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New Madrid Clues

The progress of the SE Portion of N America as it is pulled to the East with the rolling African Plate leaves many clues.  The roll itself can be seen on the Modis satellite images when compared to images captured in 2012 and 2017. The Zetas predicted the NE corner of Africa would drop, and this can clearly be seen by the relative position of the Sinai Peninsula. Egypt vis-a-vis Sinai has dropped. And as Africa rolls, the hump holding Morocco temporarily rises slightly as it moves toward the East. This is a result of the Africa Plate twisting while its foot slips into the S Atlantic.

And as predicted by the Zetas, the Sinai is turning counterclockwise. Tel Aviv is attached to the Sinai on the Sinai subplate, and thus when this counterclockwise twist is in motion Tel Aviv beach acts like a scoop, pulling water up into the drainage ditches for a sudden tsunami flooding of Tel Aviv on January 4.

Burst Water Main Floods Tel Aviv Streets, Causing Traffic Chaos and Road Closures
January 4, 2023

Israel Electric Corporation says contractor digging for infrastructure work hit pipe; deluge blocks intersection of Moshe Dayan and Hashalom roads; will take days to repair. Flooding and washed-away soil filled the intersection of Moshe Dayan Road and Hashalom Road. A contractor working on infrastructure damaged a water pipe that runs from Tel Aviv to the Givatayim suburb. Following an evaluation a decision was made to completely seal off Hashalom Road from the corner of Yigal Alon in Tel Aviv to the corner of Yitzhak Rabin Road in Givatayim a distance of around 1 kilometer (0.6 miles)  including all streets crossing the thoroughfare.

ZetaTalk Comment 1/4/2023: Despite media claims that this was a construction accident, water mains are not so casually ruptured. Permits are secured, and if the main is in danger water is shut off until the danger has ended. Thus the middle of the night schedule. We described how Tel Aviv would be affected as the Sinai Peninsula was spun in a counterclockwise manner during the roll of the African Plate. When the Sinai subplate moves in a counterclockwise manner, it is slicing through the waters of the Mediterranean as a hand scooping water to drink would do. This forces water up through drainage pipes, onto the streets, and thus the claim that it was a broken water main at first seems reasonable. It will be repeated instances of this type of flooding that will raise questions.

On January 9 the Suez Canal trapped a container ship, due to the dropping NE corner of the African Plate. This despite closing the Suez earlier and earlier each day, to avoid the Plate Movement caused by the Polar Push of the wobble when the Sun is high over the Pacific. Imagine being a Suez traffic manager! On January 10 we see that the Suez Canal is being evacuated regularly in late afternoon. The waggling of the Saudi Plate continues, which causes the Suez Canal squeeze.

Ship Refloated in Suez Canal after Running Aground, only Minor Delays Reported
January 9, 2023

Satellite tracking data analyzed by The Associated Press earlier showed the Glory in a single-lane stretch of the Suez Canal just south of Port Said on the Mediterranean Sea.

By January 11 the FAA performed a test, ordering all flights to be grounded. The glitch that was blamed was never explained. Certainly, if the New Madrid Rupture were to be triggered planes might be unable to land on air fields torn up by quakes and crevasses. This FAA test worked smoothly. Notable, Canada was included. Not a surprise if one sees that the New Madrid Fault Line runs under the Seaway, shared by both the US and Canada.

All flights Grounded across US after Major System Failure Sparks Travel Chaos
January 11, 2023

The Federal Aviation Administration has grounded all flights across the United States following a nationwide outage. An issue with the system was first reported on January 10 sparking widespread problems across the US and abroad. Air Traffic Control System Command Center warned passengers to buckle up for a long delays, admitting there is currently no solution to the problem in sight. A message on their website warned passengers: "The NOTAMS outage continues with no current estimated time of restoration. A hotline has been activated."
All Flights across US Grounded Due to FAA Computer System Glitch
January 11, 2023

Some 1,162 flights within, into or out of the US have been delayed today, according to flight tracker FlightAware.com, while 94 have been cancelled.
Canada Suffers same Mysterious Air System Outage as US, Delaying more Flights
January 11, 2023

Nav Canada's Canadian NOTAM entry system is currently experiencing an outage affecting newly issued NOTAMs, and we are working to restore function.

ZetaTalk Comment 1/4/2023: The NOTAMS system glitch was a deliberate test of a planned takedown of all flights over the US in the event of the anticipated New Madrid Rupture unfolding.  As we have detailed, it will be a JOLT at the Hard Rock Bridge that will initiate the dreaded last steps of the rupture, which include a jump to the East for the SE Portion, a large tear in the Azores, and a tsunami racing for Europe. But prior to these last steps there would be additional unzipping along the Mississippi River and under the Seaway, leaving only the Bridge holding the Mainland and SE Portion together.

The Zetas described the New Madrid Rupture process as an unzipping coming up from the Gulf and traveling along the Mississippi River. Unzipped from the Isthmus and through the Gulf to New Orleans  had already occurred. The Zetas have been warning that land to the west of the Mississippi River will drop and sink. On January 11 the ground boomed and snapped at Smackover, Arkansas, which likely triggered the FAA test that followed.  A NASA plane to check SO2 emissions was also deployed on January 11. And on January 11 we also had a sudden bridge closing just to the East of New Madrid in Poyners, Kentucky.

Explosion Sound Reported in Smackover; Source Unknown
January 11, 2023

Smackover residents took to Facebook in search of an explanation of the sound, some also reporting feeling their houses shaking from the force of the sound.

Structural Issues Cause Closure of Bridge on Poyners Chapel Road in Graves County
January 11, 2023

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet says a bridge on Poyners Chapel Road in Graves County was found to be structurally unsound and will be closed until further notice.
Here's Why a 'Spy Plane' will be Stationed at Dobbins Air Reserve Base the next Few Months
January 11, 2023

Its mission is simple: track severe weather to measure properties such as wind, temperature, precipitation, humidity and aerosol profiles. The flights are part of the Earth Science Division of NASA's Science Mission Directorate in Washington. The unique plane is expected to be stationed at the Marietta air base through March 5.

By January 13 it was clear the fault lines within the SE Portion running parallel to the New Madrid Fault Line are showing distress. The East Coast Fault line runs up along the coast all the way to New York City. There is another that runs up along the Appalachian Mountains. The Ramapo is a short fault line that runs East and West and ends in New Jersey. And the New Madrid Fault Line ends at the mouth of the Seaway. New York City and its environs is thus a nexus for these many fault lines.

Mount Vernon Mayor Orders Closure of City Bridge Following State's Structural Report
January 11, 2023

The New York State Department of Transportation inspected the bridge at Fulton Avenue and Third Street and told the city it has six weeks to fix the four steel columns supporting the street. However, city officials say they can't take the risk of overweight vehicles on the road and will immediately close the bridge and reroute traffic.

Why does the New Madrid Fault Line take a turn into the Wabash Seismic Zone, jumping up to the Seaway, instead of following the Mississippi River past the Ozarks? There is a clear choice at Cairo, where the Ohio River joins the Mississippi River. Historical quake maps show that the New Madrid quakes center at New Madrid and then to up along the Ohio River. Will the JOLT at the Bridge happen there? The Zetas explain.

ZetaTalk Comment 1/15/2023: At Cairo, where the Ohio River branches off from the Mississippi River, the New Madrid Fault Line has two choices. As we have explained, rivers run along thin crust, which droops, and thus becomes the lowest elevation for the area. Thus the fault line had run up along the Mississippi River. But at Cairo, the Ohio River became more attractive. The solid and dense rock of the Ozarks lay to the West, along the northward path of the Mississippi River. To the East along the Ohio the deep rock strata was more amenable to being ruptured.   

Following the Ohio River, the New Madrid Fault Line encounters the hard rock of the Appalachian Mountains. The Fault Line travels straight up along the edge of the hard rock in eastern Indiana, toward the Seaway, and there turns to travel under the Seaway to its exit in the Atlantic. The rupturing of the fault line thus chooses, based on the composition of the deep rock, to jump the Ohio River into the Wabash Seismic Zone and on up to the Seaway. This is where the JOLT can be expected.

Alien Space Junk

Round smooth balls carved by early man have been discovered in Costa Rico and elsewhere, but the Zetas stated they were merely replicas of orbs early man saw, a type of UFO worship. Bob Lazar also reported that MJ12 was fascinated by Element 115 as an element in use during space travel. The Betz Ball, discovered in a fire caused by falling space junk in Jacksonville, Florida, also remains a mystery because the heavy metal in its interior could explode if the ball were opened. The Zetas explain.
ZetaTalk Insight 10/31/2018: These carefully rounded and polished stones are a mystery only because the indigenous people who created them have disappeared. No written record exists. These stones were intended to be replicas of what the natives saw in the skies during what today would be termed UFO encounters. Awe struck, and sensing power beyond what they possessed, the orbs in the skies became gods to these natives, to be worshiped by the round polished stones. Each stone took many years to produce, but the natives considered this a sacred duty as no harm had come to them during this process. Thus, they concluded that the gods had been placated.
ZetaTalk Comment 7/15/1995: Element 115 is only one of the elements available to use, which you are unfamiliar with. Earth does not naturally have an element that equates to Element 115, nor do other worlds. This is a manufactured element

ZetaTalk Comment 8/15/1996: Element 115, a heavy metal Bob Lazar was introduced to, is indeed one of the means to achieve space travel, though not the only means. Element 115 does not in and of itself have magical properties, a fact which should be obvious from the reports leaking out of MJ12 labs. If element 115 had special gravity features, generating its own gravity field without abatement, then all the scientists would find their feet stuck to the container rather than the lab floor. It is not element 115 per se but the structure of its composition that supports other steps in the process

ZetaTalk Comment 8/31/2013: Element 115 is among the heavy metals that do not occur naturally, but are manufactured. It is one of the elements we use to force density shifting and faster-than-light space travel. Thus man, who does not have this ability, has been salivating over the possibility of manufacturing Element 115 since the early days of MJ12. Is man now on the verge of space flight and gravity control? Hardly. The element degrades the instant it is manufactured, nor is possession of Element 115 anything more than the first step in a long series of steps.

Mysterious Sphere Moving on Its Own - the Betz Sphere
For many years, countless strange artifacts have been found - books with strange codes, unexplained maps, stones carved with unusual shapes, ancient figures that depict strange things, and the case of the Betz sphere, a mysterious metallic sphere accidentally found by an American family during the 1970s that had the ability to move on its own. At the time, the sphere caused a great media frenzy and came to be described by many as "alien technology." It all started in April 1974, when a family from the city of Jacksonville, Florida, found a strange spherical metallic object with an approximate weight of 20 pounds and dimensions somewhat smaller than those of a bowling ball.

ZetaTalk Comment 1/11/2023: Just as Space Junk will fall to Earth, objects used by the visitors can fall to Earth. This is a navigation device used to coordinate alien traffic in Earth's atmosphere. Where over a thousand different alien races from various parts of the Universe are currently visiting, they coordinate within their group effectively but do not all speak the same language. Thus this device communicates in the Universal language of metal composition and magnetic action. The experts who examined it were not stumped but sworn to silence by the establishment who did not want to admit or confirm the alien presence. The ball does not present any danger to mankind.

McCarthy's 15 Roll Calls

A historic number of roll calls was required to put Kevin McCarthy into the House as Speaker. More than one vote call had been required in the past, but 15 roll calls was astronomic. The struggle, during which many concessions were required from McCarthy, went on behind closed doors but since the GOP holdouts were wanting assurances from a Congressman from the blue state of California, this was not a simple matter. The alternative, number 2 during the vote calls, was Jeffries, a Democrat from New York. This raised the question in some minds - was McCarthy a Double?  What kind of game was being played?

McCarthy Wins Speakership on 15th Vote After Concessions to Hard Right
January 6, 2023

An agreement with ultraconservative Republicans delivered a breakthrough for the California Republican, but he still had to claw his way to the post during a dramatic post-midnight session.
McCarthy Wins Speaker Election, Finally
January 7, 2023

Kevin McCarthy officially secured the speaker's gavel early Saturday, elected on the 15th ballot with 216 votes, after four days of unsuccessful House votes and some last-minute drama. All 212 Democrats voted for their leader, Hakeem Jeffries of New York.

ZetaTalk Comment 1/7/2023: A proper Doubles analysis includes a comparison of the teeth, the shape of the head, the placement of the ears, the shape of the ears, the width of the mouth when aligned with the center of the eyeballs, the color of the eyes, the profile alignment, the slope of the forehead, and in fact almost every blemish on the head. McCarthy, in the years leading up to his election as Speaker of the House, does not show any difference in any of these regards. One of the best tells is the teeth, as dental cosmetics are not quick and often overlooked, but McCarthy's teeth are the same.

During an era when the Movie being played for the public to disguise the extent of Tribunal activity at Gitmo is in process, it would be assumed that McCarthy would be a double. Doubles are puppets, thus controllable. Pelosi and many of her henchmen Nadler and Schiff are doubles. Why would it have taken 15 roll call votes to put McCarthy in the Speaker's seat? The public is not privy to the negotiations ongoing, and until the Junta was satisfied the count was going to be less than McCarthy needed for the Speaker's seat. Not a Double, but very much a puppet for the Junta.

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