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Alien Invasion

On January 4 rumors swirled on the Internet that aliens had landed at the Bayside Mall in Miami. There were various reports and witness testimony that creatures 7-10 foot tall were being sighted, that almost 100 police cars had arrived, the airport was closed, power was cut to the mail, and black choppers were swarming in the skies. One video escaped to be passed around on the Internet, confirming some of these stories, but cell phone and videos were confiscated and the media was silenced. Just a False Flag event by the elite hoping to distract from Nibiru in the news, per the Zetas.

ZetaTalk Answer 1/11/2024: With the nearby presence of Nibiru no longer deniable, many in the establishment want to generate a False Flag operation so the truth is not known and the western banks need not fear the loss of their mortgage interest payments. The Nibiru coverup has always had the Rothschild banks at the helm, for this reason. An alien invasion was one of the scenarios to delay the Nibiru announcement. Thus having giants, men on stilts with reptilian face masks, were marched into the Bayside Mall, creating a panic. A short-lived invasion with the fraudsters arrested.

But there are real 10 foot hominoids in Paraguay, as an incident in 2012 proved and confirmed again this year on the Brazil island of Ilha do Mel. This tribe of tall men are Annunaki/Human hybrids, showing up during the colonial days as the Oiga magazine reports, and filmed on video in 2012. Not coincidentally, Parana Province has recently gotten bright UFO lights which per the Zetas were to give warning that flooding from S Atlantic sloshing might soon occur.

10-Foot-Tall Strange Beings Seen Traversing Brazilian Island as Alien Rumors Swirl
Jamuary11, 2024

New video shows two giant, humanlike creatures strolling along the foothills of a small Brazilian island in what some believe is proof aliens are visiting Earth. One of the 10-foot tall beings appears to take in the sights of Ilha do Mel, an island two miles off the coast of Southeast Brazil, as another stands closely behind, the footage shows. They stand confidently on the top of the hill, which locals say is difficult to reach, with the shrubbery barely reaching their knees.
Ilha do Mel State Park
The Ilha do Mel State Park is a state park in the state of Parana, Brazil, located in the municipality of Paranagu. It is a very small island, with a lot of fauna and flora, due to its small index of urbanization. Inside the island, the use of vehicles and traction animals are not allowed, in order to avoid damaging it and preserve its natural beauties, and also the number of visitors on the island can't exceed 5.000 people. When visiting the island, the walking through it is made on foot by trails of land, for better appreciation of nature and also don't damaging. The island is not all available to visit, there are limited areas that are for preservation.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 1/13/2024: As we detailed in 2012 when the issue of giants in Paraguay was addressed, this is a group of Annunaki/Human hybrids who fear the anger of their former slaves who had rebelled against being forced into Gold mines. They were known to the earlier explorers, as the development of modern day technology in the hands of their fully human neighbors only convinced them to remain hidden. That said, why are these hybrids on this particular island along the S Atlantic coast making an appearance at this time?

The Brazil province of Parana is one of the spots getting UFO displays warning of future flooding. If the Antarctica Plate lifts as we have predicted between the tip of S America and S Africa, then displaced water will rush up along the southern coastline of Brazil. These Annunaki/Human hybrids have lived in seclusion in this area for thousands of years, and are debating where to go to escape the flood tide. Thus they sent out their scouts. They are likely to move inland into the highlands but will continue to seek seclusion.
ZetaTalk Confirmation 2/4/2012: The Annunaki were slender, though muscular, and thus their offspring would have the trim, thin outline seen in the recent photos and videos. Where in one photo the head of the tall man dressed in white appeared to be orange, this is due to the color of the hybrid's skin, when tanned, not as brown as pure human skin. When this hybrid cluster encountered European explorers, they like the American Indians recognized a threat to their existence, though at first they greeted the explorers and were curious. They withdrew, and have kept themselves separate from strictly human society to avoid hostile reactions.

From the time when pure blood Annunaki were in the vicinity, enslaving mankind for work in their mines, relations were not good between the Annunaki and their slaves. Rebellions occurred, when many Annunaki were injured and lost their lives, and these hybrids were aware of the legacy left to them. It became part of their culture to avoid contact with human society. This caution has only increased as modern day humans became more technologically advanced, while the hybrid cluster remained isolated and relatively primitive in their culture. Like Bigfoot, attempts to contact these illusive half-breeds would only result in their disappearance, slipping away into the caves and jungle to be lost again.
ZetaTalk Confirmation 1/3/2024: The Plate Movement process as the 7 of 10 Plate Movements are coming to an end will include a compressing Pacific and a widening Atlantic. This is already in process. When the S Pacific compresses it presses on the Antarctic Plate, pushing it up between the tip of S America and S Africa. This forces the Atlantic open, allowing the foot of Africa to slide into the void created in the S Atlantic. What this means for the state of Parana and other provinces that lie inland along the coastal mountains of Brazil or within the reach of the Buenos Aires Bay should it be inundated is that the potential for flooding exists. The lifting Antarctic Plate will force water up along these coastal mountains and into the Buenos Aires Bay. Once inland behind the coastal mountains, this water will not have an easy route to drain, but might linger.

Confused Media

With so many cover-ups ongoing, it is difficult for the public to sort out the truth. First, President Trump told us that we were watching a Movie and with all the politicians wearing rubber masks and the expansion of Gitmo, those with eyes to see can see this is the case. The Zetas tell us that the US is under Martial Law since the Fall of 2015, and from the treatment that President Trump gets compared to the treatment Biden gets, it is clear that Trump is the Commander in Chief. For instance, what emerged during the recent flap over Defense Secretary Austin's hospital emergency.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin remains Hospitalized after Mystery Procedure; DoD remains Mum on Release
January 7, 2024

U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin has been hospitalized since the first day of 2024, and while Pentagon officials have not said when he will be released, they continue to avoid saying why he went to the hospital in the first place.
Austin Remains Hospitalized nearly a Week after Admittance to Walter Reed ICU
Austin, 70, had an undisclosed elective procedure on Dec. 22, and he returned from the hospital one day later. He then, on Jan. 1, "began experiencing severe pain and was transported to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center where he was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit."
The Pentagon's 2nd in Command was Not Informed of Defense Secretary's Hospitalization
January 7, 2024

Austin was hospitalized on Jan. 1 for complications from elective surgery. Austin was hospitalized on Jan. 1 for complications from elective surgery. The secrecy surrounding Austin's hospitalization is highly unusual. Not even his boss, the president, knew of it; nor was Congress informed. The Pentagon and Austin have not specified the nature of his medical procedure.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 1/7/2024: If anything, the lack of urgency over SoD Austin being absent for days and Biden being altogether unaware says that both are irrelevant. They are not in charge. The US has been under Martial Law since the Fall of 2015 when Obama failed to announce the presence of Nibiru. This is not the type of Martial law where troops are marching down city streets, but it does put the Junta in control of the federal government. The Biden Double takes orders from the Junta, and the Marines are in charge of the US Military, Little by little the truth is being told, but in the meantime the public is watching a Movie.

That said, why can't Austin's elective surgery or relapse be known? He was confirmed, supposedly, by the Senate thus Congress has a right to know. Austin went in for elective surgery on December 2 ahead of the Christmas holidays, hoping his absence would not be noted. Aging and overweight, like many men his age he wanted an implant to counter erectile disfunction. This will never be publicly admitted. This explains the severe pain that emerged, which will likewise never be publicly admitted.

Then there are the constantly changing explanations on alternative media as to what the 10 Days means -10 Days of Darkness, 10 Days of Lockdowns, 10 Days of Blackouts, etc. This started with a Q statement on April 4, 2020 that inferred child sex trafficking. But per the Zetas this morphed into a blackout if Nibiru were to be admitted, to lessen panic and riot from the public. The whole Covid-19 affair with its continuing Lockdowns seemed to be for that reason.  The forums continually warn that we are about to have a Lockdown for unclear reasons.
ZetaTalk Confirmation 1/7/2024: The concept of Lockdowns and 10 Days of Darkness has been confused from the start. Q started the discussion and implied the Satanic sex abuse and torture of children for the Adrenochrome in their blood was connected, so some people assumed that a blackout or lockdown would assist those rescuing children. Then there were the lockdowns due to the flu called Covid-19, which was designed to keep the public in their homes when Nibiru became obvious. Now that Putin is threatening to reveal Nibiru, and Nibiru is increasingly mentioned in the press, these terms are increasingly in the mix, implying the grid will be down.

The elite fear the public becoming aware and rioting so that the elite have to rush to their bunkers, leaving society to ruins. Lockdowns are rumored because they hope to keep people from hearing the truth about Nibiru - that it exists and will make a passage causing devastation worldwide. This depends on who is in charge. The elite hope to limit riots and even the flow of information. If the elite are in charge, darkness from power outages and limiting social media and phone calls would occur. If full blown Martial Law is in effect then riots could be suppressed while the economy continues - people at their jobs and children at school.  

If the Main Stream Media is not telling you the truth, the Alternative Media is not altogether honest either. Many seek the stage presence that ZetaTalk has earned due to prediction accuracy. Take the case of Dutchsinse who claims earthquake prediction accuracy. All due to his talent or due to his use of ZetaTalk insights? His technique is to use the ZetaTalk Plate Movement map published in 2010, and use that to locate stress points. Note Dutchsinse published in 2011, right after the Zetas published in 2010.

How To Forecast in 4 Easy Steps
Dutchsinse has been monitoring earthquakes daily and globally since 2010 and went public on YouTube in 2011. For years he is has been battling through media, skeptic public opinion and even professional seismologists.
1. Look up your fault lines
2. Look up the last 48 hours of earthquakes in EMSC https://www.emsc-csem.org/#3w
3. Look for 2 dots where earthquakes are on the same line and find the point in the middle

ZetaTalk Confirmation 1/5/2024: Dutchsinse developed his technique in 2010, the year our 7 of 10 Plate Movement prediction was published. His technique for predicting earthquakes starts with examining a map of the Earth plates and locating where recent earthquakes have occurred. He has clearly copied our Plate Movement predictions as he shows identical Plate Movements to our prediction. He has also included our prediction on New Land rising between the tip of S America and S Africa. Note the correlation of his arrows on his Plate Movement map to our 2010 diagram.

He has the [1] Indo-Australian Plate plunging under the Himalayas with [2] Indonesia subduction, [3] the Philippine Plate tilt allowing the Pacific to compress, [4] S American Roll to the West creating Andes quakes and [5] tearing open the S Atlantic to create a void for [6] the foot of Africa to drop on its NE corner, allowing the Africa Roll and [7] ripping open the Mediterranean, while [8] Japan quakes create distress in Beijing and [9] N America reacts by splitting into portions on either side of the New Madrid Fault Line, thus causing [10] a tsunami at the Azores rupture.

Why can't Dutchsinse give us credit for our prediction? He was an unknown trying to become famous. After using Plate movements as outlined in 2010 by the Zetas, he followed the Zeta question queue where activity would next be expected, and created a web of associated activity [D, X] to hide his use of our Scripted Drama predictions. The active areas he identified always have a number of quakes so he is never without a claim of success. A true plagiarist claims no association with his sources, feigning ignorance. But Dutchsinse clearly has plagiarized ZetaTalk.

If the facts don't fit the story, then make up a story. That's another Media scheme we see all too often. The issue of illegal immigrants being hosted in tunnels under the Jewish Chabad HQ in Brooklyn was soon twisted in many directions. Many in Israel are seeking safety and fear retaliation against Israel for its stance re Gaza, and New York is known to be a Jewish stronghold. Thus the arrests.

770 Bochurim Breach Wall to Prevent Tunnel Closure
January 8, 2024

The iconic wooden panels in the main shul of 770 Eastern Parkway were torn off by aggressive bochurim on Monday in response to a cement truck being ordered to seal off their unsanctioned tunnel. The Shul was closed after the Gaboim and Merkos both agreed to ask the NYPD to shut the Shul due to the immediate danger.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 1/5/2024: The tunnels under the 770 Eastern Parkway synagogue in Brooklyn have resulted in numerous theories from immigrant smuggling to child sacrifice. These tunnels are not new, but decades old and led from the men's sector of the synagogue to the women's sector, for unsanctioned trysts. In that Israel is being condemned worldwide for their genocide and unwarranted attacks against Gaza, many conservative Jews in Israel are seeking to immigrate to the US fearing that Israel will be slaughtered. This accounts for the tunnels being filled with books and perhaps undocumented immigrants.

What of the spoiled mattress? During a tryst the woman would often bring her baby with her, and changing diapers can get messy. Has there been child sacrifice in the tunnels? In that they are open to the men, night and day, this activity would not have escaped notice. The legality of the tunnels, which run under several connected buildings owned by the same individual, is under discussion but nothing more should be made of this.

Africa Roll Signs

The Africa Roll is in process, turning Africa in a clockwise direction so it drops its NE corner to scrape down along the Sinai. During this process it also pulls the SE Portion of the N American Plate, as these two plates are glued firmly to each other along their Atlantic border. This eventually results in the New Madrid Rupture, which is at hand. There will be a tearing open of the N Atlantic during this process, caused by the 4 plate juncture at the Azores pulling in different directions.
Africa rolls toward the SE, pulling the SE Portion of the N American Continent with it. This will result in Africa and the SE Portion moving along the Mediterranean border, moving Gibraltar 125 miles further to the East. Europe will remain in place, while the Seaway and the New Madrid Fault Line at the Seaway exit clap. Beyond the rising and falling water level in the Seaway at Montreal, we have a diverted Gulf Stream as proof that this is in process.  
ZetaTalk Confirmation 1/11/2024: Why is the Gulf Stream dividing at the Azores? This divide of the Gulf Stream continues up along the N Atlantic, as though there were a force influencing the waters.  The Eurasian Plate is under a ripping action at its SW corner, as can be seen in the Methane burn maps, where the Seaway side of the N Atlantic is relatively quiescent. This is a prelude for the finale where a void will be opened at the Azores. The Eurasian Plate will be the anchor, not moving, while the SE Portion will pull to the East with Africa.

The N Atlantic Rift is under distress at that time, being pulled in different directions. Where assumed to be composed of independent segments, the N Atlantic Rift is torn open and solidified from lava during periodic Plate Movements, and thus operates as a whole when being tugged apart. Magnetic connections exist as the hardening lava forms into a magnet, aligning with the Earth's magnetic field. The waters of the N Atlantic now reflect this tearing of the giant magnet that is the N Atlantic Rift.

Electro-magnetic particle flows have an affinity for water, which is a super conductor. Thus the waters of the N Atlantic along the N Atlantic Rift are charged, clashing with the normal Gulf Stream charge. Since the N Atlantic Rift was formed during prior crustal shifts, when the Earth encountered Nibiru with its retrograde rotation, the N Atlantic Rift magnetism adopted a counter clockwise direction. The Earth settled down into her current magnetic alignment, but the N Atlantic Rift had already been hardened to reflect the clash with Nibiru during the Passage.

Even Moscow, far from the quad-plate juncture at the Azores, will be affected by the Africa Roll. They were given a UFO warning in 2007 re flooding caused by river backwash, all the way up river from the Black Sea to Moscow.
ZetaTalk Warning 2007:  The UFO blitz of recent months included more reports than reached the media in the US. As can be shown by this excellent report, Moscow was given a light show and telepathic warning too. If UFO's were seen across the US and in Istanbul and London, as warnings, what is in store in Moscow, in the coming months?  Moscow is in the center of an extreme stretch of lowlands. Where above sea level now, after the pole shift, when the big melt has raised the sea level some 675 feet worldwide, Moscow residents will have hundreds of miles to traverse in order to be above the waves.

There are no foot hills, no mountains, no plateaus, in any direction. To the East, the Urals. To the Southeast, the Caucasus. To the Southwest, the Carpathians. And to the Northwest, beyond Finland, the mountains of Sweden. We have described the UFO blitz in Istanbul, Turkey as a warning that the entry to the Black Sea will lower as Africa twists during pre-shift quakes and plate movements. Where does this water go? There are several rivers that drain these lowlands, many ending in the vicinity of Moscow. The waters go up river, pushed back, a backwash. Moscow will be reminded early that it lies in lowlands, with unexpected flooding a result of plate adjustments.

Now Moscow has gotten a reminder UFO display. The time must be close at hand.
ZetaTalk Confirmation 1/11/2024: In 2007 during the Moscow UFO display that year we detailed the telepathic message Muscovites received. We explained that as a result of the Africa Roll and the effect it will have on the Black Sea and Istanbul, there will be a backwash of rivers up into their headlands near Moscow. This will result in unexpected flooding with few highlands nearby for Muscovites to use. The pending New Madrid Rupture will be assisted by Africa Roll episodes, and thus this time may be upon Moscow.

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