I would like to dedicate this space to Nancy, a place where those who want to give thanks to her for what she has done all these years as Zeta messenger. A space to express your heartfelt appreciation for all work, a life dedicate to the service to others.

I would also say that we must be aware that the work Nancy does requires character, attitude, determination, among others, because the list of qualities needed is long to mention.

Nancy definitely had to fight for and against many things, established powers, institutions, media, interests, her own health problems, etc.

I try to imagine all time the energy and effort she has invested in the endeavor, and simply put it is invaluable, it is priceless. Thanks Nancy for your perseverance and determination!

To the Zetas, my admiration and gratitude for letting us know so much information that by other means or persons, it would have been impossible to obtain.  Thank you Zetas for choosing Nancy to deliver your message!

This space is also meant to avoid saturating Nancy's profile with your appreciation emails and notes, if you share your thank you messages here, you will be clearing the forum space that has been reserved for asking questions to the Zetas.

Very importantly, remember not ask personal questions here, only your words of appreciation and encouragement for this tireless woman will suffice.

Thanks Everyone!

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Thank you because sharing information allows us to prepare, both in terms of supplies but also mentally, and spiritually. Also, seeing the choices you have made helps me to see the choices that I have, you show me the potential that exists within me. By example, you have shown that a lot can be done with just a little bit of resources, good deeds do not require a big budget. Conviction and courage and persistance can be enough to create change. Simple steps taken to live a simple life can create a full pantry and some happy chickens, etc. and restore the ability to survive back into the hands of the individual. We do not need to be rescued by anyone but ourselves. We are the hero we have always waited for. And in a spirit of love and cooperation, a group can function through gestures of goodwill towards one another and can overcome obstacles that otherwise seemed impossible. Thank you Nancy, for you boggle my mind with possibilities for hope, you have illuminated paths that I might take which I had not been aware were even there. With gratitude and love from the bottom of my heart, Thank you.


Carlos, good thinking my good man!!!


Hi Nancy,


From myself and the handfull of people I have managed to lure into thinking for themselves, we can only extend a heartfelt appreciation.


Girl - you rock! Exposing yourself to ridicule from around the world - from the 'oh-so-clever-know-better-scientists' to the (as one poster put it) the sheeple who believe the versions of the former, you have stood fast, displayed an unwavering integrity and put forth a genuine concern for those of us who know this information to be true also. As well as those who do not.


I have personally tracked all information I could come by since 1996 (credit in introductions due to Zecharia Sitchin). Consequently, intuitively I know that the time is now. But! The value you have added to old archeological information and the explanations and accuracy of prior predictions to help those who would listen will at some point credit you with the saving of millions of lives. History have seen none such a hero!!! Not on our planet.


Stay the course. Our collective hearts and minds are with you... and will remain as this chapter comes to fruitition and closes.


And to our Zeta friends whom have shown an interest and concern in us with no apparent reward to self - keep our girl upright, strong and healthy please. We appreciate what you have done, are doing and will do. And sincerely so! And lest our camera lenses not find you - let you find our camera lenses. I, for one will be looking.


To quote (think it was) Churchill after WWII - "Never in the history of man has so much been owed by so many... to so few." Nancy - I do believe that circa 1945 quote personifies the debt owed to you by every member and patron of Zetatalk and Pole Shift - and many more to follow.


Our best wishes accompany you - as does our gratitude.







Thank YOU, thank YOU, than YOU !!


Love and light,




i was born as a jain, which is a very small religious group, and then inclined towards buddhism,  seeing the world going into chaos over different religions and nations, got confused over the way  things works, religious leader taught us not to hurt anything but those words just stayed at that religious place outside in the real world we didn't just want food but needed to be perfect to get respect ,


parents taught us to be successful(which in current world usually means ...be greedy and do whatever needs to be done, as long as don't have to end up in jail. how come zetatalk changed my whole personality, 


i might not be good enough yet but i want to, atleast i have chosen the direction, first because i was scared and then just because of humanity and the strength of the view point zetatalk have given us, and now its just i want to be a good person first, before rich or even respectful.


the view point is help each other. care for people. we need each other's support and love more than ever.


thanx to zetatalk


for me it is a bible


thanx for all the support, information, love, and advice

Nancy Lieder is a shining beacon of an example to us all. Personally, I am gobsmacked by the continuing stoic

determination and dogged persistence displayed by this brave woman to whom, along of course with the Zetas, many of us

owe credit for a life changing information smorgasboard, which opened our minds to the Truth.

A gift to Mankind, free of  charge and proven accurate. Better than any book written...ZetaTalk!!!

Thank you Nancy and the Zetas!!

Nancy,   Years ago I had heard of you through BBS Radio and I was not quite sure where I stood on what you had to say.  Then, years later I ran back into you somehow and found that during the years I was gone , everything you said was all accurate. I have not left this site since and am an avid follower. I cannot thank you enough. " God Bless You"

I want to thank you for your hard work and risky to bring the truth to all mankind. would also like to thank the Zeta and all your support group for that help simple people learn the truth about the situation in the world and the universe, able to communicate with like-minded people. Thank you all for everything!


Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou... Nancy if you are the calibre and likes of the shape of the world to come... I am in.  I must say I am personally in awe of what you have done, what you are currently doing and your tireless commitment to help all mankind.


A special thanks goes to the STO Zetas as well, this human, and this humans family is very grateful for your team work with Nancy.


This is strange.  I have just joined ning, but, I have been reading zetatalk for about a year now and visiting the ning daily to read the posts and blogs...I seem to get all my news from here.  Anyway, it is strange because I feel like you are part of my family, I feel that way about all of the frequent 'posters' on ning too.  I finally decided to break the ice and join.  It feels so right being on here, you have been more of an inspiration to me than anyone I have ever known.  You are such a special person and I know you have your finger on the pulse of this planet...and X!  Thank you for all you do and please don't stop!  Love ya,


Thank you Nancy for all the hard work you do in brining all this Valuable information to light in regards to the earth changes & impending pole shift & all the work you do with the Zetas ,,You truly are a shining light in the darkness ... Love & Light  now & always  Thank you 

Thank you so much Nancy. You have continually put yourself on the line.

You truly do serve the highest good for all involved. I am now an avid follower on this site and feel strongly that all the information you channel from the Zeta's and share with us is priceless.

Thank you so much.



I guess it is technically correct to describe Nancy as a "channel", though IMO it is misleading. There are lots of "channels" out there who may or may not be receiving telepathic messages from alien entities. Even those that are having such relayed are often muddying the waters, often misinterpreting and thus incorrectly relaying what they think has been received. Nancy is unique. She is the Zeta Emissary. Physically manipulated by the Z's so that misinterpretation is far less likely to happen...there is NO-ONE ELSE LIKE NANCY!!

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