I would like to dedicate this space to Nancy, a place where those who want to give thanks to her for what she has done all these years as Zeta messenger. A space to express your heartfelt appreciation for all work, a life dedicate to the service to others.

I would also say that we must be aware that the work Nancy does requires character, attitude, determination, among others, because the list of qualities needed is long to mention.

Nancy definitely had to fight for and against many things, established powers, institutions, media, interests, her own health problems, etc.

I try to imagine all time the energy and effort she has invested in the endeavor, and simply put it is invaluable, it is priceless. Thanks Nancy for your perseverance and determination!

To the Zetas, my admiration and gratitude for letting us know so much information that by other means or persons, it would have been impossible to obtain.  Thank you Zetas for choosing Nancy to deliver your message!

This space is also meant to avoid saturating Nancy's profile with your appreciation emails and notes, if you share your thank you messages here, you will be clearing the forum space that has been reserved for asking questions to the Zetas.

Very importantly, remember not ask personal questions here, only your words of appreciation and encouragement for this tireless woman will suffice.

Thanks Everyone!

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Nancy Lieder: Stoic and dignified in the face of derision from some quarters, working tirelessly with little reward to spread the news that matters from the source with NO peer...ZetaTalk!

Thank you, Nancy. You, also, are peerless!!

As Marilyn put it so well being little moons in your universe of help and devotion, well we have just joined to become moondust, (and we are here), with thanks and appreciation to you Nancy, you are turning the world... for the better, and a special interplanetary expression of gratitude for everything the Zetas and others have done and are doing to help us raise our collective consciousness... you lot rock!! :)
Thank you. Peace & love.


From my heart to your heart with a huge hug.  There aren't enough words.  Love you more.

Nancy! We all love you! Thank you

Soon, Nancy will be WORLD FAMOUS!!!

Won't it be fantastic when the world  finds out about the amazing and tireless work this most stoic of women has done for Humanity!!!

I propose a medal will be in order for this most important work!


Congratulations Nancy...your great work will save many thousands!!!

Thank you to the Zetas who give so much - for nothing, other than their love of us, and

Thank you to Nancy who transmits their message so eloquently and tirelessly and selflessly.

Thank you, words are not enough to describe feelings. Not because i can continue to live but if i die i will die in peace. And can spread the message.

Yes, I want to let Nancy know that her health problems could be helped enormously if she can embark on a raw foods (this would be juicing, sprouting, etc.) lifestyle.  Many many people have reversed serious illnesses this way, and there are several clinics around the country which provode a peaceful, educational and therapeutic support setting for those who are ailing.

Some of those are Optimum Health Institute in San Diego, CA, Wigmore Foundation in New Mexico and Puerto Rico, Tree of Life Rejuventation Center in AZ, Gerson Clinic in Mexico, Humlegaarden in Europe, and some in Hawaii.  One Retreat Center in Michigan has also presented raw foods educational events and that is Ronora Lodge.  All these have websites that can  easily be accessed.  Hope this is helpful to Nancy and others.

Starr DiGiacomo Nancy Lieder of Zeta Talk should get this award IMO as she continually educates the public about the coming Pole Shift that the government (not including you, Mr. President) so vehemently denies will happen. She should be honored for her dedication to the people.Saturday at 7:16pm ·

Starr and Carlos, everyone who strives as a team member, carrying the works and message of  ZETATALK, Thank You! Nancy, we have hearts overflowing with gratitude... I believe it's true to say : We Love You. You represent the very best of courageous humanity, a real Hero...

You inspire me!

(Barack Obama We're looking for Americans who have performed exemplary deeds of service outside of their regular jobs and provided inspiration for others to serve. With your help, a few outstanding Americans will be awarded the Citizens Medal.

The 2011 Citizens Medal will recognize U.S. citizens who have performed exemplary deeds of service outside of their regular jobs. Nominate someone for consideration today.)

dear nancy,

my son jeremy and i would like to thank you for what you did and do to the human race on this planet. thanks to the zetas and you we are informed. hopefully we can meet the zetas one day on earth.

get well soon. love and light


carlos and jerry


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