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House of Rothschild

Will the death of Lord Jacob Rothschild mean the death of the House of Rothschild? The BRICS banking consortium has certainly given the world an alternative to the powerful Rothschild network that has been dominant. Prior to the First World War Central Banks everywhere were controlled by the Rothschilds, and the US Fed was one of them.  
Lord Jacob Rothschild: Financier Dies Aged 87
February 25, 2024
The Rothschild banking family traces its roots back to 18th Century Frankfurt, from where family members moved to cities across Europe to build out banking businesses. In 1815 the bank made a fortune when Nathan Mayer Rothschild bought British government bonds in anticipation of Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo. Lord Jacob Rothschild's cousin Sir Evelyn de Rothschild was chairman of NM Rothschild between 1976 and 2003, and was said to have advised Queen Elizabeth II on financial matters.

House of Rothschld
The House of Rothschild was far and away the largest bank in the world throughout the century between the end of the Napoleonic wars and the beginning of the First World War. A unique, pioneering multinational, it commanded the ?nancial markets and held the fate of governments in its hands.

The founder of the House of Rothschild specified in his will that his wealth and power should follow the male lineage, so those in the public as de Rothschild are from a female line. Will it now pass to Jacob's son? Not so, say the Zetas, as Jacob was not the Puppet Master.    
House of Rothschild Final Warning
Mayer Rothschild had established banks in England, France, and Germany. His sons, who were made Barons of the Austrian Empire, were set up to continue and expand his banking empire. Amschel Mayer Rothschild (1773-1855, who in 1838 said: "Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.") was in charge of the bank in Frankfurt, Germany, which was known as M. A. Rothschild and Sons.

Rothschild Dynasty
The founder of the House of Rothschild left a will that was just days old. In it, he laid down specific laws by which the House that bore his name would operate in future year. The laws were as follows: (1) Only male members of the family were allowed to participate in the business. The eldest son of the eldest son was to be the head of the family unless the majority of the rest of the family agreed otherwise.

ZetaTalk Surprise 2/26/2024: Is the Rothschild empire dying out? The public assumes that the Rothschild family trust is being handled by one of the Rothschilds in the public records, thus Jacob Rothschild just now deceased in 2024 should be in the male line required by Mayer Amschel Rothschild's will. Since Jacob Rothschild appears to have only one son, and this with scant male lineage, where does that leave the family trust? The 3rd Lord Rothschild had multiple wives, a practice to insure a strong male lineage, and not all of them are represented on the family tree nor even in the public register with a birth certificate. Jacob has never been the male line the family trust followed, though the media calls him the 4th Lord.

BBC is reporting that the family trust under Jacob was estimated to be just over a billion USD, and this seems paltry considering they were the most powerful banking network in the world when World War 1 began. As we have pointed out, the public Rothschilds are given essentially an allowance, and the bulk of the fortune is in a family trust managed by another we have called the Puppet Master. His clout was far above his ability to loan funds from the Rothschild banks, as he used fronts for the stock he controlled and thus he had immense power to influence western corporations and politicians.

Nancy has met this now-deceased Puppet Master several times when ZetaTalk accuracy first went public, as he preferred to debate and interrogate a human. His concern was that his banks should survive. With the success of the BRICS network and the death of the US Fed, his worse fears have been met. Yes, the Rothschild empire is dying out.

Moon Probes

With the recent failure of the US Odysseus, there have been several attempts to land on the Moon - Russia's Luna25 in 2023, Japan's iSpace in 2023, Israel's Beresheet in 2019, China's Jade Rabbit in 2016, and India's Chandrayan-3 in 2023. Now the Odysseus has landed on a canyon wall, flopped over on its side. Yet back in the days of the Apollo missions such landings regularly succeeded. Why this change?
Moon Landing: US Clinches First Touchdown in 50 years
February 23, 2024
A spacecraft built and flown by Texas-based company Intuitive Machines landed near the moon's south pole, the first U.S. touchdown on the lunar surface in more than half a century and the first ever achieved by the private sector. To date, spacecraft from just four other countries have ever landed on the moon - the former Soviet Union, China, India and, mostly recently, just last month, Japan. The United States is the only one ever to have sent humans to the lunar surface.

American Spacecraft Odysseus Makes History After Moon Landing Success
February 23, 2024
No American craft had landed on the moon since the Apollo 17 mission in 1972, until Odysseus touched down in the South Pole region of the moon. Built by Intuitive Machine, the Nova-C lander, nicknamed Odysseus, reached the lunar surface at approximately 6:23 p.m. ET, though a weak signal caused a glitch until flight controllers could gain better communication. The spacecraft is upright and starting to send data, Intuitive Machines confirmed in a post on X. Crew are now working on accessing data that will provide the first images from the lunar surface.

Intuitive Machines' Odysseus Lander Tipped Over on the Moon during 'Spicy' Lunar Landing
February 23, 2024
The 14-foot-tall (4.3 meters) Odysseus, which was built by Houston company Intuitive Machines, apparently settled on its side during its historic touchdown yesterday (Feb. 22). As the target landing time neared yesterday, Odysseus' handlers realized that its laser rangefinders weren't working properly. So they implemented a workaround to get the required altitude and velocity data, pressing into service an experimental NASA instrument aboard Odysseus called NDL ("Navigation Doppler Lidar for Precise Velocity and Range Sensing)." Odysseus didn't land vertically as intended.

Intuitive Machines: Moon Lander Pictured on its Side with Snapped Leg
February 28, 2024
Odysseus at the moment of touchdown. A support pole to the leg on the left is broken. The robot is lying at an angle of about 30 degrees to the surface.  

During the Apollo flights footage of the Moon's surface was filmed showing why moon landings since that time have failed. The Moon is inhabited! The aliens that are living on the Dark Side of the Moon do not want probing eyes or attempts to invade and steal alien technology. Nor does the Council of Worlds want to encourage this. Thus, the message from all these lander failures is to give up.
Incredible: Cities on the Other Side of the Moon. It Was Taken on NASA's 25th Secret Mission to the Moon Named Syn 25
May 12, 2018
This 50 year old top secret NASA footage is from 1968. It was taken on NASA's 25th secret mission to the Moon named Syn 25. This video shows the end results filmed by astronauts going back to earth.

ZetaTalk Comment 2/23/2024: To date Russia's Luna25, Japan's iSpace, Israel's Beresheet, China's Jade Rabbit, and India's Chandrayan-3 have attempted to land on the Moon since the Apollo landings, with only India succeeding. Now NASA's attempt with their Odysseus lander has failed. As we explained when Chandrayan-3 succeeded, this success was allowed to prevent the constant failures from looking like what they were, deliberate sabotage of any Moon exploration by man. As we have stated, the Dark Side of the Moon is populated with cities for visitors in the Service-to-Self. To avoid entanglements, they must shut their doors and turn off the lights, which they find annoying. Except for what was delivered during the Apollo missions, there are no detailed photos of these cities, nor are there likely to be in the future.

ZetaTalk Beresheet & iSpace 5/31/2023: If this seems like a repeat of the Israeli Beresheet incident, it is. Both disasters were at the hand of the Council of Worlds, who have repeatedly relayed that the elite on Earth will not be allowed to escape the Pole Shift by escaping to the Moon or Mars. If Beresheet and the recent Starship disaster are not enough, here is another smackdown. Switching to another country, from Israel under the direction of Bibi to Japan is not fooling anyone. Nor did hiding under the cover of the newly defunct General Milley save the Starship enterprise. Inform the common man about Nibiru's approach and get right with God, is the message.
ZetaTalk Luna25 & Chandrayan-3 8/23/2023: Russia's Luna25 was ambitious, as all other Moon lander failures have been to establish a surveillance site on the Moon that could track migration of survivors and equipment on Earth after disasters. This was of course what Israel under Bibi wanted when he launched the failed Beresheet. The S Pole of the Moon is difficult to image as it is in shadow, so the amount of frozen water there cannot be assessed, but why was India allowed to land on the S Pole while Russia was in essence shot down?

It has long been rumored that the dark side of the Moon is inhabited by aliens, and this is true. These are visitors from the Service-to-Self, who are forced to reside in 3rd Density because they tend to be clumsy and kill themselves and their team mates during density switching to 4th Density. Since the Council of Worlds operates with the Element of Doubt rule so that humans are not overwhelmed with absolute proof that aliens are indeed visiting Earth, allowing man to image their cities on the Dark Side of the Moon or within the S Pole shadows is not allowed.

The Russia launch was going to succeed, so the Service-to-Self aliens scampered to other quarters, deep underground. They knew this would be followed by more efforts as the S Pole water was considered key to establishing a surveillance base on the Moon. But they had time to hide themselves well after exterminating Russia's Luna25. By allowing the India lander to succeed, they hoped that the water issue would be resolved. Yes the S Pole has water. But any future attempts to establish a base on the S Pole will be resisted.

Power Plant Deactivation

Nuclear Power Plants are a constant worry. During a quake swarm they can shift so the Rods that control the operation cannot be withdrawn or access to cooling water diverted - a runaway plant heating up without cooling until it explodes like Chernobyl. Is this why Germany has shut all their aging plants down?  The Zetas explain.
France's EDF Shuts Down Two Nuclear Reactors after Fire at Chinon Plant
February 11, 2024
Nuclear energy operator EDF has shut down two reactors at Chinon in western France after a fire in a non-nuclear sector of the plant in the early hours of Saturday, the company said. The fire has been extinguished, it said. "Production unit number 3 at the Chinon nuclear power plant has shut down automatically, in accordance with the reactor's safety and protection systems," EDF said in a statement, adding it also shut down reactor number 4, which is coupled to number 3.France's nuclear safety watchdog said in a separate statement the fire had led to an electricity cut at the plant that triggered the automatic shutdown.Chinon is one of France's oldest nuclear plants.

EU's Largest Economy Spending Billions to Replace Nuclear Power
February 11, 2024
Germany is set to spend 16 billion to construct four gas-fired power plants as it seeks to ensure an adequate supply of electricity after scrapping its nuclear reactors, the Economy Ministry announced earlier this week. This comes as part of a major overhaul of the country's energy grid, according to the ministry.

Nuclear Power in German
April, 2023
Germany until March 2011 obtained one-quarter of its electricity from nuclear energy, using 17 reactors. A coalition government formed after the 1998 federal elections had the phasing out of nuclear energy as a feature of its policy. With a new government in 2009, the phase-out was cancelled, but then reintroduced in 2011. Eight reactors were shut down immediately, and all were scheduled to close by the end of 2022. In October 2022, the Chancellor decided that Germany's three remaining nuclear power reactors would keep operating until mid-April 2023 to offset reduced gas supply from Russia.

ZetaTalk Comment 2/11/2024: Nuclear Power Plants were seen as the solution decades ago and were embraced by many countries. As long as cooling water was available from a nearby river or coastline location, these plants were seen as reliable and long running without the fuel worries inherent in gas or coal fired plants. Disposal of spent nuclear fuel by burial was available. Why has Germany decided in recent years to switch to gas? This is in no small part due to our predictions, which keep proving accurate and true.

With gas or coal fired plants, the furnace can be shut off, but Nuclear Power Plants need to be cooled and shut down so advance warning is required so that the reactor rods can be positioned correctly. An earthquake spate can break the controls so another Chernobyl occurs. If cooling water from a river is being used, the river can be diverted by landslides or heaving land. The recent fire in a France plant is a reminder that aging plants are vulnerable, and that all plants are vulnerable to Plate Movements. 

N Atlantic Swirl

A curious pattern developed in the N Atlantic on February 28. A swirl in the Gulf Stream had developed in the span from the Seaway exit to the Azores. This looked like a dual New Madrid Fault Line with red SO2 from burning Methane under the waters. Are there two Fault Lines through the N Atlantic? What is causing that swirl? The Zetas explain.

ZetaTalk Explanation 2/28/2024: The direct path of the New Madrid Fault Line from the Seaway Exit to the Azores is as has been assumed by the location of the loss of the Titan submersible and evidence of clapping along that route. But what has happened in the past at the Charlie-Gibbs Fracture zone to cause the plate border between the Eurasian Plate and N American Plate to skew? The New Madrid Fault Line has adjusted in the past during prior passages of Nibiru, but this time the Africa Roll is predominant in the Plate Movement struggle.

In the past, the N America Plate above the Azores tried to stay glued to the Eurasian Plate, as this is the posture of these two giant plates all the way across the Arctic and Siberia to the Bering Straits and Far East. Thus, the New Madrid Fault Line was tugged at the Charlie-Gibbs Fracture zone location. This prior wound has paved the way for future adjustments, and thus competes now with the more direct line from the Gulf of St. Lawrence to the Azores. The heat of burning Methane from ripping rock along both these routes has produced a swirl in the Gulf Stream.

On February 25 we saw Methane burning along the N Atlantic Rift from the Azores to Iceland. This is where a void was expected to open, clapping, allowing the Gulf Stream waters to bounce in and out thus  causing a tsunami toward Europe. At the same time Norway pipelines began to leak. Coincidence? The Seaway narrows was also clapping strongly, with the water level plunging as the Seaway is pulled open and closed again during the clapping process.
Norwegian Sea - Abandoned Pipelines could Release Poisons into North Sea, Scientists Warn
February 24, 2024
Pipelines left on the seabed may be holding onto considerable amounts of mercury which is waiting to be released into the local marine environment if the pipelines are left to corrode away as they are after decommissioning. There is no way to predict the impact of this right now but we do know that the bioaccumulation of mercury within the marine food web is already dramatic and an increase in oceanic mercury concentrations will only come with downsides.

On February 10 the separation of the Portions continued, with the Mainland being pulled into the Pacific along with compression of the Pacific at Hawaii. The Seaway stretch from Montreal to the Azores was lit up with SO2 Methane on the burn maps. The clapping was intense and on target.

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