Any Coloradan or anyone else find the location of Old Lowell air force base FEMA camp

it was the only one listed on the fema camps locations article (link at bottom) for colorado.  I've been poking around but can't find anything.  I'm not the best internet sleuth.  it says new fences were installed and 400,000 binders were purchased; any help would be great.






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I am originally from Colorado but don't remember a Lowell Air Force Base. What I have found is this for locations of FEMA camps:

Trinidad - WWII German/Italian camp being renovated. Granada - Prowers
County - WWII Japanese internment camp Ft. Carson - Along route 115 near
Canon City


As I said, being from Colorado, specifically Canon City, I know that Fort Carson is near Colorado Springs Not Canon. I do know that south of Fort Carson along Hwy 115, on the east side of the highway, there was some kind of other base back in there but I don't know for sure what it was (like halfway to Penrose or so). It was always claimed that they had that land for "exercises and fly -over stuff". Not sure myself.


Don't know if that will help you at all but so far, that is what I have found. If I find anything else, I will let you know.

thankyou so much for the response jay lovelady,

I still haven't found it either.  I found one link that started to say "off of  highway...".  And then stopped.  And the link provided didn't work.  Then was never able to find that specific link again.  My Uncle was in the air force, stationed in Cheyenne, wy., at FE Warren, maybe he can help.  If I find it,  I'll post it.  thanks again. 


  Oh yea,  my friends have said the fly over spot has fake towns and targets for aircraft off of carriers on the pacific coast.  North of that is I think a veterans hospital and memorial.


   alot of military from cheyenne to south of colorada springs, unfortunatly, more of the way:( 


       much love

If you go on Google maps, using the Satellite view,  and look at "Butts Army Air Field" (south of Ft. Carson main area out in the middle of no where) and then move just south of that, there is a very strange looking facility (or something). It looks like seven bunkers surrounding some type of building (that almost looks solar powered), all in the shape of almost a wagon wheel. very strange.


also, I find it interesting that when you try to search Lowell AFB it starts coming up with Lowry AFB. not sure what the connection would be there.

the original link calls it "Old Lowell AFB".  But that hasn't helped either.  the google map info is interesting.  the have close location to two small reservoirs.  don't know what that is.



Yes, I had read about that as well. Actually had an uncle that was stationed on the Lowry AFB. I guess that dates me and him both doesn't it?

To Jay Lovelady and Dinah Moon,

     Thankyou both!!!   I haven't had time to investigate further,  but the weekend soon arrives:) 

   The news on the ning piles up so fast its incredible!  And thankyou Dinah, maybe they did mean Lowry.  If I find  out more I'll let you both know.  And I can't get the picture of  the structure south of  Butts Army Air Field out of my head either JL.  Seems a bit strange.


    In LOVE and Light


Here is more information to read about DIA:



A  friend of mine worked at a small landscaping company that was contracted for earth removal at dia.  there were no big companies contracted.  Lots of little ones.  He would sit in line with his dump truck  surrounded by dump trucks from all sorts of different companies.  He said it was wierd.  No one was really ever told anything.  He moved dirt away from dia to different locations in Denver.  the place is creepy, no doubts. 

keith,   thanks for the response!  I have someone else who said they believed it was near Stapleton airport, not 100% sure though:)  I just didn't want it to be somewhere hidden in the mountains.  We all know to stay the hell away from that entire area.  But I can't help to hope, that our starchild commander and chief might have a chance to sneak in and do some good there, like he did in the white house.  Only time will tell.

thanks lizzy for the extra info on dia.  that stuff never stops piling up, eh.  Alot of fuel for the fire so to speak:)


thx and much love to you all


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