PROOF of Plate Movement (Indonesia Region); Sinking, Lifting, and Shifting thanks to Google Maps again

1) Sinking: 25.126772,63.85344

2) Lifting: 13.201792,92.755927

3) Sinking: 9.443474, 97.893333

4) Lifting: 7.477538,93.632923

5) Lifting: 7.475421,93.649971

6) Sinking: 6.616183, 99.679298

7) Shifting to North / Lifting: 2.533497, 95.937080

8) Lifting (South side): -3.292626,100.333929

9) Lifting or Tilting(?) (South and East sides Lifting, North side Sinking (?)): 


10) Islands Disappeared / Sinking / Shifting: 0.763527,107.723694

11) Shifting to East: 7.035902,116.74407

12) Shifting to East / Lifting (North side): 0.725422,108.877602

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Comment by casey a on June 9, 2013 at 10:27am

If you have google earth, you can use the "historical imagery" feature to notice the change in landscape.

Using that, here is a timeline of the change in landscape shown in Image #2 by Kojima.

Before the 7 0f 10 changes....

Notice how the sand on the beach is white and pristine. Clearly this is the sea/land border.

After the 7 of 10 began...

In 2012, the shape of the border has changed. Also the beach is not white and pristine anymore. It looks like the entire island was washed over. The only logical cause is because of the tilting of the plate.

Notice the waves in 2012. They are still moving over what is about to be land in 2013.

In 2013, you can see the waves are crashing hard against the new border. The land in the bottom has come above sea level.

Comment by casey a on June 9, 2013 at 9:25am

Preparis Island. Coordiantes (from google maps - 14.89 N, 93.69 E) has been cut & pasted.

However like Kojima showed, the "map view" still shows the original state.

The only reason why they would "touch" the previous version of the image instead of putting the new version of the satellite images is probably because the new version shows new islands. If  this is indeed the case, then what we're seeing from Kojima might only be the discrepancies not caught by google (& bing).

The more obvious inconsistencies were likely caught by google.

The same discrepancy shows up on bing map as well.

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