Vietnam: Land subsidence caused the cracks, many families have urgent relocation

Aug 21, 2013

Day 208, three households in 11 population groups , TPBao Loc ( Lam Dong ) continues to move away from home to ensure the home network because they can collapse any time due to land subsidence increasingly serious.


From day 38 to date, had eight households, with 39 people from the area to pack the hall landslide population groups or in temporary housing for. The reason is that a tea plantation hills close to residential areas appear much larger cracks and subsidence over a month now. Land subsidence rocked the house of Nguyen Hoang Thi Duyen first, many open fractures increasingly dangerous speed, to day 38 . The Nhan Dao, Head of population 11, PBLao that land in the foothills of the draw is the main reason leading to landslides, landslides, wall ( Le Thanh Ha in the picture ) then collapsed households Nguyen Huu Chinh, Phung Anh Tuan, Le Thanh Ha and Tran Sy Tien displaced arriving at the scene police toanCo, Thanh Nien Online Reporter house witnessed many households are cracks on the wall, subsidence of the ground tilt, Walls of Le Thanh Ha households had collapsed World 's toanOng Training, Head of population 11, PB'Lao to know this ancient tea-growing hill with subsidence due Hau Co. Ltd. ( HCMC ), construction unit construction project resettlement of Lam Dong II Hospital in the foothills area of ​​land ( a residential area about 100 meters ) to leveling. Ms. Duyen Hoang Thi Thanh Nien Online is only for deep cracks in the wall of her home, that she and her family soon relocated to town hall to shelter the population , While most households move out of the house to the tenant must be having a lot of difficulty.



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Comment by Khan on August 22, 2013 at 7:00am

Quang Ninh Emergency Evacuation for death hole mass

Aug 22, 2013

From this morning 21/8, Thuy Son in residential areas ( wards Cam Son, Cam Pha City, Quang Ninh province ) made ​​a series of death due to land subsidence pits, loss

From this morning 21/8, Thuy Son in residential areas ( wards Cam Son, Cam Pha City, Quang Ninh province ) made ​​a series of death due to land subsidence pits, loss. Talking to the Reporter, Mr. Vu Van Hien, Cam Ward Chairman Son, Cam Pha City, Quang Ninh, Rang said this morning ( 21/8 ), Paint in the Water, Cam Ward Son suddenly appear much \u0026 ldquo , land subsidence due to, loss and adjacent residential road. Fear affects the lives and property, Nearly a dozen households have emergency evacuation area for residents know subsidence phenomenon, loss began to appear at about 5am this morning, 21/8. The first incident was discovered Liu Dinh Son, 3 zones in the Marine Son. When the, wake up, Son of the house open but could not be opened because the walls get pinned down subsidence. He had to raise new neighbors broke the door to be. Soon, there appears a small pothole, right next to the road in a residential area and then break off to form a hole noon 21/8, subsidence phenomenon, continued decline occurred in this area. Total residential areas and residential gardens appeared 5 \u0026 ldquo . Mouth \u0026 ldquo , least 10 m wide over, At 5 m depth with the appearance \u0026 ldquo , Nearly a dozen homes in the area Thuy Son cracked wall, home, Kitchen \u0026 hellip, in that, Her inn suites Minh Xuan entire wall has been cracked, nail bed was empty the whole. The 4 star accommodation can collapse anytime receiving information of people, Cam Son ward leaders and elected officials to force the site to function alert and prevent vehicles passing through the area Simultaneously, force support functions have nearly ten households urgent relocation and property to safety Mr Vu Van Hien, the Ward Committee is mobilizing forces by rocks using the \u0026 ldquo , to ensure traffic safety and lives, assets of people known, recently, in Halong City Area, City, According Nldcomvn.




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