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Scorched Chile

S America is in the crosshairs during the Plate Movements, as it is in the process of a lob to the West during the S American Roll but is caught in a waggle with a lob to the East while the Pacific compresses and the Atlantic opens to allow Africa to Roll. During the roll S America has quakes along the Andes and clashes with the Nazca Plate to its West.
During the Waggle S America is forced into a back-bend into the Atlantic which puts stress on the armpit of S America. The waggle allows the SE Portion of N America to slide over the hump of the Caribbean Plate. But during the waggle S America is bent back and forth, causing stress on the rock layers in the armpit.
ZetaTalk Confirmation 7/31/2023: A distinctive and obvious waggle of the S American Plate occurred on July 10 shown on the quake maps.  The SE Portion is separating from the Caribbean. Repeated major quakes off the coast of Antigua and Barbuda in the N Atlantic were not on a fault line or a plate border, but within the rock of the SE Portion itself, showing the stress it is enduring. Simultaneously the foot of S America is pushing westward into the Pacific, as is shown by a major quake along the Nazca border.

As we have repeatedly emphasized, a S American waggle will allow the SE Portion to free its attachment at the Isthmus, allowing the New Madrid Rupture to proceed without impedance. The sequence started on July 4 is occurring in iterative runs, such that the Pacific compresses during a China blowout, which then puts pressure on the bulbous top of S America. The bulbous top is then pushed East into the Atlantic which tilts the S America foot into the Pacific - the waggle. Each run will be stronger than the last.

Now the waggle has gotten violent, causing hot ground to form in the armpit. Do these photos remind you of Maui, where violent subduction happened? Note the green leaves on the trees and the unburned flag above the ground where cars in contract with the ground have been incinerated. This was evident in recent hot ground in Maui and Oregon which had this signature too. The heat is coming from the ground.

At Least 112 Dead as Authorities Struggle to Contain Forest Fires in Chile
February 4, 2024

Drone footage filmed by Reuters in Vina del Mar area showed entire neighbourhoods scorched, with residents rummaging through husks of burnt-out houses where corrugated iron roofs have collapsed. On the streets, singed cars littered the roads.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 2/5/2024: Where not directly involved in the Plate Movement required to release the New Madrid Rupture, S America might be called collateral damage. It tends overall to lob its knobby top to the West, but when the S Pacific compresses the foot of S America can pull into the Pacific, what we call a waggle. This waggle allows the knobby top to fall to the East, thus giving the SE Portion of N America a route to slide over the hump of the Caribbean, and facilitate the New Madrid Rupture.

Being pulled back and forth in this waggle puts stress on what we will call the armpit of S America, which is frequently covered by quakes and has sustained deep, large quakes in the past too. Indeed, the photos from the recent Chile wildfires show the same scorched Earth result that occurred in Maui. Of note is that the fires came from the ground, with a flag and green leaves on a tree intact while cars were incinerated.
ZetaTalk Confirmation 8/10/2023: In 2010 we described the 4 plate sections that form the Pacific Plate, and in 1996 when the ZetaTalk saga began we predicted hot earth where rapid plate subduction might occur. 2023 is a time of rapid Plate Movement with the Eurasian Plate stretching into the Pacific while the Pacific compresses. Hawaii is at the juncture of 3 of the 4 Pacific Plate sections - the North, East, and West sections. That a sudden compression in the Pacific would cause spontaneous fires in Hawaii should therefore not be a surprise.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 8/13/2023: The fires in Maui, as we explained, were caused by sudden plate subduction because Hawaii lies on a spot in the Pacific where 3 of the 4 Pacific Plate subsections touch. At a time when the Nibiru cover-up is still going strong, the common man is told anything but the truth. The ground was hot enough to burn tires and the seats of cars, but the treetops were left intact. Such fires also occurred in California and Greece with the same signature. A petrified dog amid the burned-out cars on Maui died suddenly from heat shock and became a statue as did the bodies of Pompeii by glassification of ash on its body.

ZetaTalk Prediction July 31, 2018: We have described hot earth as being a danger during the hour of the Pole Shift. This is due to friction from rapidly shifting rock layers found along plate borders or fault lines. The heat of friction was reported by both West Coast Indians and in the annals of those in the eastern Mediterranean during prior Pole Shifts. The ground seemed to become as soft as wax or molten metal. The fires are ultra hot, seeming to spring up from the ground, and too numerous and widespread to be caused by arson. Fires spread by wind will find the upper levels of homes burned, and are spotty as sparks carried by the wind cause secondary fires.

Dark Twin Approaches

Mr MBB333, who has yet to mutter the word Nibiru, was bumfuzzled by an odd presence next to the Moon recently. This smeary object on the horizon was the Dark Twin, which has been sneaking up behind the Earth in their shared orbit. The Zetas once again explain.
ZetaTalk Explanation 2/1/2024: Looking toward the SE after dark, one would see what is approaching the Moon from the West. In September, 2023 the Dark Twin was also captured in the late afternoon sky in this location, as a reflection of what is approaching from the West, back along the orbit the Dark Twin and Earth share. We have stated that the Dark Twin is trying to duck behind the Earth to pass the Earth, but will not achieve this until the Last Weeks. That said, what is appearing on January 30 in photos from Arizona? Once again looking to the SE along the horizon, the mystery object appears just to the West of the Moon.

The Moon is reflecting sunlight in this Mr MBB333 video, and likewise there is sunlight reflecting off the Dark Twin. The Dark Twin lies beyond the Moon, however, so most of this reflected sunlight can dissipate, especially when clouds are present to distort the image. In all the photo captures to present, the Dark Twin is still in the orbit it shares with Earth, thus is at a distance. As the Last Weeks approach the Dark Twin will push behind the Earth, thus coming closer to the Earth and visibility will increase. But that time has not yet arrived.

The Dark Twin was known to the ancients as the Counter Earth, and was the Planet Krypton in the Superman tales.

Fictional Planets of the Solar System
Hestia is a planet which orbits the Sun at nearly the same distance as the Earth but at such an angle to the ecliptic plane that it was not discovered until 2009. It is inhabited by a small colony of humans and an intelligent indigenous population who keep their distance from the colonists.
* The Adventures of Superman radio series, episode 1 (debuting February 12, 1940): the planet Krypton is said to be "situated on the other side of the Sun" from the Earth.
* Beyond the Sun/The Hidden Planet, a scripted but unfilmed early story for Doctor Who, was set on a counter-Earth that was almost an exact duplicate of Earth. This idea was reused in the original series (1966) as Mondas, the original home of the Cybermen.
* Sport Billy, 1979 television cartoon: the eponymous hero is from the counter-Earth Olympus, populated by athletic god-like beings.
* Dinosaucers, 1987 television cartoon: premised on intelligent dinosaurs coming to Earth from a counter-Earth called Reptilon.
* Doppelganger, 1969 film by Gerry Anderson. Counter-Earth is identical to Earth in every respect except that left and right are reversed. Marketed in the US as Journey to the Far Side of the Sun.

ZetaTalk Intro 10/31/2017: The Dark Twin is pressing up behind the Earth in their shared orbit, trying to drop behind the Earth to pass on the far side away from the Sun and Nibiru. It will not manage this maneuver until the Last Weeks, as we have explained. The Dark Twin is slowly rotating, counterclockwise, left to right, and shows many impact craters.

Most often captured on film at one of the poles, where the view along the shared orbit with Earth can be seen in 360 degree directions. It has been captured with Artic FAA cams in 2017 at Misty Fjords and again in 2023 from Kodiak Island. James, one of the Pole Shift Ning amateur photographers, got these excellent shots from Idaho too in 2023. The trick is to look back along the orbit.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 9/30/2023: The Dark Twin has come up behind the Earth in their shared orbit, but cannot pass until the gyrations of the Last Weeks gives it opportunity to move on along their shared orbit. Prior to that time the Dark Twin attempts to slip behind the Earth. Thus it could be found in various locations and captured on film. Most often these captures are of a Monster Persona where the light reflected off its surface fans out but is then bent back toward the Earth, thus displaying what appears to be a large object. It is coming closer.

Most often the Dark Twin presents as a Monster Persona, where the light rays reflecting off its surface curl back toward the viewer or camera on Earth, drawn back by the gravity of Earth, thus outlining a larger object than exists in reality. In 2023 it was captured in reflection twice, once as a Monster and again in its actual size, showing how much larger a Monster Persona appears.
ZetaTalk Confirmation 9/30/2023: By looking to the right of the setting Sun at 4:21 pm, the camera is capturing the image of the Dark Twin as a direct reflection of an object to the left - approaching from the West along the orbit shared with the Earth. There are two objects to be captured thus - the Monster Persona which is enlarged to appear larger than it is in reality, and the real object larger than Venus but smaller than the Earth's Moon. The Dark Twin is Earth sized, and if seen without size adjustments would be this large.

Tucker's Interview

Tucker Carlson went to Moscow this past week to interview Putin, and the media in the West set their hair on fire. How dare he! The coverup over Nibiru is strongest in the West, and Putin has been pushing  for Nibiru to be announced. Thus Putin could use the Tucker interview as leverage, telling the Junta to do it or else. Does Tucker now hold such video? Speculation ran rampant. Tucker reportedly spent 7 hours with Putin, so lots of material could have been covered and retained for future release.

Tucker Carlson Interviewed Vladimir Putin: Report
February 6, 2024

Russian media outlets said Carlson visited the Russian capital, where he had been spotted at the Bolshoi Theater. Kremlin-friendly outlet Izvestia posted a video of its journalist asking Carlson what he was doing in Russia and if he would be interviewing Putin, to which he replied: "We'll see." The Mash Telegram channel said Carlson flew to Moscow via Istanbul on February 1.
Kremlin Cronies: Putin-Tucker Interview Will Blow Up U.S. Election
February 6, 2024

State media reported that Carlson's minivan, full of TV equipment, had left his hotel and traveled to the presidential administration Monday evening. During the same timeframe, Putin's motorcade reportedly traveled towards the Kremlin. Carlson's arrival in Moscow threw Russian state TV media into a frenzy of detailed coverage, showcasing Carlson's visit to the ballet, his luncheon, visiting a Kamchatka stand at the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy, and going for a ride on a subway.

The American Media Group immediately published what they claimed was at least the start of the Interview, promising more excerpts soon.  Tucker stated he planned to release it on his website. Ukraine will surely be included and Zelensky is not happy.  Does Putin hold evidence that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump? Tucker finally announced the initial broadcast time and date to be Thursday February 8, 2024.

Tucker Carlson Faces Media Fury over Putin Interview
February 7, 2024

Carlson, who was ousted by Fox last year, said the interview would be published unedited and not behind a paywall on his personal website. Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov on Wednesday confirmed that the interview had already taken place, but did not share when it would air. While Western media outlets have done scores of interviews with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Carlson said, not a single Western journalist has bothered to interview the president of the other country involved in this conflict, Vladimir Putin.

The Interview released on the Tucker Carlson website on February 8 heavily covered the Ukraine, but did not address Nibiru. However, the Zetas predict that other parts of the Interview will be released later,  or will be used as a threat to motivate the Junta to admit that Nibiru is a near and present danger.  Do it or else! Tucker reportedly spent 7 hours with Putin and only 2 hours of the Interview were released. Much material resides in Russia, where it is safe from the Nibiru coverup.

Putin Tells West: Russia Cannot be Defeated in Ukraine
February 8, 2024

Putin defended his decision to invade Ukraine in February 2022. And he said the West now realizes that Russia will not be defeated, despite US, European and NATO help to Ukraine. When asked if Moscow would consider invading other countries in the region - NATO members Poland and Latvia - or generally across the European continent, Putin said that was "out of the question."
Introduction, Putin gives a history of Russia & Ukraine, NATO Expansion, NATO & Bill Clinton, Ukraine, What triggered this conflict, A peaceful solution, Who blew up the Nord Stream pipelines, Re-establishing communication with the US, How powerful is Zelensky, Elon Musk & AI, Imprisoned American journalist Evan Gershkovich

ZetaTalk Confirmation 2/8/2024: Whatever is revealed in this February 8 release of Tucker's interview, it is likely to be released in pieces. There are several different packets prepped for the first release. Putin has threatened to announce Nibiru but has granted the Junta the opportunity to do the announcement. If this interview had been recorded in the US, it could be confiscated, but in that it was recorded in Russia, the original copy is being held in Russia, thus safe from the Nibiru coverup. Letting Putin tell his story re the Ukraine, whether this was an invasion or a rescue, is expected and not news. For President Trump to have a cameo appearance, recorded in Moscow, would be to confirm that Nibiru is real but world-wide riots feared. This is all in play and could go in many directions.

New Madrid Result

At present, the New Madrid Fault Line is being held together by a prayer in the N Atlantic. Only the Fault Line stretch from the Seaway Exit to the Azores is still connected, and that is clapping daily. Meanwhile the Mainland Portion pulls to the SW and the SE Portion pulls to the East. On January 30 a gas pipeline pulled apart in the Oklahoma panhandle, where the Mainland stretch is ongoing, and was so violent it hit world news as well as regional news. Meanwhile, the N Atlantic Ridge is pulling apart, during the clapping that precedes the Rupture.

Oklahoma Pipeline Explosion Causes Flames to Shoot 500ft in the Air
January 30, 2024

Gas pipeline fires are hard to extinguish due to the pressure within the pipe and the volume of flammable gas they are able to emit. The easiest way to put them out is to shut off the affected section of pipeline, starving the opening of fuel.

The Hoover Dam in the US is expected to fail as a result of the New Madrid adjustment. The dam itself is solid, so erosion around the sides of the dam would be the likely outcome, and forced jamming of the spillways. Las Vegas would also likely flood. This would be followed by the San Andreas adjustment, which would likely include volcanoes such as Mt Saint Helens erupting.

ZetaTalk Prediction 6/6/2015: We have stated that the New Madrid adjustment will precede any major adjustment along the San Andreas, and precede any anticipated break in the Hoover Dam.

ZetaTalk Prediction 12/11/2010: Other than indicate that a slip-side adjustment along the San Andreas will occur after this New Madrid, and occur after the Hoover Dam breaks we have not given any timing clues.

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