Vietnam: Some streets are flooded daily but has not fallen a drop of water for days.

Some streets are flooded daily but has not fallen a drop of water for days.

The former Saigon sinks

January 29, 2014

The uncontrolled urban development and overexploitation of groundwater aquifers is causing the former Saigon, renamed Ho Chi Minh, slowly sinking into the ground.

The Geoinformático Center University of Ho Chi Minh estimated the metropolis, the most populous country descends at a rate of two to three centimeters a year in many areas.

Process accelerated "Many parts of Saigon sink at a rate of an inch per year, three times faster than the rise in sea level. The city suffers from the increasingly high tides, but the consequences are even worse if the city is sinking, "said the director of the Centre for Water Management and Climate Change, Ho Long Phi, told the newspaper Thanh Nien (Youth) .



ZetaTalk ™ October 16, 2010

“ If the coast of southern China will lose 20 feet in elevation, the Philippines will ultimately lose twice that much, to a total loss of 40 feet in elevation. Due to the tilting of the Indo-Australia Plate, Bangladesh gains temporary relief from the steady sinking it has experienced the past few years. And the tsunami likely to race northward will not come their way because the waters from the Bay of Bengal will be rushing into the South China Sea, and there clashing to push north. If the loss of 40 feet in elevation is not devastating to the Philippines, it is to the coastline of southern Burma, Tailand, and Cambodia, which have vast areas that will suddenly and permanently be flooded.”


40 foot elevation loss for Ho Chi Minh City during the 7 of 10

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Comment by Kojima on January 30, 2014 at 7:50am

Thanks, Khan!

Vietnam metro is sinking, flooding easier [Thanhnien News; 15 November, 2013]


Ngo Van Binh has lived in Ho Chi Minh City for more than 10 years, but last week was the first time he was able to catch a catfish in his yard.

On November 7 he and many of his neighbors did not go to work because of severe inundation caused by a heavy downpour early morning that lasted hours as a tropical depression hit the city.

It was one of the worst inundations I have ever seen in District 12,” he said.


Sinking city

According to a recent study by the National University Ho Chi Minh City’s Geoinformatics Center, parts of the southeastern region and the Mekong Delta are sinking, with HCMC suffering the most.

Using the differential interferometric synthetic aperture radar or INSAR method, researchers found many places in HCMC sinking by up to 20 millimeters (0.8 inch) a year.

The center said the city has been sinking since 1996, with the speed increasing gradually since 2004.


Ho Phi Long, director of the Water Management and Climate Change Center, said many places in HCMC are sinking by 3 centimeters a year, three times faster than the sea-level rise.


He called for setting binding terms for investors in the lowlands because it is almost impossible to repair the drainage system in areas that have sunk.


Digging the ground


Concrete weight


New hope


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