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Azores Asteroid

The US Junta has the New Madrid Fault Line under surveillance, and since the separation of the Portions has climbed up the Mississippi and along the Seaway to the exit, they are watching the last stretch – the Seaway exit to the Azores. Montreal was warned in April 2021 by a UFO display that described what the clapping action during the Finale would present to those in Montreal.  

ZetaTalk Montreal UFO 4/30/2021: The UFO display seen overhead and recorded on video is depicting the wild ride that Montreal residents will take during the New Madrid adjustment soon to occur. The spread of the Seaway is clearly shown, with some closure at the end. During the New Madrid adjustment the tension before the major unzipping of the Fault Line will cause a large spread, which will prove to be temporary.

In July 2022 NOAA’s Ocean Explorer documented lines in the ocean floor where clapping action had occurred along the Atlantic Rift. This is where a void would open, per the Zetas predictions, during the Finale. A preview of the Zeta predictions, per ZetaTalk.
ZetaTalk Clapping 7/31/2022: The Atlantic is steadily pulling apart, from the top of the Atlantic Rift at Iceland down to the Sandwich Islands. As we have mentioned the Daily Earth Wobble is driving the Earth plates to slam back and forth. Weak points in a plate or its borders can rupture suddenly, causing an earthquake or if in a stretch zone, causing silent disasters such as sinkholes or an underwater gap. The July 24 buoy throb in Station 44403 near the mouth of the Seaway was caused by a combination of factors.  This can be considered a preview of what will happen during the New Madrid tsunami.

In June 2023 the Titan submersible was crushed along the New Madrid Fault Line at the Seaway exit where it was supposedly peeking at the Titanic wreck. The clapping action ongoing crushed the Titan.
ZetaTalk Titan 6/20/2023: The submersible promptly ran into trouble on the clapping New Madrid Fault Line, which runs underwater from the Seaway exit to the Azores tri-plate junction where the Africa Plate, the Eurasia Plate, and the N America Plate touch. This underwater portion of the Fault Line is pulled apart slightly on a daily basis, an iterative stretch and return which might be called clapping. Unless the voyage was timed to visit when the Fault Line was open, the clapping could spell disaster to the submersible.

Now in January 2024 a sunken vessel estimated to be 200 years old floated to the surface along the Seaway exit. The clapping has now gotten violent.

Mysterious Shipwreck Washes up on Canadian Coast
January 30, 2024

The ghostly vessel appeared on the shores of Cape Ray on the Newfoundland coast and is thought to have been dredged up by post-tropical storm Fiona. The boat is thought to date to the 19th century due to the use of wooden dowels throughout the structure.

Now it appears that NASA is preparing an excuse for a void along the N Atlantic Ridge. They claim an asteroid will land there. Though too small to be seen naked eye or by amateur cameras, NASA could make claims without being challenged. This asteroid could be accused of causing damage that forced the plates to separate, creating a void. This would be just another Nibiru coverup maneuver.  

North Atlantic Ocean - Potentially Hazardous Asteroid size of Football Pitch Hurtling towards Earth, says NASA
A “potentially hazardous asteroid” the size of a football pitch is hurtling towards Earth, Nasa has said. Asteroid 2008 OS7, which measures about 890 feet in diameter, will pass our planet at a distance of 1,770,000 miles at 2.41pm (GMT) on Friday afternoon. However, there is no risk of collision.  Unfortunately, asteroids are generally too faint to have been detected by the current techniques and surveys, so it’s very hard to see by our naked eyes.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 2/1/2024: The US Junta is clearly aware of where the void in the Azores will open during the New Madrid Finale, causing a tsunami splash toward Europe and a rebound of the Gulf Stream toward the East Coast of the US. They have been watching the increased clapping ongoing along the Seaway narrows near Montreal, and recorded the clapping at the Seaway exit where the Titan was crushed. They are aware from NOAA’s Ocean Explorer that the N Atlantic is clapping and have pinpointed the spot where it will likely separate during the Finale.

NASA has been part of the coverup over Nibiru from the start, and is concerned that the New Madrid Finale will point to Nibiru as the cause of any tsunami. Thus they have engineered an excuse that cannot be challenged. Having a near-Earth asteroid land where the N Atlantic ridge will clap allows them to claim that the asteroid weakened this spot, thus explaining any clapping that might occur there soon.  Will the public be fooled? This latest NASA excuse fails to explain N America being pulled into two Portions.

Jordan Drone

Where Iran is being blamed, it was evident that Israel was behind the drone attack on Tower 22 in Jordan. Israel has regularly tried to draw the US into a war with Iran, so this is nothing new. Reports came in promptly that the drone was under a guidance system that was too sophisticated for Hamas or Hezbollah to use. Insider Ezra suggested a software variable PUTN was used, and the US determined that the drone had masked itself to appear as a US drone returning to base. Mossad has these skills.  

Three US Soldiers killed in Jordan Attack Named
January 29, 2024

The US has blamed Iranian-backed groups and the Pentagon said it carried the "footprints" of Kataib Hezbollah. The Pentagon also reiterated the US does not want a war with Iran. "We don't seek war, but we will take action, and respond to attacks on our forces," said Pentagon spokesperson Sabrina Singh.
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3 U.S. Service Members Killed, Others Injured in Jordan Following Drone Attack
January 29, 2024

Three U.S. soldiers were killed yesterday in Jordan, while more than 40 other service members were injured following an uncrewed aerial system attack at a military base near the Syrian border. Those service members were in Jordan to support Operation Inherent Resolve, which is the U.S. and coalition mission to ensure the defeat of ISIS.  It has the footprints of Kataib Hezbollah. But not making a final assessment on that, our teams here are continuing to do the analysis. We know that Iran is behind it. And certainly as we've said before ... Iran continues to arm and equip these groups to launch these attacks, and we will certainly hold them responsible.
U.S. Mixed up Enemy, Friendly Drones in Attack that Killed 3 Troops
January 29. 2024

American air defenses failed to intercept an attack drone that killed three U.S. troops and wounded dozens in Jordan amid confusion about the identity of approaching aircraft. An initial assessment suggested that the weaponized drone may have been mistaken for an American aircraft returning to Tower 22, a base in northeastern Jordan close to where the country’s border converges with Syria and Iraq.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 2/1/2024: Israel has always enjoyed support from Europe and the US as Israel is at the helm of the western banks and has several means of maintaining control. They seek debt slaves and until BRICS gained ascendancy there was no alternative to Israel’s banks. The Satanist Khazarian Mafia also was in charge and they use pedophilia blackmail to maintain control. Because the Fed is insolvent in the US and the National Debt owed to Israel is being lost in bankruptcy, Israel is broke. And because the Junta and White Hat Alliance are cleaning up their Moloch child sacrifice, addiction to Adrenochrome is no longer a tool Israel can use.

With most of the world scolding Israel for its virtual genocide of Palestinians in Gaza, and with the US refusing to join Israel in the war Israel began, Israel is trying to force the issue. Israel has tried to get the US and Iran into a war before, as they fear Iran getting the bomb. The Mossad has gone into Iran repeatedly to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities. Preliminary evidence from the Jordan drone attack show that the means were too sophisticated to be a Hamas or Hezbollah attack. Insider Ezra points to software code and the Pentagon admits the US outpost was led to believe the attack drone was one of their own, camouflaged as a US drone. This was an inside job, in essence.

Israel is hoping the illegitimate Biden administration will allow a show of force against Iran. They are hoping that President Trump, the true Commander in Chief, will not step in. Whoever or whatever is ultimately blamed it will not result in the US rolling into the Middle East to become a de facto military for Israel while Israel continues their land grab agenda. Meanwhile the Africa roll is swinging Israel in a counterclockwise direction into the Mediterranean and creating chaos in the Sinai.  

ZetaTalk Confirmation 1/31/2024: We have stated that the Rothschild banks are most at fault in keeping the truth about Nibiru from the public. The first casualty upon the admission that Nibiru is real and heading for a Passage will be the Rothschild banks as mortgages will not be paid. The Rothschild empire has been in control of the western media, though this is gradually being cleaned up as the Movie President Trump referred to plays out.

Speaking of Trump’s Movie, are we seeing the Trailer? Joe Biden has been calling President Trump the “Sitting President”. President Trump was encouraging the states to send reinforcements to the Southern Border, and 27 states responded.  But most impressive is the fact that the Border Patrol, which is a federal agency that should be following a sworn President’s order, has refused to follow Biden’s orders but is following President Trump’s orders. As of last Memorial Day when the Senate met to review the SCOTUS findings on the 2020 electrion, Trump is the legitimate sworn President.
ZetaTalk Confirmation 5/31/2023: The special satellite phones issued to US Senators had a specific reason. The rumored Memorial Day bunker vacation for the US Senators and their families is related. Reinstating President Trump has been endlessly delayed due to fears among the Junta that civil war will break out. Now the Junta feels more confident and plans to proceed. The Senate is the arm of Congress that swears in a President.  Not announced to the public is that SCOTUS long ago found that President Trump was the legitimate 2020 winner. The US Military also has never considered Biden their Commander in Chief.

Border Patrol Turns on Joe Biden, Proclaims Support for Texas National Guard
January 26, 2024

Furthering the division between the Border Patrol and the White House was a senior CBP official who said they have no plans to follow through on removing the razor wire put up by Texas. Biden has completely lost whatever leverage he had. This is an incredible turn of events. I don't know if "mutiny" is the right word here, but clearly, Biden has no way to enforce his threats at this point. Border Patrol agents are not going to go along with it.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 1/26/2024: How will President Trump’s Movie end – in one big bang or by a thousand inferences? The public has been told by the Main Stream Media that Biden won the 2020 election, but the reality of the Memorial Day special Senate session inferred the opposite. Another constant inference that President Trump is the Commander in Chief is the way the Military reacts to him, while ignoring the imposter Biden. Now we have outright statements by President Trump that he is going to send National Guard reinforcements to Texas. Note that the federal Border Patrol has likewise refused to honor Biden’s command.

The Movie has maintained many secrets, each of which is considered to be so traumatic to the public that heart attacks and civil disobedience might result. Beyond the massive 2020 election fraud there are the Gitmo trials and executions for treason of those who perpetrated this fraud.  To maintain the Movie actors wearing rubber masks have been put in place, and this alone will be another shock for the public, though allowing masks to slip is giving the public a solid inference about this practice.

One of the major battles President Trump and the Junta and White Hat Alliance in Europe have fought was to stop the Moloch practice where children are sexually tortured and then killed for their Adrenochrome blood. This part of the Movie is unlikely to be revealed, though inferences are being made during media coverage of the New York City Chabad tunnels where blood stained items certainly implied this. The blackmail intrinsic to pedophilia and Moloch practices used by Israel will die as their western banks implode in insolvency and their interest funds dry up.

EBS Warnings

There were signs and clues in January that Putin was threatening to announce the presence of Nibiru.  This sense that an important announcement is pending has only increased. US Military planes are swarming over the N American Continent, and people are speculating on whether the Emergency Broadcast System is about be activated.

Decoding the Imminent EBS: Military in Training for Implementation of the Emergency Broadcast System
February 1, 2024

This is not a mere drill. It’s the dress rehearsal for a grand revelation. This will ensure everyone is safely placed in their home and able to witness the historical moment through the EBS which is imminent. The EBS is going to air playing an 8 hour video. It will be replaying 3 times a day for 10 days Communication Darkness. Our phones will only work for 911 and we are informed the Signal App, which is military encrypted will be available. Our internet will not work during that time. Our ATM’s will not work.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 1/7/2024: Now that Putin is threatening to reveal Nibiru, and Nibiru is increasingly mentioned in the press, these terms are increasingly in the mix, implying the grid will be down. The elite fear the public becoming aware and rioting so that the elite have to rush to their bunkers, leaving society to ruins. Lockdowns are rumored because they hope to keep people from hearing the truth about Nibiru - that it exists and will make a passage causing devastation worldwide. This depends on who is in charge. The elite hope to limit riots and even the flow of information. If the elite are in charge, darkness from power outages and limiting social media and phone calls would occur. If full blown Martial Law is in effect then riots could be suppressed while the economy continues - people at their jobs and children at school. 

The issue of when President Trump would be announced as the true Commander in Chief and winner of the 2020 election comes up often, but the Zetas have stated that this will likely occur when fully blown Martial Law is called in the US, so that civil war threats cannot emerge. Insider Ezra suggests this time is now.  But the Zetas have stated that the real reason the establishment fears panic and riot is the presence of Nibiru, as The General infers. Not just Nibiru, but what devastation the passage would visit upon the Earth.
ZetaTalk Confirmation 12/7/2023: Will it be Nibiru visibility or a Russian announcement or the mere fact of New Madrid Plate Movements? Any and all could occur but as firm plans are in place, the matter is in the hands of man. Putin has warned the Junta that it will wait no more, and the popularity of Putin supports that. Do we have a date? Of course the New Madrid Rupture would be helpful but not necessary. The Junta is braced for this to occur any day. But since Internet access might have outages, Putin might not wait. Just prior to the Rupture would be ideal, a topic of discussion then on social media or the kitchen table through any outages.

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