I would like to dedicate this space to Nancy, a place where those who want to give thanks to her for what she has done all these years as Zeta messenger. A space to express your heartfelt appreciation for all work, a life dedicate to the service to others.

I would also say that we must be aware that the work Nancy does requires character, attitude, determination, among others, because the list of qualities needed is long to mention.

Nancy definitely had to fight for and against many things, established powers, institutions, media, interests, her own health problems, etc.

I try to imagine all time the energy and effort she has invested in the endeavor, and simply put it is invaluable, it is priceless. Thanks Nancy for your perseverance and determination!

To the Zetas, my admiration and gratitude for letting us know so much information that by other means or persons, it would have been impossible to obtain.  Thank you Zetas for choosing Nancy to deliver your message!

This space is also meant to avoid saturating Nancy's profile with your appreciation emails and notes, if you share your thank you messages here, you will be clearing the forum space that has been reserved for asking questions to the Zetas.

Very importantly, remember not ask personal questions here, only your words of appreciation and encouragement for this tireless woman will suffice.

Thanks Everyone!

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"Nancy is not a Channel or Medium. Channeling implies that the messenger is being controlled by and giving information directly from the entity being channeled. Nancy on the other hand has enhanced telepathic communication with the Zetas and is not controlled or given over to the channelee. Nancy receives a message in the form of emotions, thoughts, pictures, etc. and then tries to put the right words to them. That is why she sometimes misinterprets and is corrected by the Zetas. We are hearing what words Nancy has put to a message that she is conveying for someone else. So Nancy is much more involved in the message than a channeler would be." ZetaTalk


"In ZetaTalk we are in a cooperative effort with our emissary, Nancy. We do not give her the equivalent word, in English, to our word. In the first place, we do not use words. We give her the concept, in all its many permutations - visuals, movements, emotions, timing, analogies. She puts the words to this, and plays back to us what the words relay to her, a playback. If her words have described to her an erroneous concept, we go at it again, fine tuning. Thus, if Nancy does not have a concept of chemistry, for instance, how crystals are constructed, then we must give her this concept in terms she can understand, in order for her to relay our message in this regard. Just as a radio announcer is limited by his vehicle, so we are limited by our vehicle, in ZetaTalk. However, except for those who wish to gain a technological advantage from ZetaTalk answers, this has not proved to be a communication hindrance." ZetaTalk

Thank you for the clarification.

I wish to add my thanks to Nancy and to Gerard.

Nancy, I came to the ning late and found ZT too at the same time. The time, as they say, was right for me. I completely appreciate your time is precious and to give it willingly to a world so full of people who just will not see and actively deny anything different from what they thinnk they know, is commendable to say the least. I have found many answers here already and feel fully confident that the group can answer any questions I may have and whilst I may never have any other contact with you, I am thankful to you. Finding ZT & this ning feels a little like coming home.  The brightest of Blessings to you and yours. May you always walk in the light x

And to Gerard, thank you so much for this place, it's like a beacon on a dark night. I check it and your FB page every day. And whilst I haven't commented much yet, I am still finding my feet, and just wanted to let you know there are people like me who needed this, and your work is appreciated. Love & light


Thank you for everything.  I can only hope to have as much courage as you to step up when the time comes.  It is not easy to do what you do.   You have been ridiculed for years and yet you still stay strong, I commend you.  Much love to you and the Zetas.

Thank you Nancy, without your efforts humanity would have never learned about all the interesting things that the Zetas had to relay. Also, to warn us about the pending pole shift. I pray for your health and for all the efforts to guide our souls through these troubled times.

Nancy, you have to be the bravest person I can think of.  The way you carry yourself and these messages is so dang inspirational.  Most of us can only strive to have your level of courage and commitment.

The no-nonsense approach is so refreshing.  I think it's humbling and strangely humorous all at the same time.  Not to mention, contagious.

I don't know how to express how much I look forward to learning what you and the STO Zetas are kind enough to share.  They're truly lessons that put so much into perspective.

The Zetas sure know how to pick em.

thank you Nancy!!! and thank so much ZETAS!

Thank you Carlos.

Blessings Nancy and thanks for all you do.  Without your dedication to your mission and the Zetas wisdom I would have gone into a well of dispair long ago.  I could see the dreadful mess humanity was in and seemingly there was no solution. 

When I found Zetatalk it was the answer to a prayer and life became a positive force again. At last we had a real force for good in our world and beyond . Thank you and God Bless.

Thank you Nancy  for all your hard work and for being there for us, I have huge respect for you!

Take care!!

It is difficult for me to imagine seeing all the earth changes and signs in the sky in the mainstream media and not knowing what is causing them.  Many people must be searching for answers, but the whole truth (as much as the CoW allows) can only be found at ZetaTalk and the PS ning.  That is it!

Thanks to Nancy Lieder dedicating more than 17 years of her life and making personal sacrifices only she and the Zetas realize, we know the truth.

Thank you Nancy!

p.s.  This is one of my posts that will not be reposted on the paid debunker thread at GLP.  Truth hurts when you are paid to lie about something as important as the reality of Planet X!  I don't know why those people cannot or will not accept that even badmouthing Nancy and PS ning members like myself drives people to find ZetaTalk and the PS ning.  Fortunately for the Truth their non-stop "debunking" and lies have some benefit.  So there is that.

Hello from the U.K, I would really like to thank  Nancy Lieder for what must have been years of suffering abuse and vitriol, for her persistence and faith, which must have wavered at times of stress, which we all get,so please know that  your courage and stickability are really appreciated, try to keep healthy and keep up the good work of trying to help others, even if, at times they appear to not want help,

Susan Wright

First off thank you for creating this post.  This is a thank you I have been hoping to deliver for a very long time now.

Thank you Nancy.  I see the tireless dedication you show to educating us all.  Imagine the amount of effort that must go into preparing yourself to convey the wisdom of our visitors.  Sense the hurt that must come with some of the vicious smear campaigns that have been tried against you.  But, mostly I know that what I see can only be a small part of everything you are doing on our behalf.  I hope you can feel the hug and the love that go out with this thanks because the words alone fall short.  You have opened doors for me that I did not know existed, answered the questions in my heart more fully than I ever would have imagined possible, and quieted the restlessness of my soul.  If there's ever anything you need let me know, if I can do it I will.

Thank you Zetas for your assistance, wisdom, and honesty.  To speak hard truths from a place of love is a tough dance to master but, you have perfected the art.  I fear that at times I will exasperate you with my endless curiosity and questions when so much more is at stake here but, sense nothing but patience and love as the answers form in my mind seemingly out of the clear blue sky.  I imagine the world my children's children will grow up in, walking openly with you and all of our other space brothers, sisters, and others, and it fills my heart with joy.  Thank you for being here with us at this time.  Thank you for helping us to understand what is afoot via Nancy, and thank you for all that you do to keep her safe and well.  I know that hugs make you uncomfortable and so hope that you can sense the love in my heart I put with these thanks but, know no other way to convey. 

Thank you to all the races who have gathered here at this time to help us move forward.  I know that you were here before I was in this incarnation at least and so this is late in coming but, I welcome you and send all of my love for all that quietly goes on behind the scenes on our behalf.

And of course thank you to the ning staff.  You do an amazing job of keeping this site, up, on topic, and organized.  Nothing but love for all that you all do.

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