The Zetas have repeatedly stated that those who cling to religious dogma tend to be "immature souls" (or leaning to STS). Can it really be true that wise, Service-to-Other, old souls are not found within those who adhere to organized religion? Related to this, can the Zetas specify whether it is the human mind or the soul within that grasps at religious beliefs? If it is the soul, I would imagine there could be a terrible and traumatic shock upon death and learning that such firmly held ideas are not truth. Or does the soul know better and thus have no illusions, despite what the human imagines during its life?

Dogma comforts both the immature and those leaning to the Service-to-Self. Even though the soul may be aware of the afterlife, the reality of reincarnation, it goes along with the human and even drives the process. The reason is that both souls of the immature and those leaning to the Service-to-Self are comfortable when dogma is ruling the environment. Why is this so? The Service-to-Self, as we have explained, allow rules to replace an awareness of what others are feeling. On their worlds, their prison planets, if they carefully follow the rules they are less likely to get punished. Innovation is almost nil on these planets because innovation requires the right to have free thought. Mistakes are often made because a rule is followed at all costs. If this sounds like some environments on Earth, in human society, do not be surprised.

For the spiritually immature, with barely sparked souls, life is confusing. They encounter situations the young soul has not encountered before, and are guessing at what direction or path to take. This creates anxiety, and dogma takes this anxiety away. If one follows the rules, one is rewarded, or at least one is promised a reward. Certainly if one follows the rules one is less likely to be punished by an overlord who is so focused on maintaining control that this become the only thing that matters. Military units and organized religions have this structure, with many rules and punishment for breaking the rules. Armies are marched to their deaths because the commanding officer feels he can do no wrong. Objection by the soldiers beneath them brings death for treason. Organized religion is just as harsh in their punishments for transgressions.

Are there Service-to-Other souls within military units and organize religion? Of course, doing service! We have mentioned that highly evolved Service-to-Other spirits are attending to prison planets, attending to those souls who realize the error of their ways and want to be returned to 3rd density worlds where they can have a second chance. In like manner, those in service in military units or within organized religion are trying to make a difference, particular at those points where a choice is to be made. They hope to be in a position to give counseling when there is a choice between empathy or mindlessly following a rule.

Source: ZetaTalk for July 2, 2011



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I have always felt the truth of this in my soul.


The STO and STS information on Zetatalk have clarified a great deal of the so-called mysteries of life.  Regardless of the outcome of the coming disaster, I am at a greater level of peace than ever.  My greatest hope now is to be able to be of as much help to others in the coming troubled times as I can.


Thanks Gerard for this post.

We have been so programmed all our lives, that it is difficult sometimes to think or act outside 'the box'. However, many folks all over this globe are ready and even desperate for a 'new way' and seek to find their way to a higher way of thinking and feeling. Folks want to transform, and need examples and way showers. So bless all those willing to get involved and assist these ones, whether it be in religion, military, education, the political arena, or wherever. Thank you for sharing these thoughts. We all can be role models for each other. (for all those who know better, action is required!)


what an eye opening passage you have shared with us. I was raised to believe in God as man thinks of him but as i got older i realised there is a Higher Power a great creater if you will. I was tired of the church trying to tell me what to think , how to act, or even re-act to different situations , while all the while let us pass the plate.I have learned so much from Zetatalk and this blog , i just want to thank you for keeping us informed and a step ahead of the masses who refuse to accept the upcoming events. I also agree with Bob Lovejoy I to accept what we are preparing for and I just hope I can help others in their time of need, thank you again

I was indoctrinated with organised religion from a young age(I won't say which brand).  Led by the hand to church every Sunday, for awhile I believed it all. When I was little I thought priests etc were God's friends. How wrong I was.

Then I Awoke!!

My Mum is deeply religious, though not anymore in an organised faith. She prays for hours every night, for everyone in the extended family AND complete strangers. She has much empathy. I once thought she was talking to God.

The Zetas tell us that praying can be The Call. I now know that Mum is "talking" to benevolent higher density entities.

The thing do I tell her???


Dogma is exactly the opposite of intelligence, open thought and understanding. Any Truth loving individual could never be tied to dogma. Dogma is the opposite of Truth. Dogma is used by organized religions to impose their will, submit and manipulate weaker minded people. On the other side, weaker minded people need religion, or dogma, or any of such things, to try to understand life and relief the anguish they feel in front of the absolute mystery life is for them. On the other side, dogma may be found not only among organized religions, but in many other areas of human life, such as economy, politics, psychology, etc. Those who believe that a full capitalist country is perfect while a socialist model is evil, are exactly as wrong as those who are convinced that a perfect society must follow the communist dogma and that no free enterprise must be allowed ever. (China seems to have understood well they needed to free themselves from dogma, and look at the place they are now). If politicians were not tied to dogma, they would never be afraid of a Plebiscite, while a Plebiscite would solve most of those problems affecting many societies and countries today for decades and even centuries, in a couple of weeks. Those psychologists who only look at the behavior of men despising the Freudian model are as wrong as those who can only see a sexual content in any human behavior neglecting the social factor. Dogma keeps science thinking that the whole Universe may be explained by Newton’s laws, instead of using a more precise electromagnetic model, which should be somehow closer to reality. Dogma keeps people from understanding that the Earth is not just a ball of rocks and water spinning around and travelling on its orbit around the Sun, but it rather is a real magnet, and behaves like a magnet in every way.

Modern science is full of dogma, just like many of us are full of S.

Those Star Children who came to Earth with a mission, those Great Masters of mankind, never stated they were gods or anything like that. They never stated that the whole world had to be taken, by force if necessary, to impose their ideas upon other nations. None of them wanted an Inquisition. No Star Child ever dictated any “Book of the Law”. They never dictated that their followers had to organize themselves into a global corporation style organization, which handles so much wealth that they themselves do not know how much money they own, while it keeps a sophisticated global Intelligence Service at the service of their dogma. No Star Child declared he would save any one, but he rather taught the audience the way how anyone who wanted to make it, could save him or herself. I mean, a teacher may teach you how to walk, but it is the individual who has to move the legs and walk. There is no such a thing as a “sweet Master” (you, generation of vipers), this is only a childish notion which satisfies psychological problems of a weak soul. If any Star Child ever suggested he was the Son of God (and I doubt any may have stated that), it is only because if God is the Great Father-Mother Creator of All Things we believe it is, then every one of us is too a son of God. You and I, my dear friend, are sons of God too, just as my dog “Pepa” is, if God is what we suppose it is.

To any of those “sons of dogma” who comes to me trying to sell the idea of salvation, I shall ask: “Look, have you saved yourself already ???…”. If the answer is “no”, I will state: “Then we don’t have anything to talk about!!! …”

Those who seem to declare that they know God are so dogmatic that they are close to total stupidity. We are just little ants standing on a point of dust we call Earth, going around in the outskirts of a 3rd. class galaxy we call the Milky Way which is lost somewhere among millions of larger galaxies.  Could an ant ever understand the 5th Symphony of Ludwig van Beethoven?  And those who think that by their actions they would ”offend” God, are just as stupid. Could an ant ever offend, or irritate God, the Creator of the Universe? Those who believe that such a god is all the time staring at him/her from around the corner or behind the door, just to try and find some little detail to punish him or her, as if that supposed god had nothing better to do than spying on his creatures, are also mental cases. These guys never understood anything. They never understood that, along with Life, the greatest gift God ever gave to its creatures is Freedom: the freedom to choose, and decide by themselves,  what is right and what is wrong. They never understood that the only sin was to do wrong, or to do harm, either to our own souls, or to others around us. Lack of empathy: do not do to others what you do not want to be done to you.

They are nothing but Bleached Coffins. Dogma is the opposite of Truth. Dogma is the opposite of Love. Dogma is the opposite of Life. But, this is a time of Awakening. Now the peoples of the Earth are in an irreversible awakening process. The people are opening their eyes, each and every day that passes. We are starting to breathe a clean air. We will soon be contemplating the final death of dogma … DO NOT rest in peace …


My Karma ran over your Dogma!

I so appreciate this post Gerard... Thank you! .. and thank you to the Zeta's for their truthfulness in this delicate subject.  Dogma is nothing but human created 'rules and regulations' to maintain a power over situation of believers or subscribers to a certain belief system.  How 'good' is a religious dogmatic system that creates rifts within families, troubles of judgmental ridicule and bias in the work place, politics and wars on a national s scale?  It appears this world is griped by dogmatic systems of some sort, and people die fighting for their cause.  These are good people, and really think they are doing the right thing.  How can killing be a good thing, in the name of a God?  Why can't humanity open their hearts and minds and SEE what they are doing to each other, to our beloved home, Earth?  This so beyond my comprehension, and is a constant source of pain for me.  Yes, I also know that greed plays a part in all this, but right now I am focusing on 'Dogma'.

This religious thing has been going on for centuries now, and so few truly read between the lines, except the Zeta's.  It will be so wonderful when we can all live and work together.  All believing in a Creator without the dogma attached.  A gathering of good Alien Races.  A community of Love as the one focus.  What hope and joy that thought presents for the 'after times'.  Thank you for this post, so very much! 


The Sphinx of Life shall contemplate, deep inside our eyes, any day now, but irrevocably when we face the Portal of Death, and ask: “Who are you, dear traveller who have come from the Valley of Shadows to knock on my door ? …”. Depending on the answer, the verdict shall be dictated … Then Death will strike, with a precise cut of its Scythe, separating the straw from the wheat. Those who do not bear fruit shall be cast into the bonfire.

Who am I ? … Who am I ????!! … Am I a body which has a soul ? Or, am I a soul who has taken this corrupting body, temporarily, to achieve something while staring through my eyes into this world that surrounds me ?

The answer may look trivial. But it is not. Not by any means. Because the deep understanding of this question and its answer makes the whole difference. There is a world of difference. It implies total and complete pole shift, in the concept we have of ourselves and in the concept we cherish of Life. A total change, in our dearest values.  A complete change in our interests, and plans, and goals. A total shift, in the way we look at others around us …

What does this have to do with dogma ???!! … Well, it does, definitely.

Just as in our minds we keep dogmas about things, and situations, we keep dogmas about ourselves. As if it were a dogma, we believe we are this guy, this body, this name, this face, this personality, this history of life … We believe we are this or that. We believe we can do this, but we can not do that. Perhaps I believe I am too dummy. Perhaps I am convinced I am too shy. Maybe I think I am a little god, who can do anything  I want, without caring about others around me. Perhaps I admit that have the right to take someone else’s fruit, just because it is in my reach, or just because it is me who is doing it.

Society, and our growth since we were children, created dogmas, about ourselves, which we accepted, and let in, and then we became dogmatic, in the concepts we keep about ourselves. Perhaps some of these dogmas were inherited. Others were copied from someone else, when we were kids. Yet others may even have a genetic origin. We were programmed that way. Our minds were programmed that way. For good or for bad.

Part of the Awakening process is directly connected with breaking up with all of these dogmas, which have enslaved us, for eons, as individuals and as a race. We must break the chains. We must free and open our minds.

Gnoti Seauton: Know thyself, and you’ll get to know the Universe and the Gods … We must clear up our eyes, and look inside ourselves. We must learn to tell the truth to ourselves, and stop lying to ourselves. We must learn to listen to our subconscious minds, with honesty. Then we will overcome, step by step, at least in part, the separation between our conscious and our unconscious. And we will learn a lot, from the unconscious, a lot of things we already know, and we have known all the time. Our unconscious for long time has been like a jungle, closed behind a locked door we do not want to open. We should try and start doing some gardening in there.

I think this is necessary, if we ever want to be accepted among other races in the Universe.

Do you prefer dogma, or Truth ? … What do you want, the blue pill or the red pill ??? …


I believe those heavily indoctrinated in Dogma are clinging, like grim death, to their rules etc. Perhaps as a diversion,

something to keep their mind off the scary truth. I also believe that many such people are very self focused and maybe

inadvertently or otherwise giving The Call to the STS, who would be more than glad to provide all the rules they need.

Those in receipt of these telepathic contacts may mistakenly believe it is God relaying these messages. This could account

for the smugness I have noticed in many such people, the way they will smile beatifically at you, as if they know a secret.

It is NO secret...they are all Asleep!!

Right now, after reading what is being shared, I am feeling Joy and great Love.  Thank you Jorge! Thank you Planet Twelve!  These words, that you both write, are so needed to be read by all people's.  I hope that many will have this opportunity to read this and thus be challenged, and go into their selves to contemplate who they are, what they believe, how they think, and live.  Blessed Be


It's been a while since I realised that religions aim at conducting people's minds, exercising power on the planet just as politicians do and getting money from the naive ones. But many of those religious leaders are being shown as immoral beings now, so justice is being done. Thank you Gerard and Jorge for your wise, clever and true statements.


...hummm [short and sweet...]...introspection...self-discipline...accountability...always backing up one's words with actions...every single day.....  and ....that's the recipe for true freedom ...IT IS   PRICELESS....

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