently may not be overly taxing, when your day is comprised of chopping wood, carrying water, and other physically exhausting activities - and you're borderline malnourished, this may not be a realistic option. Before exploring other alternatives for generating power, it's important to clarify some common misconceptions:


Misconception 1:  "I can salvage an alternator from a car or truck and generate power, right?"


Not easily. Most vehicle alternators start producing power at RPMs far greater than humans can achieve without substantial mechanical gearing to increase the alternator speed.  While vehicle alternators can be modifed to generate power at lower RPMs, this involves replacing the existing stator windings with windings that have more turns of smaller gauge wire, which is no small feat.


Using a vehicle alternator to harness wind power is also problematic. A car alternator is designed to be lightweight and operate at very high RPM. Since it won't produce useable power below 1000 RPM, ordinary wind turbine blades mounted on the shaft will spin relatively slowly and not produce useable power. While you can attempt to compensate for this speed mismatch by introducing gearing, rewinding the stator coils, or even using shorter blades, you'll find these laborious efforts only result in a wind generator that is clumsy, inefficient, and produces little power.

Also, you have to remove and bypass the internal voltage regulator if your battery is not right next to the alternator. So unless you have the battery mounted on top the tower, the voltage at the alternator will be higher than the battery voltage due to resistance in the wiring and the regulator will start to limit the voltage output before the battery begins charging properly. All in all, trying to use a vehicle alternator is a bad idea.


Misconception 2:  "I can hook up any Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG) to a stationary bike and generate sufficient power to charge my battery bank, right?"


Not necessarily.  Even PMGs advertised as "Low RPM" that reportedly generate voltage and current at any RPM need to be evaluated based on your ability to turn the generator fast enough to charge your batteries.  If you're trying to charge a 12V battery and you can't pedal fast enough to generate more than 12V, your battery will die just slightly ahead of you.


Misconception 3:  "I can use car batteries in my battery bank, right?"


Bad idea. Most batteries that start engines (starter batteries) are designed to be drained only slightly (2 to 5%) during ignition, after which they're recharged by the vehicle's alternator. This type of battery fails to hold a charge when repeatedly drained and recharged (deep cycled).  A used automotive battery can fail after only a few deep cycles, while a new deep cycle battery can last for over 20 years. While it would be recommended to obtain deep cycle batteries now, deep cycle batteries could be acquired in the Aftertime by salvaging those found in boat wreckage (marine batteries), as well as ones residing in forklifts, golf carts and floor sweepers (traction batteries).


Misconception 4:  "I can erect a wind generator anywhere and it will generate power as long there's wind, right?"


A wind generator needs to be positioned in a carefully chosen location that satisifies stringent criteria:

a.  Dependable Wind.  Any location will have periods when there's no wind, but you want to choose a site where there is some wind most of the time.

b.  Sufficient Wind.  Even though the blades may be turning, most wind generators won't charge batteries in winds less than 7 mph.  Power output increases almost linearly in winds between 10 mph and 20 mph, after which power output levels off and actually decreases in wind speeds over 35 mph as overspeed controls come into play. 

c.  Excessive Wind. While not enough wind is a problem, too much of it is a bad thing, too.  In wind speeds greater than 35 mph, most wind generators have built-in overspeed controls that slow blade rotation to prevent damage.  This reduces power output and increases wear and tear.  While some wind generators cannot survive wind speeds above 50 mph, others can endure wind speeds up to 120 mph.

d.  Good Wind.  For optimum performance, a wind generator should be located far away and well above the nearest obstacle that could affect the quality of wind by introducing turbulence.  Some say a wind generator should be located at least 300 feet away and 30 feet above the nearest obstacle, while others suggest a horizontal distance of 200 feet and vertical height of 20 feet is satisfactory.  It all depends on the location.  An 80-foot tower is not unheard of.




So what's the best means of generating power in the Aftertime?  This depends on many factors including your geographic location, how much power you envision your group requiring, what your group's capabilities are and what your available resources are for obtaining energy system components. 


If you wish to have electrical power in the Aftertime, its essential that your survival group contain at least one person with sufficient knowledge to be capable of either salvaging the necessary parts in the Aftertime or building the group's renewable energy system from commercially available components right now.  Personally, I believe this also includes the ability to build a generator from raw materials since there's no assurance power generating devices, despite how carefully protected, will survive the Pole Shift.


For those interested in learning how to build wind generators from raw materials, I highly recommend Hugh Piggott's, A Wind Turbine Recipe Book. This book is also available for download. I endorse this book because I was successful building a wind generator using it's instructions. The book includes plans for building 4', 6', 8', 10', 12' and 14' rotor diameter wind generators and is available in English or metric units.


So if your intention is to generate power in the Aftertime, how do you intend to accomplish it? 

We need to start talking about this now.  After the 7 of 10 hits, it might be too late.

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Which brands and types of LED grow lights are recommended? Performance. Longevity. Price. 

Howard said:

There is often misunderstanding around the need to maintain stealth.  Obviously, you want your safe location situated well off the beaten path in a remote area, but maintaining complete invisibility to marauding gangs is unnecessary. The Zetas explain: Aftertime Raids.

Ideally, your wind generator should be positioned 300 feet from any obstacles. A tower located in a forest clearing doesn't need to be much higher than the tree tops to yield the desired output. Until the atmosphere rebuilds, Earth's surface will be more windy, as the Zetas have also explained: ZetaTalk for June 18, 2011.

Gas generators can be useful in the short term, but should not be relied upon for the long term since the broken link theory clearly applies: Machine Age.

Nancy responded to me re visible wind turbines:

"Yes windmills advertise your site, which is why something like the Nebraska windmill at ground level might be useful. You CANNOT assume alien protection and live willy-nilly. YOU are to do your part in all of this."

Perhaps you already understood it this way, but it's good that she said a bit more about it to help us along.

Asked Nancy about how dark the Aftertime will be be.   Will solar panels work well enough?   Her response:

"I know that solar panels work on cloudy days, and the Zetas have nothing to add to that."

Carlos Villa said:

500 to100 watts
Hello Howard. My cabin uses an average of 500 watts per hour so in order to generate this kind of power on a cloudy day like today, I use 32 solar panels which should produce 6000 watts per hour on a sunny day but on a cloudy day, I'm getting 730 watts and it's 11 am.
Solar panels in the after time:
I've been doing plenty of testing, today included, on what to expect from solar panels on cloudy days and here are my findings. Anything that runs 24 hours such as fridges, freezers and heating require huge amounts of power. For staying warm, heating blankets draw surprisingly small amounts of power and a small battery bank can easily power several for an entire night. I have been doing all my cooking from my solar and battery system now for quite some time on extremely cloudy days. I make a pot of coffee, 90 watt hours, 4 pouched eggs, 150 watt hours, rice in the instant pot for ten minutes, 165 watt hours, beans 40 minutes in the instant pot, 272 watt hours, boil 1 lit of water in a kettle, 90 watt hours. If a kettle draws 1000 watts per hour but is only on for 4 minutes then the power used is 1000/60 minutes x 4 minutes so it only uses 67 watt hours. I'll help anyone who wishes to contact me. I'll help you with your design, give you advice so long as you are willing to help others (STO)

Here is my question about Fuel-less generator not using sun, water, air or fuel ( gas/oil). Why has this not been talked about since the data seems to show it is possible to

As there are many free energy ideas that can work I find myself wondering what would happen if those other ideas are not going to work for a certain time period after the pole shift. I have been doing a lot of research into this idea of Fuelless Engine. A Fuelless Engine is energy source that allows the power being generated without the need for sun, wind, water, oil,gas. All of these sources have limited issues. If the water freezes you lost all your power from it. If you use wind and don't get a good windy weather the results end the same thing. This same idea applies to all other sources that requires some kind of other element to generate power. I am in no way claiming any rights or development of this. Nicola Tesla was the first to do this back in the early 1901 when he filed his patient on this concept. Years later many good people have refined the process using some current 21st century technology. Here is a video to show to a demo of the generator working. This item can generate a potential 5-10kw power source and be very stealthy about growing food indoors  or keep yourself or others warm during the winter or keep others cooled off with the A/C turned on and so much more you can think of.

here is a video these guys did of the working model. I am in no way connected to them i just support there idea of free energy

While such devices are possible, they are currently not allowed among the mix of spiritual orientations on schoolhouse Earth. 

"As we have often stated, Earth today is home to young souls, and as youngsters, they are not allowed high tech devices that would allow the sadistic or control freaks among her populace too strong a hand. It is supposed to be a balanced school house, and any imbalance where those who are self centered are getting too much of an upper hand is countered, promptly. Can you imagine someone like Dick Cheney with free energy in his hands? What would stop him from trying to enslave the world, he as King?

"This will only emerge when the Earth is firmly in the hands of those who are Service to Other, mature, and reliably using this for the true betterment of the populace, which will occur in places after the pole shift or worldwide approximately 100 years after the shift."

ZetaTalk: November 25, 2006

On Tesla...

"Tesla was a genius given to grandiose plans, all of which failed. He did indeed ask for assistance from Service-to-Self aliens, giving The Call, and many of his insights were due to conferences with these aliens, who found him remarkably gullible. Tesla absolutely believed in what he was purporting and became a salesman with remarkably persuasive abilities. The Service-to-Self aliens who toyed with Tesla knew they would not be allowed to give Tesla real technology or knowledge, factors that would trip the balance between the orientations. However, lying to Tesla and setting him off to set the stage for more of such games with humans is within the bounds they are allowed to operate within. So they lied, and Tesla's eyes lit up, and just as expected Tesla ran around gathering disciples and sponsors. To this day there are humans who firmly believe he was onto something and pursue his theories. Tesla postulated that electrical energy could be harnessed to the degree that it could be captured as free energy and likewise redirected as free energy.

"He was given enough information from Service-to-Self aliens who answered his call to be able to demonstrate these theories in a preliminary manner, using concepts and devices new to the science field. Therein lay his fame, and therein lies the tenacity of his disciples. However, the Holy Grail they seek is not down the path they have been set upon.'

ZetaTalk: Tesla - November 15, 1995

James Thompson said:

Here is my question about Fuel-less generator not using sun, water, air or fuel ( gas/oil). Why has this not been talked about since the data seems to show it is possible

I started to put this together years ago. Some pretty basic info for the production of off-grid electrical power and storage.


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