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Bilderberg annual meeting

There appears to be a big cheese event in London purporting to be the great and the good trying to address Inequalities in Income and making capitalism fairer. Would the Zeta's like to comment on whether this is a ruse for discussing something else and if so, what in particular? I notice there are a whole load of people who might even be Bilderberg types attending. [and from another] …

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Last Weeks transition

In the pole shift section in the 2004 paragraph. In the "Twirling into Darkness" page. If I'm understanding it correctly they are not just talking about the wobble. They are talking about bumps or an extra push at times the wobble will receive but it's different than just the wobble alone, or even the extreme wobble they talk about when we wobble much worse than now. If I understand it correctly. It is something that happens before the last weeks…

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Service-to-Other vs Service-to-Self

The zetas have made comments over the years that indicate benign aliens are allowed to step in and prevent STS excesses from harming the undecideds and STO unduly, for example the prevention of the large-scale pandemics and martial law plans the Bush/Cheney team had prepared. They also state the Puppet Master is undecided, as befits Earth the schoolhouse planet. Is the reverse also true, that certain STO plans that might result in too much advantage for…


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Service-to-Self vs Service-to-Other

You've mentioned in the past that being involved into 'physical action' and active fighting confrontation is 'counter productive' thus you do not use physical force. The question though comes when there is oppression, when those in power use their might to enforce their will upon the others. Do the ones under this oppression have the right to fight back according to your philosophy? Do those in oppression can be justified when they revolt and try to…


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Spiritual 4th density

The Zetas have mentioned souls that technically can graduate to 4th density, because of their spiritual growth but hold back in 3rd density to assist in the Transformation. Can some souls also go to 4th density and then return to Earth, for such service? They would not technically be Star Children because they came from Earth, very recently. They are spiritually 4th density but physically 3rd density. These Earth souls would have a tendency to be…

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Service-to-Others philosophy

I was thinking that in the Aftertime Service-to-Other humans are going to be living among hybrids who are much more intelligent and technologically advanced. My question is: how are these Service-to-Other humans going to be of any service? It sounds like they will most likely be a burden to these hybrids. What will be their daily responsibility to the community? I just really can't imagine it.

What do you think…


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Star Child increase

Could the Zetas give us an update on the transformation, polarization.  Did the amount of STO on earth increased and could the Zetas gave some percentage? And my feeling is that there will be exceptional increase during the 8 of 10 changes. Is there some truth in this?

During the Arab Spring we mentioned that many of the activists were Walk-In’s, mature souls…


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