ZetaTalk Newsletter Addendum as of January 16, 2022

This Addendum is to record the events leading up to the great Pacific buoy alert of January 14 and 15, and how this was caused by a compressing Pacific making room for the Mainland Portion of the N American Plate to slide into the Pacific.

Pacific Compression

On January 14 buoys in the Pacific went on alert. This showed a pattern of emerging in the NW Pacific from the Aleutians down past Japan and the Mariana and Philippine Plates to New Zealand. An undersea volcano at Tonga also erupted on January 14 but the buoy alerts started in the far north of the Pacific and were not triggered by the volcano at Tonga. It was not until January 15 that buoys along the Canadian Coast in the NE Pacific went on alert and then went down along the West Coast to S America. Clearly these alerts were not for the Tonga volcano, but from another cause.

As is known, the Pacific Plate is actually four segments, so that when the Pacific compresses these segments increase their overlap. One of the first buoys to go on alert on January 14 was a Hawaiian buoy, as the Hawaii Islands lay on the juncture of the NW and NE segments of the Pacific. Thus compressing, the northern half of the Pacific put pressure on the southern half, causing the Tonga volcano to erupt. The compression in the Pacific also caused the Antarctica Plate to push up between the tip of S America and the tip of Africa.

The pressure of the compressing Pacific was what caused the Tonga volcano to blow, and the tsunami buoys then went on alert as minor tsunami finally arrived in Peru, Chile, California, Japan, and Hawaii. It was not the Tonga volcano that originally caused the Pacific buoys to go on alert in the northern Pacific, but rather that the Tonga eruption was in response to the Pacific compression. Tonga was a reaction, not a cause.
ZetaTalk Comment 1/31/2022: After years of being in a tightening bow, the N American Plate wants to straighten out. This action is what ultimately causes the New Madrid Adjustment, because the SE Portion of the N American Plate does not want to budge. Thus, as the Mainland Portion slides to the SW to allow the bow to relax, land from the tip of Mexico up along the New Madrid Fault Line pulls to the SW, causing the New Madrid rupture. This continuous push to slide to the SW puts pressure on the Pacific plates.

The Pacific is continually compressing while the Atlantic spreads - all part of the Pangea adjustments. Where the Pacific normally compresses in spates, here and there, with the pressure from the N American Plate pushing into the Pacific from the Aleutians down to the tip of Mexico, the adjustment on January 14 was broad in scope. From the Aleutians down past Japan and the collapsing Mariana and Philippine plates to the rising end of the Indo-Australian Plates the buoys went on alert. That Tonga erupted is no surprise.

Now the Mainland Portion has room to straighten out its bow. This action happened on January 15, with the Mainland Portion of the N American Plate starting to push into the Pacific. The SE Portion of N America, still reluctant to rip along the New Madrid Fault Line, attempted to slide to the SW with the Mainland Portion, tugging the Caribbean and S America Plates with it. This is a familiar battle in nature, where the strongest will prevail. But the slide of the massive Mainland Portion will prevail because the New Madrid Fault line has been weakened.

Countdown Days

On January 9 the Bronx in New York City had a massive five-alarm fire that affected several floors of the building. This was blamed at first on a child playing with a lighter and then blamed on a space heater. Per the Zetas, this was EMP caused by squeezed rock.

Worst NYC Fire in 30 Years was Caused by Faulty Space Heater
January 9, 2022

The five-alarm blaze erupted shortly before 11am on the second and third floor of a 19-story building at 333 East 181st Street in the Bronx. FDNY said that 'very heavy' fire and smoke 'extended the entire height of the building' and confirmed that a space heater caused the blaze. Several residents said the fire alarms were always going off, and residents ignored them.

ZetaTalk Comment 1/31/2022: What are the rock dynamics when several fault lines converge? All parts of the rock strata below are under pressure to move in one direction or another. What is certain is that the rock will be under pressure, and electronic screech will be present. This is where the air pockets in the rock have been flattened so that electricity can flow readily, and the arcing of EMP can occur. What are the clues that this was present for the Bronx on January 9? The Seaway along the New Madrid Fault Line had been subject to regular quakes, as had S Carolina along the East Coast Fault Line. And a buoy off the coast of New York City showed the ocean floor below heaving on that day. An EMP storm can be invoked by the slightest trigger - a spark from a light switch or cigarette lighter or an arc from a heater filament. Once the storm has started, all electronics in the area are alive, as though turned on beyond their capacity. Light bulbs explode, wires melt and cause shorting, and anything flammable in the area will burst into flame.

And indeed, on January 8 there were numerous quakes on the tip of Mexico reported by Volcano Discovery, a key sign to watch per the Zetas. On January 10 the Mid-Atlantic had quakes, and by January 11 the rock hook keeping the Africa Plate from dropping was under pressure to break, quakes in Cyprus and at the Aleutians both reported by the USGS to have quakes with magnitude 6+. Heliographs worldwide went black.
By January 10 train wrecks were being reported due to twisting ground in Vernon, TX and at the top of the Fault Line squeeze in Main, another unexpected train derailment. The East Coast was having ground movement too, with a building collapse in DC on January 9 and reports by DC residents on January 12 that their buildings were shaking.

Vernon Officials look at Response to Train Derailment
January 10, 2022

A Burlington Northern Santa Fe freight hauling 98 railcars carrying ethanol derailed, forcing 28 cars to detach with 25 of those set ablaze not too far from Highway 287.
Two Liquid Propane Tank Cars Overturn when Freight Train Derails in Biddeford
January 11, 2022

A freight train derailed Monday night in Biddeford, causing two liquid propane gas tank cars to overturn.

On January 10 the buoys were showing heaving on the ocean floor in both the Gulf and off-shore from the tip of Mexico. By January 11 the Gulf buoy had virtually flat lined. Signs from many sources that the New Madrid Fault Line was at the brink of a rupture.
Another sign that the Severe Wobble ongoing at this time has affected the tides. Note that twice a day, both in the buoy off-shore of the tip of Mexico and off-shore of New York City were showing a double wave during each day, one higher than the other. During the Daily Earth Wobble the N Pole of Earth leans to the East and then to the West, and this is palpable in the buoy recordings.
Another pattern is the grouping of quakes on the tip of Mexico, showing the stress on the plates due to the Severe Wobble. Day after day the quakes occur during the same 6 hour period.
By January 12 it was apparent that the National Guard had been activated in over 20 states, almost exclusively in the states that would be affected by the New Madrid Adjustment. This is confirmed by the respected Monkey Werx which shows us how many Military planes are in the air, doing surveillance for signs of ground movement.
On January 12-13 more signs that the convergence of Fault Lines in the New England area are being activated. Worcester, Massachusetts had a water main break on January 12 while nearby Pawtucket, Rhode Island had one on January 13. This cannot be coincidence. The Fault Lines are fracturing. The East Coast and Ramapo Fault Lines end in the northeast, while the New Madrid Fault Line travels up to the opening of the Seaway. And on January 15 there was a massive chemical plant explosion in New Jersey.

Water Main Break Causes Sinkhole in Pawtucket
January 13, 2022

Crews are working to repair a large water main blowout in Pawtucket.
Sinkhole Caused by large Water Main Break Swallows Dump Truck in Worcester
January 12, 2022

Utility crews were called in to fix a massive water main break in Worcester Wednesday. he early morning break sent freezing water gushing into the street and caused a large sinkhole on Shrewsbury Street that swallowed up a Department of Public Works dump truck.

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