I would like to dedicate this space to Nancy, a place where those who want to give thanks to her for what she has done all these years as Zeta messenger. A space to express your heartfelt appreciation for all work, a life dedicate to the service to others.

I would also say that we must be aware that the work Nancy does requires character, attitude, determination, among others, because the list of qualities needed is long to mention.

Nancy definitely had to fight for and against many things, established powers, institutions, media, interests, her own health problems, etc.

I try to imagine all time the energy and effort she has invested in the endeavor, and simply put it is invaluable, it is priceless. Thanks Nancy for your perseverance and determination!

To the Zetas, my admiration and gratitude for letting us know so much information that by other means or persons, it would have been impossible to obtain.  Thank you Zetas for choosing Nancy to deliver your message!

This space is also meant to avoid saturating Nancy's profile with your appreciation emails and notes, if you share your thank you messages here, you will be clearing the forum space that has been reserved for asking questions to the Zetas.

Very importantly, remember not ask personal questions here, only your words of appreciation and encouragement for this tireless woman will suffice.

Thanks Everyone!

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Thanks for this post.
I have been wanting to thank Nancy for her efforts at warning us about all the events that will happen, but find there is no place for me to write down my thoughts. This is great you open this door.

And as we approach the passage of Planet X, and have worked so hard at following the guidelines given to Nancy by the Zetas, supporting her work, by spreading this information, I must say, Thank you Nancy.

You have been my inspiration, because to advance the cause of Zetas, it takes a unique human being with the oldest soul and the largest heart. You have both. Your body may be frail but your strength is not measured with organ systems and muscles.

Your dedication to the message of the Zetas comes up from the deepest spiritual source, the loftiest one too. It is the inner certainty that screams within you this is the right thing to do, because you are looking with the soul senses, it is clear as water, and it is amazing to you that others are unable to comprehend these truths. You have been working against all odds, giving up all that most of us protect all the time, like credibility, family, friends.

As I have said before, I repeat now. I am with you, and thank the creator for having found you, for you have answered all the questions and continue to answer all of them, as a wise human being, and as Zeta messenger.

Blessed be each and every step you take, for being who you are and for being here to guide us through the transformation and impending shift.
Thank you Nancy for all the hard work you do, and for amount of time and effort that has gone into making this .ning and Zeta Talk more mainstream. Hopefully the word will get out more. Thank you to the Zetas as well for their tireless efforts to help point us in the right direction!

Simply...Thank You. Your work and tireless effort help more than you could know.

I would also like to thank Gerard as well for creating a way to help get Nancy's message into a great 'forum' type website.
AND lastly, thanks to all those who help keep this NING going / moderated.

Lets all keep up the good resaerch and awesome networking that not only involves our computers but our souls as well.

Take Care and Stay Safe
Nancy, sometimes I think to myself... how do you do it!!!!!!!! Day in day out, a never ending workload. WOW!!! The Zeta's picked you and you picked them. What a great TEAM! Thank you again for all your time, energy,humor, and leadership!!! Big heads, small heads... doesn't matter, were all the same. LOVE IS THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE!!!!!
I Love you and all my beloved space brothers.
I second all this Nancy. Because of your dedication and the Zetas we go into the PS knowing we're not alone. You've both armed us with knowledge, guidance and love and Gerard has ensure we have a safe haven on this site to gather and comfort one another. God Bless to all.
Thank you Nancy for risking everything to bring the truth out and for being strong all of these years. Thank you for saving the lives of strangers and thank you for being there for us, we all love you.
Thanks for this topic.

Most of all i grateful to Nancy for she gave us hope. God Bless to all.
I wish to Nancy a lot of strength and health!
Thank you Nancy and Zetas for spreading the truth through this mass medium called the internet. And thanks to all members here, stay positive and stay connected to the source. Peace and love!
Oh Great a chance to thank Nancy!! Thanks from all of my soul to your kind soul for reaching out to so many people and given us hope through knowledge giving us a chance to become what we need to become in order to have a chance to survive the coming event. I am sure I speak for many people, but my door to my home is always opened to you if you ever come this way and need a hand ! You can count on me as well as many others here that would love for the opportunity to be of any help possible. It's all I got and I could never repay you enough for your honesty and time you have spent helping us understand where we come from and preparing for the future. I hope you have a wonderful day!
With out the effort of Nancy and the Zetas, we would not all be here to take part in this .ning and in ZetaTalk, it is a great credit to others as well as those who work hard behind the scenes to make this possible as well as everyone who contributes and the intelligence and wisdom we all share with each other and with Nancy!
Absolutely !

Thanks for all your work !

Dear Nancy,
My hubby and I have been in touch with you since way
back in 2001. We discovered your site, oddly enough,
when we were both laid off work in Las Vegas, NV and
had time to do some internet surfing with our new
computer. I even remember the day we found you and
also a couple other sites like Mark Hazlewood's site
and www.xfacts.com. But, of course, YOU are our most
favorite and--at a distance--we care for you and your
important work very dearly.
"Captain Nibiru" had his our own webpage in the old days
back in 2002 to 2006. We moved to what we still believe
is our "safe spot" in the northwest U.S. and hubby quit his
job to devote getting your word out 24-7. We often would
take turns doing marathons and chat rooms. We pretty
much formed our marriage and our activities around
you, Nancy--it has been a wonderful experience for us.
"Captain Nibiru" is erased now from the Yahoo
Geocities.com sites--but I think we are still in the archives.
My sites were: www.geocities.com/Marymacgee2000/index.html
and www.geocities.com/warmfuzzy_slippers/index.html. I
checked the other day and they're still in Geocities archives.
WE used lots of your info and often quoted you from following
your talks. I like to think that we're little moons to your big
planet-sized effort to inform the world and promote STO.
Altho we aren't together anymore (a recent heartbreak)
we will individually be helping to spread the news and the
STO consciousness-raising. We look for you in the "trenches,"
kid! Thanks for making a difference in our lives! Ms.
Captain Nibiru

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