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We serve the world. During this past year we have been able to continue to provide the public with steadfast access to Mirror Sites of the ZetaTalk and Troubled Times survival material, archives and information that spans the past 20 years. This includes all related information such as hot new ZetaTalk on current events, newsletters, and links to ZetaTalk videos and interviews. We have encouraged the public to locate a mirror close to them, and utilize it, before the loss of satellite connections or torn Internet cables prevents a long reach. There are Mirror Sites on every continent, strategically located for this reason. In addition, during the battle to snuff out the truth, the ZetaTalk sites may come under attack, and the Mirror Sites, being everywhere, would survive such an attack.

Where many of our Mirror Sites have sponsors who foot the bills, many do not have financial sponsors at present. Sponsored mirrors can also lose their sponsors, who can fall on hard times, and thus fall back to the Mirror Site pool to be sustained. Much work goes into developing a Mirror Site, so they are not to be lost because a bill went unpaid. In addition there are domain extensions that are an expense, and the domain registrations themselves are an expense. In addition, half the mirror sites provide access via an independent IP (pink on the Mirror Site map) so that if the Internet domain servers go down, access is still possible.

In addition to the Mirror Sites, the ZetaTalk alpha site – ZetaTalk.com – has a heavy bandwidth redundant site setup. These dual sites in the US, one on each coast, would virtually eliminate any timeouts for the public when news of the approaching Nibiru might thrust the ZetaTalk sites into the news. Redundancy provides seamless service even if one of the alpha sites becomes overwhelmed. The other takes over. These sites together cost $809.76 this past March, a burden which is covered during these annual fund raisers. We now have, with the redundant alpha sites, a total of 16 Mirror Sites around the world.

ZetaTalk.com - Boston and LA
ZetaTalk2.com - Namibia
ZetaTalk3.com - Moscow
ZetaTalk4.com - Argentina
ZetaTalk5.com - Arizona USA
ZetaTalk6.com - France
ZetaTalk7.com - New Zealand
ZetaTalk8.com - Kenya
ZetaTalk9.com - India
ZetaTalk10.com - Australia
ZetaTalk11.com - Kazakhstan
ZetaTalk12.com - Japan
ZetaTalk13.com - Yakutsk
ZetaTalk14.com - Colombia
ZetaTalk15.com - Morocco

The mirror site network has been designed to provide access despite disasters. Argentina and Colombia will be accessible from all of S America regardless of torn cables coming across the Caribbean and Atlantic. Kenya, Namibia, and Morocco will be accessible from all of the African continent, regardless of torn cables across the Atlantic or Mediterranean. India can serve that continent regardless of the continuous movement of the Indo-Australian Plate. Sydney and Auckland will be accessible likewise, even if the eastern part of this plate tears cables coming from overseas. Japan serves not only those islands but also reaches China and runs down the coast to Korea and Indonesia.

Land accessible sites such as Kazakhstan is on the old Silk Road, protected from undersea cable disruption. Yakutsk is solidly centered in Russia’s active Far East, which is expected to bloom in the Aftertime. Mirror sites in France and Moscow serve Europe. The N American continent is well served from Arizona and the redundant sites in Boston and LA.

Fund raisers for the ZetaTalk Mirror Sites have traditionally been run on the Pole Shift ning in the Spring to Summer time frame. This was done in mid-2011, mid-2012, May of 2013, December of 2014, June of 2015, April of 2016, and May of 2017.

Thank you for your support! We serve the world.

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