Leading think tank Chatham house commissioned a report into how the UK would fare if it experienced a 'high impact, low probability' disaster event and concluded that it would only take a week of disruption before the country descended into chaos.

Food and petrol supplies are mentioned specifically as the country relies so heavily on imports and if energy supply was interrupted, there is only a couple of days of stored capacity in the system before the lights would go out.

Anyone trying to envisage the effects of the tsunami on their lives should take these words to heart and remember that even if you are not going to be reached by the water, you will still need to have a comprehensive plan in place to survive the effects without them having a severely detrimental effect on your life.

The report talks about the new 'norm' of crises occurring around the world such as the Japanese tsunami and Hurricane Katrina, but the EU tsunami will make those look like a walk in the park, especially for the UK and the low countries of Europe;  food, energy and fuel supplies WILL be affected and permanently so for some areas.  Consider that most of the UK's power stations are right on the coast - how many of those will be re-built - will any?

Remember, no-one will be unaffected by the tsuanmi!

The full report can be read here:


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Comment by Nancy Lieder on January 7, 2012 at 12:29pm

Chilling. And the Zeta prediction that some coastlines will be permanently evac'd due to storms. Sure looks like part of the the European north coast will be included in that. Storms non-stop lately.

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