What the months and weeks leading up to the Pole Shift will hold for mankind?

What will the Cataclysm itself entail?
What will life in the Aftertime become, and What can those who want to survive do to Prepare?

It was originally planned that there would be three parts, however second part happened to be two separate videos, the second of which is released now here.
Hopefully, it will be followed by the final third (actually fourth) video.



* Download link (higher quality, larger size 720 MB):


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Comment by Nancy Lieder on January 20, 2013 at 12:29pm

@Jorge, that magical thing is in Andrew's life already, as his little baby daughter is now saying "mama" and is about to say "dada". When she had colic, she only had peace in her fathers rocking arms. I knew she would be a daughter before the parent's did, and I suspect will be a leader among survivors as will her father. For those who missed it, here is Andrew's report from a prior year on how to live in the forest, without electricity, permaculture and things simple. The good stuff is in the comments, start on the older pages.


And fire starting tips:




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