Midair plane collisions, sudden Cold snap and Heavy Snow in Spain - Earth Wobble new developments?

It appears as if the Earth Wobble is taking on a new 'twist' to it: creating wild disturbance/turmoil in the atmosphere such that planes collide, or are send crashing to the ground, and exacerbating weather extremes, weather changing wildly, several times a day now.


Heavy Snow In Spain – At The End Of April

April 27, 2013

It was reported by Ukrainian National Radio that snow cover is 20 cm, up to 50 cm in mountainous areas.

Cold plunge brings late snow to Spain


Spain's spring snow: Unseasonal weather blocks roads

29 April 2013

Spain has been struck by unseasonal weather which has seen snow falling across the country.
Extreme weather warnings are in place in 18 provinces, with small roads blocked as temperatures continue to hover around freezing.


Northern Spain blanketed by spring snowfall - video

Following warmth last week, heavy snow covered the mountains of northern Spain on Monday. Snow ploughs were deployed to keep motorways clear and emergency services advised against unnecessary travel.

Two single-engine planes collide in air over Southern California

April 29, 2013



Midair collision over Southern California sends one plane crashing into a ridge and forces another to land on a golf course.

Two planes collide at Newark airport

May 2, 2013


The collision is the second time that planes collided in the US this week.

US military plane crashes in Kyrgyzstan

May 3, 2013


"One of the preliminary theories as to the cause of the crash is weather conditions, as there was storm in the region." [- emphasis mine]


It is all too weird, and happening too close in time to be unrelated and a mere coincidence.

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