History of Alien Cover-ups and Secret Governments

History of alien cover ups and secret governments (Part 1)

In order to understand the extent of the UFO/Alien cover ups, one must go back in history and re-examine all evidences and the long standing lies.  Within Zetatalk under the government section, it has pretty much all the answers.  Purely based on zetatalk, I like to present these evidences in a timeline manner, outlining key events starting from the Roswell Crash in 1947.


Roswell Crash


Roswell is all the rage here in the United States. It is the flag-bearer in the parade of those who march to learn the truth. The facts are well known, and the facts that are known relate almost completely to the truth. This is a true story. What is not well known is that Roswell was not an accident.

At that time, within the United States, many alien groups wanted a dialog with the United States government. We chose the United States because of its leadership in the community of nations. The United States was and is sticking its nose into every activity throughout the globe. We knew we could rely on the United States to be the message bearer for any message the alien groups wished to get out. The United States, as other governments, was not approachable. Individuals who were contacted by the alien groups were treated as though they were infected. They were not listened to. The block in these matters was the human desire to be in control. Therefore, in order to allow the humans in the United States government to be open to our messages, we allowed them to be in control. Several entities within the alien groups trying to contact the United States government volunteered to be of service. They expected to die. The plan was to allow ships to crash, ostensibly at the hands of humans. This maximized the feeling of control the humans would experience, particularly as the front end of any contact was, unfortunately, through the military. Once they felt they could harm us, they were willing to parley.

The rumor that delicate flowers, in shades of white and yellow, were found etched into the impermeable metal on the inside of the crashed ship is true. Were these wall decorations to remind the homesick travelers of flowers in their homeland? Yes. Just as humans decorate their homes with those items that are powerful reminders and trigger emotions, the better to become lost in delicious reverie, just so these travelers carried with them a reminder of their home planet, so far away and, in the case of those setting out to create the Roswell crash, never to be seen again. They sacrificed themselves at Roswell not because they had nothing to lose, but because of what they hoped the Earth would gain.

The recent Roswell movie adheres closely to the facts, but has added material for dramatic effect and omitted other material at the request of the government. For instance, one is led to believe that all the aliens died, yet EBE lived for a time. Your government is telling you these stories based on your reactions, and the reaction to Roswell, the movie, was favorable. More details to follow. The movie presented true facts in what appeared to be a series of letters or symbols etched into the ship's metal frame. Just as you have key phrases that elicit emotion and are often displayed for this reason, the aliens who sacrificed their lives at Roswell had etched such a phrase on their ship. This phrase, a true likeness of which is above, simply stated that though they were a long way from home, that home awaited their return. You have similar phrases - home is where the heart is, and there is no place like home. Where this fact is true, the symbols shown in the movie were not a replica of the symbols found. The producer was not given access to the actual symbols, and just put together combinations that would have some familiarity to people. The producer reasoned that such symbols would then strike a chord in most viewers, and set them to wondering, which it did.

The Roswell movie used dramatic effect in the degree to which Major Marcel showed material to his family, and the cavalier attitude he took toward announcing all this to the public. He knew full well what he had come upon in that field, and the impact informing the public would have. UFO's were not unknown to those at the Roswell base, and the heavy hand suppressing chatter had already been felt. He agonized, and informed his family furtively. The rancher, Mac Brazel, also is shown as having a virtual tea party when taken into custody by the military regarding his mouth. After some blustering, supposedly, he got bought off with a truck. In fact, he was abused extensively, in the many ways that leave no marks, and finally told frankly that he and his family would be killed unless he complied. The truck was less his desire for a bribe than it was the only avenue by which he could get the word out. Why would the military need to buy him off? People appropriately wondered, and came to the correct conclusions.

Were people silenced via death during the Roswell incident? Yes, and more than the public suspects.


ZetaTalk: EBE
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Rumors surrounding the Roswell incident include stories about EBE, the Extraterrestrial Biological Entity, who survived the crash and lived to chat, in a manner of speaking, with the government. These rumors also state that the movie ET was based on this situation, as a small boy, a son of one of the government officials involved, struck up a telepathic relationship with the EBE. Any of this true? Some. EBE was returned to his group, alive, after contact was established over the next few years. Rumors that EBE died were spread so any press to see and talk to him would be eliminated.

EBE, as he was called, was one of seven aliens on board the two craft that crashed at Roswell. One craft was utterly demolished, as it was set to explode close to the ground and did so as planned. The second craft held four aliens, and crashed as planned without becoming utterly demolished. It was expected that the impact would kill all four, who expected to die, but one lived on with injuries. This was a shock to this alien, who was unprepared for the intense interest in his digestive, breathing, and medical needs. He found himself both held at arms length and closely examined by the very nervous humans who recovered him. An officer, called suddenly to the site where EBE was being housed, had his young son in tow, and left him in the car while he conferred inside. When he returned he found that his young son had much to tell him, having been in telepathic communication with EBE. Without having the two ever meet, and without confirming to the young boy that his conversational pal was real, the government subsequently had the two in close proximity and questioned the boy endlessly. To this day he cannot prove that this occurred, other than that questions were put to him.

The impact of Roswell on human culture, and on the government in particular, was that they knew for sure that aliens, intelligent beings from other worlds, existed. The legacy of EBE himself was essentially the quaint story of ET, where aliens are viewed as shy and non-threatening, more vulnerable than humans, and with charming eccentricities. That they bond well with young children is considered by most to be a de facto proof of their acceptability, in line with the adage that a person can be trusted if the dog and the kids take a shine to him. EBE was followed, however, by contacts with the government by a very different sort of alien, those in the Service-to-Self, and this set the stage for the next phase of the government's relationship with aliens.


Yellow Book


The lore on the government's knowledge of the alien presence includes a book, holographic in nature here and there among the written pages, which describe the Earth's history and most particularly her history as regards the genetic engineering of Homo Sapiens. Such a book was developed by us, in collaboration with others who had participated over the ages, and presented to your government in order to communicate more fully and quickly. Most humans are barely telepathic, and though the government provided many adequate telepaths, the lack of precision in the slight differences in their interpretations of what was said disturbed the leadership inordinately. The Yellow Book, as it has come to be called, told the same story, complete with video, to everyone who read it. The description that Bob Lazar gave is quite accurate in this regard.


Project Blue Book


During the early days of the cover-up over the alien presence, when those in charge of the cover-up presumed a naive and gullible public, project Blue Book was initiated. Since UFO sightings were in the air, the Air Force was the presumed arm of the military that would be in the know. Assigning the Naval intelligence as the primary arm of MJ12 was supposed to be a slight of hand that no one would suspect. Thus the Air Force officers assigned bustled about and issued reams of paper, all looking very official. They were given a list of probable explanations for strange lights in the sky, and dutifully ascribed something on the list to any sighting reported. When on occasion an officer working for project Blue Book got too curious, he was reassigned. Those who prated the party line and didn’t attempt any independent thought remained. Thus, as would be expected, the final report fell neatly into line with the original intent - UFO’s were all swamp gas or meteors, or the figment of the public's active imagination.



ZetaTalk: Bilderberg Group
Note: written on Nov 15, 1996

Humans have a long standing tradition - when one doesn't know what to do about an issue, form a committee. Thus it was that the Bilderberg Group formed. It is not hard to imagine the state of affairs after Roswell. The heads of state of US allies and their close confidants, chairmen of major US or international companies and their confidants, and a number of scientists from prestigious universities or institutes were aware of the alien presence but were unsure what this meant for the future of the Earth. Were the aliens friendly as stated, or deceptive? The answer, as we have explained, is both, but to humans who considered themselves leaders the answer was not at all clear, and many still do not have it sorted out today. They tend to lump all alien visitors together and thus endlessly discuss all manner of speculation on what might be unfolding.

The membership of the Bilderberg Group changes over time, but only slightly, as the original group was tasked with sorting out the issues and coming forth with recommendations, and the mission is not yet accomplished. They meet periodically, in secret, here and there around the face of the globe. They start up where they left off at the last meeting, and churn the issues and possibilities until they again become exhausted. Like most committees that cannot come up with an action plan, the only thing they accomplish is their self perpetuation.

Note: below written on June 10, 2006 on the GodlikeProduction Live ZetaTalk show.

The Bilderberg Group is meeting for 2006 in Ottowa. Per Alex Jones on Prison Planet there were 123 participants on the list for 2004. 32% were corporate, CEO or directors, 30% were political, heads of state or ministers or in parliament, 16% represent institutes, foundations, or universities with a focus on economics, 15% were financial, representing banks or investment firms, and 7% were media representatives, editors and the like. What are they up to.

We have explained in the past that the Bilderberg Group was formed originally to deal with the issue of the alien presence, its impact on the populations and economies of the world. Would the populace panic, bringing with it economic devastation? How to control this? Perhaps with a gradual education program, but certainly with media suppression when sightings and crop circles appeared. None of this is news. Once formed, this group of course discussed other matters. They had inside information garnered from MJ12 not only on the alien presence but also on the anticipated passage of Planet X. As concern about the public's reaction to the alien presence diminished, and the time of the passage loomed close, this became their primary concern and now dominates their discussions. We have mentioned that only Face to Face meetings on Planet X are occurring, among those in the know, for fear that communications fall into the public realm. Even highly encrypted communications can be deciphered, such is the concern that our words on the pending passage be confirmed. We have mentioned that Face to Face meetings between heads of state such as the recent visit by China's Hu to the White House had on the agenda territorial divisions, where the line is considered crossed, what territories each major country considers key or cares little about. 

In an economic summit such as the Bilderberg Group, the focus is naturally on economic issues. It is no secret, even to the deluded public which gets fed the an upbeat story by the well controlled media, that the world is at the point of economic collapse. This is a confidence game that requires public confidence in the system to survive. The value of stocks is often several multiples over the real value of a corporation. Certainly the value of real estate in inflated markets is several times its real worth. Gambling on the commodity markets and hedge funds assumes that things will go on as they are. Banks depend on the money they loan being returned, with interest, and when this situation becomes untenable, the banks fail, pulling everyone who invested money into the bank down the drain with the bank. Thus, the dominant economic interests of the Bilderberg Group force the discussions into this realm, how to maintain the status quo while the economic world collapses! 

Price controls, behind the scenes already in place, with selective closing of banks to prevent a run on these banks, laws to prevent banks from being looted by investors trying to pull their savings out, increased secrecy on the financial manipulation going on today behind the scenes, such as the now hidden M3 source of funding for the US Federal Reserve. Will these maneuvers work? They cannot keep factories open when there is no market for products, cannot produce crops when the weather creates crop failure, cannot create a consumer base when bankruptcies are at a all-time high. They can only chirp false employment statistics, false values for stocks and bonds and real estate, false expectations, and hope any members of the public with a dime in their pockets buy the line and go spend that dime. Meanwhile, the public will increasingly move to the barter system, whether this is represented as a money exchange or merely an exchange of goods. It will not be to hold money, but to in essence exchange goods, quickly, using money as the medium briefly. When confidence in the financial system falls further, it will become a frank barter system for goods, no money as a medium of exchange. The Bilderberg Group, their heads in the clouds, will continue to operate as though they are controlling economics, even as they become irrelevant.




ZetaTalk: MJ12 
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995. See MJ12 Demise in this Goverment section for most recent status.

Prior to Roswell, the vote of Earth regarding its future orientation was due, which is why the Service-to-Self engaged MJ12. They were attempting to bypass the rules, by making quick contact, an engagement, that could then continue after the Earth vote. The incident was one that should have resulted in subconscious contact only. But as incidents involving the Chupacabras have reported, many humans see aliens minding these beasts, and recall this in their conscious. This is because Service-to-Self aliens cannot multi-phase well, and get distracted during contacts, so they let go of the control over humans that results in recording only in the subconscious. Thus, farmers remember seeing aliens chasing their Chupacabras, and the early military recalled seeing the Service-to-Self that were sent to influence them. 

Since this breach had been made, the Service-to-Self took advantage of it to press forward, more being recorded in the conscious. As though, since the milk had been spilled, why sop it up! Thus, the Council of Worlds allowed the Service-to-Other to likewise make conscious contact during Roswell. It was deemed a fair exchange, and as the military intel was not about to influence the rest of the world, being secretive as they were, this was considered to be a delimited contact. Regarding MJ12, we, the Service-to-Others Zetas, can answer only in a limited manner. We are restrained because of a formal agreement with MJ12 as to revelation. Where the specifics of our agreement cannot be revealed, revelation of the fact of our agreement was never in the formal agreement. We can address the reasons for our, and other alien groups, contacting the United States government without addressing the format or structure of MJ12. The specifics of this structure is not a matter we are free to discuss. Suffice it to say that such a structure exists. As to the name, or nature, or reporting arrangement, or longevity of what such a structure is, we in general cannot say.

This is an animal in motion, which changes form. This is also an animal which is facing in different directions, depending on the moment one looks at it. This animal is undecided, being composed of many voices. This animal is basically, at its core, good at heart but unsure. Where this animal has many moods, and many facets, we, the Zetas, attempt to speak to all its moods and facets. The end result is still open. The jury is still out. We wish to reassure the populace, in that from our vantage point we have not found a close match between the Service-to-Self aliens and any government agencies or employees, not even the CIA. The CIA in the main is not in sympathy with the Service-to-Self, the origin of AIDS and other campaigns notwithstanding.


ZetaTalk: Agreements
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

In discussing our agreements with the United States governments, we are restrained by these very agreements, which include a promise not to divulge almost everything. However, we are literal, and we feel free to use our discretion in discussing points not specifically covered in this agreement. In addition, lately your government has lifted many restraints on us, freeing us from our prior agreement on certain points, in step with the current mood in Washington, which is to declassify much and leak more, thus speeding the Awakening.

We, the Service-to-Other Zetas, have a formal agreement with the United States government. The agreement is verbal, but we honor it impeccably as to do otherwise would build distrust. It is in everyone's interest for trust to exist between ourselves and your government, as this deflects their need and desire to get in bed with the Service-to-Self crowd, which they were doing in the past. Our agreement is under constant change, based on regular weekly meetings which occur each Wednesday morning. The location or attendees are not something we can divulge. The scope of our joint activities also is under constant change.

There are some items we can quickly mention which are not in the scope. Disinformation has been spread to the extent that we, the Zetas, are conducting cattle mutilations because we need the enzymes to live. This is totally false, as we manufacture what we need. Nor do we have an agreement by which the government stays silent about our presence while we abduct and run experiments on humans. We do not need your government's agreement to answer The Call, nor would a widespread awareness of our presence affect us one way or the other. The hybrid program would continue regardless of anything your government would do.

Activities that are in the scope of our present agreement are a travel service, whereby we transport those members of your government to and from meetings on the alien presence, and for any other activities that MJ12 deems important. In this support, we do not interject our opinions on the use of this travel service. This offer, which we have steadfastly maintained for some decades now, was made so that your government would have analternative to their association with the Service-to-Self crowd. Our foresight in the matter has paid off, as your government has recently begun to sever all ties to this alien orientation, and the pace is picking up. This was our fervent hope, and we are elated at this outcome. Another activity we are jointly involved in is an education program, whereby we introduce key members of your government to beings from other worlds, their cultures, and their philosophies. We also introduce them to some citizens who carry Zetan genetics, whom we consider to have joint citizenship because of this, by birthright. We have learned that your government in the main just wants to know, and not be the last to know.

A most important activity that has recently begun is in the area of advancements in science and industry that will benefit all mankind. As we have explained, we do not give technological assistance to those giving The Call unless we are assured by the circumstances that the technology will not be misused. Due to recent trends, our confidence in this area has increased, and we are in partnership with your government on many projects whichdo not involve weapons and which can not be stifled due to establishment interests. We cannot give you all the details on this at the present time, as the familiar saying that a watched pot won't boil is so very true in this circumstance. What is developing threatens so many interests that the last thing these projects need is publicity. You would never guess where this work is progressing, nor by whom. It is too improbable, and that is by design on our part.


ZetaTalk: MJ12 Agenda
Note: written on Oct 15, 2000

The general public, to the extent they are aware of the existence of MJ12 and it’s purported purpose of controlling interaction with extraterrestrials, are unclear on additional goals. They hear stories about MJ12’s regular meetings with aliens, desire on the part of the US Military to secure alien technology, membership in MJ12 by select and invited individuals, and suppression of news on all this by harsh means. Are these the goals of MJ12 - containment, self promotion, and suppression? Hardly. Where the scope of activities in the early days of MJ12 were certainly dominated by and intense desire to determine what the alien agenda was, and to come out on top in any arrangements, MJ12 soon found itself holding a tightly capped bottle that was about to explode. Not only were aliens contacting the citizenry of the world on a regular and increasing basis, the evidence presented by ourselves, the Service-to-Other Zetas, on the approach of the 12th Planet for it’s periodic passage was bearing true, and this translated to an almost mind boggling responsibility toward the general populace.

Where the self-serving goals of Alternatives 1, 2, and 3 are well known among students of UFOlogy, the goals of those member of MJ12 who were altruistic are not well known. Where MJ12 was heavily influenced in it’s early days by the CIA, which indeed ran drugs and laundered money on the excuse that MJ12 as a secret organization needed outside funding, the arm of MJ12 that has strengthened and become dominant of late had a different focus.

  • Clearly, the early goals of MJ12 to suppress knowledge of the alien presence could not be perpetuated, was an untenable situation, and could only end in humiliation for MJ12. This has thus migrated to be a series of controlled leaks, semi-truths and even frank admissions, with contactees and those reporting sightings no longer punished. ZetaTalk, as we have mentioned, is viewed as an excellent means of bridging the gap of ignorance of the alien agenda, as Nancy is generally accessible and widely known and accepted in her role.
  • Likewise, where some members from the early days of MJ12, seeking to get rich and hold the reigns of power where they could never be discovered or taken to account, resulted in mischief and even crime, this was steadfastly rooted out and the perpetrators called to account. Now MJ12 functions as the secret organization it was intended to be, sparsely funded and the poverty child of the government, truly. In that MJ12 utilizes the many arms of the government to implement their programs, and in that government employees in the main staff MJ12, there is no need for independent funding.
  • Seeing that the pole shift was rapidly approaching, and was framing out to be the horror we had described during our initial encounters shortly after Roswell, MJ12 first set out to inform the public via the media with movies having a cataclysmic overtone. Tidal waves, asteroids and missiles of death raining down upon cities from space, dust in the air putting the Earth in a death-grip of doom - all these were designed to set the populace to thinking about such matters, but always with the theme that their government would and could save them. If the public was not informed at the start, in these film scenarios, this was because panic was to be avoided, the best interests of the public in mind, or so the story went. MJ12’s initial approach to the problem of breaking the news to the public has also migrated over time, to a different set of projects.


ZetaTalk: MJ12 Projects
Note: written on Oct 15, 2000

What projects does MJ12 now have on its roster, and how does ZetaTalk or Troubled Times fit into that list?

  • Facilitating the Awakening is a goal that has a dual agenda. It both gets past the issue of the alien presence, by making it clear that aliens are and have been visiting Earth for some time with no harm done to humans, and holds the potential of helping survivors in the Aftertime. It is clear to MJ12 that they or any government arm can do little to alieviate suffering during or after the pole shift. The devastation will be immense, and any actions they take before or after the shift virtually useless. Even should they move all citizens to safety, starvation and in-fighting would soon follow. So opening the door to extraterrestrial help, fact-to-fact conscious contact, perhaps, is something that an expedited Awakening might provide. To the extent that this project does not run amock of the power-hungry agendas of humans on Earth, who view the Earth as their domain and their’s only, this is facilitated by MJ12.
  • Running interference, preventing disruption of activites they deem positive, is a strong MJ12 program, as it is one with which they feel comfortable and have a long and successful track record. MJ12 is peopled, primarily, with government employees, primarily military, in the intelligence business. Intelligence gathering requires careful planning and many alternative plans to cover every concievable contingency. Intelligence gathering forays are defended, by nature, as they go into enemy territory under hostile and dangerous conditions. Thus, defense, in secret, is the very nature of intelligence gathering as much as snooping. MJ12 runs interference by taking out, or discouraging, anything they consider a block or a danger to a program they are supporting.
  • Promoting, to the degree they can influence the media or private wealth, programs they view to be helping with the Awakening or providing some self-help advice to the general populace as a solution to the devastation soon to be upon them because of the rapidly approaching cataclysms. In that being an arm’s length away is an understatement, this is easier said than done. MJ12 must be several arm’s lengths away, by decree and by their mission statement, and not discovered. Thus a great deal of effort goes into putting distance between their agents and an action the public becomes aware of. It’s not as simple as pushing a button.

How do ZetaTalk and Troubled Times fit into the above MJ12 programs? ZetaTalk is viewed as a solid ajunct to the Awakening, and promoted discretely, though it needs little promotion. ZetaTalk astonished MJ12 by its popularity and almost instant international appeal. Promotion of ZetaTalk is thus done primarily by running interference, and to some slight degree by arranging media exposure. Troubled Times has likewise surprised MJ12 by its success. Most losely bound organizations are not much more than squabbling sessions, especially those with a broad membership crossing borders and backgrounds and cultures, including all ages and religions and classes, such as Troubled Times has become. Its success is atributed to the ZetaTalk message, which is considered so compelling that the Troubled Times members put aside differences to work toward what is jointly viewed as important goals. Troubled Times is assisted, behind the scenes, lightly, as a heavy hand from any government source is feared as a death touch, should the public come to view Troubled Times as a government arm. Like ZetaTalk, it receives light assist and occasional defense.


ZetaTalk: Zeta/MJ12 Goals
Note: written on Oct 15, 2000

How do we, the Service-to-Other Zetas, fit into the MJ12 programs, and where do we clash or meld? We have agreements with MJ12 that are well spelled out so there is no wiggle room, but these almost entirely state what we are not to do, such as touch or influence MJ12 operatives who are to be deemed as utterly independent from our influence. We are also not to reveal the content of our agreements, unless given leave to do so by MJ12. Our travel service agreement, whereby we allow MJ12 operatives to use our space ships and provide a cloak for their activities, is also bound by rules whereby we do not interfere with any activities, which are under the control, solely, of the MJ12 operatives using the service. However, we have our own programs, and at times these mesh well with MJ12’s goals, and we collaborate.

  • Where the hybrid program is our’s alone, we allow MJ12 on occasion to interact with hybrids and if the contactee is willing, with the human donors of genetic material that produced the hybrids. We have found that this meshes with the MJ12 goal of furthering the Awakening, as it is a preview of what humans can expect, and is a reassurance in this regard. Do MJ12 members play with hybrid children, and work side-by-side with hybrid adults? Absolutely, and frequently.
  • The Awakening, whereby the public becomes increasingly aware of the alien presence, and comfortable with this, is most definitely a joint program. This likewise is out of the hands of MJ12, as the Awakening would take place with or without them and they do not influence its course, but in that MJ12 wishes to facilitate the Awakening, we at times alert them to an important occurrence, so they can arrange media support of the announcement. This is something we cannot detail, as MJ12’s involvement in this is very covert, and is to remain that for the benefit of the Awakening process. We can, nor will, say any more about this subject.
  • Developing what Nancy calls “solution sets”, clear-cut and simple steps a surviving family can take to maintain health and safety, as well as comfort and a sense of well-being. This has become a dominant theme of Troubled Times, and a predominant mission of the nonprofit arm of Troubled Times. MJ12 has long grieved over their impotence to help humanity though the coming times, and had resigned themselves to alerting the populace to the extent this could be done without inducing widespread and heated panic. The simple solutions put forth by Troubled Times have surprised and delighted them, but there are no crash programs that the government could initiate that would greatly add to the list already known and published. Thus, this is a joint program in the heart, only, at this time.
  • Pollution abatement, in particular nuclear polution or its potential during the coming pole shift, is a very active joint project. We have provided MJ12 with a means of eliminating radiation by chemical means, as surprising as that may sound. The slow breaking down of nuclear poisons by half life can be expedited as this is simply an arrangement in the atoms, which as any student of chemistry knows can be bound or altered by a neighboring atom. This is a joint program we can only lightly discuss, and can say no more than we have at present.


ZetaTalk: Suicide
Note: written on Jan 15, 2001

After the Supreme Court maneuver, when Bush was destined to become President, we warned that there would be a Social Security scam, swinging money to Wall Street to bolster Wall Street so it would not crash as soon as it surely will, and to watch for the new administration to be heavily loyal to industrial interests and special interests of the wealthy, and to expect that enclaves of the wealthy would be protected by the military and the average man would be cut loose to his own resources. We also mentioned that our association with MJ12 was not necessarily going to continue, because it was an agreement made with the US Government, and arm of which became the Secret Government. A US Government cannot just call itself a US Government, it must in fact act like a US Government for our agreement to continue. Our agreement is null and void if the US Government serves only the special few and not the people it is sworn to serve, if it is no longer a democracy because martial law has been imposed, and for many other similar reasons.

Because, over the years, Presidents have tried to prevent the incoming President from knowing about and using MJ12, it has increasingly been cut away from the White House and became an independent arm. MJ12 has been populated by various civil servants, in the intel organizations to some extent, and some individuals who have never had any government service but who were pulled into MJ12 service due to their expertise or their position to help on a particular issue. All of the approximately 2,000 people who entered MJ12 and became members agreed, and signed an agreement, to allow MJ12 to assassinate them should they begin leaking information or financially gaining from information they learned from their MJ12 association. So it wasn’t a large group, and the governing board of 40 was certainly not a large group, but the governing board in particular was very independent. The President could not pull their strings. The Vice President was a member, but not a member of the governing board.

Because of the distress the governing boards of MJ12 felt over what they were certain were plans to misuse the Zeta travel service, they disbanded themselves. This happened in December, after the election, and they allowed a two week closedown. During that period there was a reforming of a new group composed of MJ12 members who had no association with the government in their past or present, because this was deemed to be a loyalty problem where they could be pulled in more than one direction.


ZetaTalk: New MJ12
Note: written on Jan 15, 2001

The members of MJ12 who formed the new group have in almost all cases physically disappeared so that you could not find them in the phone book or locate them. The government cannot hack at them. They don’t have relatives or children so they cannot be harmed in that way. They are free agents. The new MJ12 group has determined an agenda and course of action.

To prevent disinformation and misinformation from ruling.
Not that it cannot be spread, but it cannot prevail as the only message the people receive. They want the public to receive the truth. They will arrange to have cover-ups exploded and leaks to occur and countering information to come up from unusual sources.
To maintain the democratic ideal.
They do not want to see democracy completely bite the dust and martial law imposed so that people become literally serfs of the wealthy or powerful at gunpoint of the military. This new group is not restricted in the same way the old group of MJ12 was, in that the old MJ12 had rules. There was a need-to-know basis between the various intel organizations and arms they utilized, the CIA and FBI. In many cases these agencies had no idea they were doing an MJ12 service. So MJ12 had full access to the government bureaucracy and agents, but they had many rules, such as not assassinating somebody who was in the public eye. Therefore, someone in the public eye could get away with maneuvers and thumb their nose, so to speak, at MJ12, knowing they were a public figure and therefore could not be taken out. This group does not have such restrictions.
To retaliate against the initiator, not the agents.
They are carrying forward an earlier MJ12 routine, which was to attack the instigator of an action, rather than any agent. In other words, if a high level executive of a corporation desired to have something blown up or someone killed, when this was against MJ12’s rules, they would punish the person setting off the bomb or person carrying the gun. These people would be stopped, but the person to be retaliated against would be the person setting this in motion, in this case the executive, who would be tortured in front of his compatriots or killed. This stopped a lot of nonsense in that those who would create chaos tend to live in fear of having this come right back at them in their front door, like a type of karma. So this new group is continuing this and going right to the top to the person who has perpetrated the crime, rather than to punish the agents and it is remarkable how effective this is.

This new group is very effective and has been functioning for some weeks at the time of this writing. The group has no name. You can call it the new MJ12 if you wish, and if and when they decide on a name they will announce themselves through ZetaTalk. In such a group as ours, a close-knit group, working effectively together, where there are human telepaths who communicate with us as Nancy does, pretty effectively, names are not necessary.


Omnipotent Highness Krill


Prior to July, 1995 ZetaTalk confirmed Bill Cooper's story about the Omnipotent Krlll was essentially correct. 

From: The Secret Government:The Origin, Identity, and Purpose of MJ-12
By Milton William Cooper, May 23, 1989

Later in 1954, the race of large nosed Gray Aliens which had been orbiting the Earth landed at Holloman Air Force Base. A basic agreement was reached with them. This race identified themselves as originating from a planet around a red star in the Constellation of Orion which we call Betelgeuse. They state that their planet was dying and that at some unknown future time they would no longer be able to survive there. This led to a second landing at Edwards Air Force Base. The historical event had been planned in advance and details of the treaty had been agreed upon. Eisenhower arranged to be in Palm Springs on vacation. On the appointed day the President spirited away to the airbase and the excuse was given to the press that he was visiting a dentist.

President Eisenhower met with the aliens and a formal treaty was signed between the U.S.A and the Alien Nation. We then received our first Alien Ambassador from outer space whose name and title were "His Omnipotent Highness Krill", (pronounce "Krill"). In the American tradition of disdain for royal titles, he was secretly called the "Original Hostage Krill". You should also know that the alien's flag is known at the "Trilateral Insignia". It is displayed on their craft and worn on their uniforms. Both of these landings and second meeting were filmed which exist today in some vault.

The Treaty stated: the aliens would not interfere in our affairs and we would not interfere in theirs. We would keep their presence on earth a secret. They could furnish us with advanced technology and would help us in our technological development. They would not make any treaty with any other earth nation. They could abduct humans on a limited and periodic basis for purpose of medical examination and monitoring of our development with the stipulation that humans would not be harmed, would be returned to their point of abduction, that the humans would have no memory of the event, and that the alien nation would furnish MJ-12 with a list of all human contacts and abductees on a regularly scheduled basis. It was agreed that each nation would receive the Ambassador of the other for as long as the treaty remained in force. It was further agreed that the alien nation and the United States would exchange 16 personnel with each other for the purpose of learning more about one another.

The Alien "Guests" would remain on Earth and the human "Guests" would travel to the Alien's point of origin for a specified period of time and then return exchanging personnel to their home planet. It was also agreed that bases would be constructed underground for the use of the Alien nation. And 2 bases would be constructed for the joint use of the Alien nation and the United States Government. Exchange of technology would take place in the jointly occupied bases. These alien bases would be constructed under Indian reservations in the four corners area of Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado. Another one would be constructed in Nevada within the area known as S-4 located approximately seven miles south of the western border of Area 51 known as Dreamland. All alien bases are under complete control of the Naval Department and all personnel who work in these complexes received their paychecks from the Navy. Construction of the bases began immediately but progress was slow until larger amounts of money were made available in 1957. Work continued on the "Yellow Book" compiling historical and sociological data about the alien culture.

Trilateral Commission (Trilateral Insignia)


ZetaTalk: Trilateral Commission
Note: written on Nov 15, 1996

Governments worldwide are run primarily as dictatorships and secondarily by committee. Even democracies that have emerged in human society are run primarily by dictatorship, each executive or appointed head running the area under his or her control like a petty dictator. Where the rules are such that the petty dictators can't simply bark orders and get on with the business of the day, committees are formed to come forth with recommendations, which almost invariably mirror what the petty dictators desired to be told. On the issue of the alien presence, where several countries that were and have remained US allies at the time of Roswell were present when MJ12 was formed, there was no clear dictator to be put in charge. Just as with judges, where the courts find they must have one or three, but never two judges determining the outcome, just so the Trilateral Commission was formed.

This committee was commissioned to hear out the concerns of the member states and come to some conclusion about what steps, if any, to take. MJ12 is a US government agency, where the Trilateral Commission is an international advisory committee. In truth, it holds little power and comes to few, if any, conclusions. The issue of the alien presence is fraught with so many unknowns that the usual conclusion is to do nothing, as that seems the safest step. Nothing is being done and life goes on as before, so continue to do nothing - that is the conclusion. Doing nothing, or holding the status quo, is often interpreted to mean suppressing talk of the alien presence, so action of sorts is in fact inferred as a result of the conclusions reached by the Trilateral Commission.

Like most governing committees, the Trilateral Commission does not lead, but rather reacts. As the alien presence can no longer be denied, due to the increased sightings of late, we expect the conclusions reached by the Trilateral Commission to result in doing nothing less energetically, with less vigorous suppression of talk about the alien presence lest the commission as a secret committee be discovered by their actions, which would stand out against the back drop of enthusiastic chatter too glaringly. As you say of government, if you want nothing done, send it to committee.

1954 Greada Treaty

Officials agreed that for extraterrestrial technology, the Grays could test their implanting techniques on select citizens. However, the extraterrestrials had to inform the government just who had been abducted and subject to implants. Slowly over time, the aliens altered the bargain, abducting and implanting thousands of people without reporting back to the government.



Alternative 1, 2 & 3


ZetaTalk: Alternative 3
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Alternatives 1, 2, and 3 have been much bandied about, as solutions given to humans on how to approach the coming Earth changes. Some stories have it that humans derived the three scenarios themselves, but the stories coming from sources closer to the heart of the matter point to alien suggestions on these alternatives. This is correct. Why would humans decide to locate on other planets to escape pollution or nuclear fallout, when the have neither the means to travel to other planets, the capability of sustaining themselves there, or a pollution situation dire enough to be frantic about escaping from? It is, therefore, obvious that these suggestions were given to humans by aliens, aliens in the Service-to-Self orientation we might add. The alien agenda was falsely presented to the humans involved as being a concern for their survival. As the high level government contacts were strongly in the Service-to-Self orientation, they saw all this as their escape, their alternatives, and were not at any time thinking about humanity in general. What the aliens truly sought was to subvert these humans to sink more and more deeply into the Service-to-Self orientation. To some degree, and with some humans, they succeeded.

Alternative 3 is suspected as having been implemented, as Alternatives 1 and 2 have been. The United States government went underground, at Mount Weather and numerous other spots, as has been documented to the satisfaction of even the skeptical reader. This fact is not even being denied by the government any more. Portions of the government, and we are here speaking of rogue CIA officers, set out to trim and prune the Earth's humanity to their liking. Thus we have the AIDs and Ebola viruses, as well as various wars and conflicts which the CIA always seems to be at the center of. Likewise, Alternative 3 was implemented, but as the populace can't get up to the surface of other planets, this cannot be demonstrated to the satisfaction of skeptics. Of course, there are clues such as the tight controls placed over transmissions from probes, and the odd malfunction of the Mars probe just as it was about to hit pay dirt.

As the populace cannot get at the facts, and as we are not currently restrained by any agreement with the government on this matter, and as there are not currently any Service-to-Self aliens involved on this issue whereby we would be restrained by the Rules of Engagement - we will tell you about Alternative 3. As with the other Alternatives, the particulars of this alternative were something the Service-to-Self aliens contacting the government were familiar with. They are currently parked on the surface of planets in your Solar System - Mars, the Moon, and a dead planet in orbit opposite your Earth, which you never see as the Sun blocks your view. They sent representatives of the US and other governments up to these places, to demonstrate that such a living arrangement was hospitable. Matters soon went amuck, however.

Soon the human guests became stressed in the heavy Service-to-Self environment. Most of the guests were simply 3rd Density spirits, weighing and balancing and trying on for size the two choices in spiritual orientation - Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other. Here, far from home, they found themselves watching, continuously, on a daily basis and with no respite, the harsh reality of life in the Service-to-Self community. Stress diseases cropped up among the humans, ulcers and heart palpitations and arthritic pains. They became distracted in their work, stricken with headaches and vague feelings of weakness. Their human commanders, paranoid about living away from the Earth to begin with, attributed all this to planetary factors such as gravity, air pressure, air composition, or perhaps strange rays that were not measurable on their instruments.

The plan was abandoned, and the humans who participated were exterminated. Their bodies were not returned to Earth, nor should one look for this to happen. One should recall that the members of the various governments who were participating were strongly in the Service-to-Self orientation themselves, and had no hesitation on eliminating their human volunteers, whom they had so warmly congratulated just weeks before. Those in the Service-to-Self orientation are not noted for being truthful.

The Moon was one of the planets occupied by humans as a result of the implementation of Alternative 3. As the Moon is so close to the Earth, so reachable, the alien installations on the Moon have been a source of endless fascination by amateur astronomers with telescopes and vivid imaginations. Can humans see these installations? They cannot, as they are on what is termed the dark side of the Moon which never faces the Earth. However, the astronauts landing on the Moon correctly noticed traces of activity, a surprise to them, and made comments which were instantly broadcast to the rapt audience participating in this historic landing worldwide, the general populace. The astronauts were silenced in the usual manner, and all forthcoming broadcasts have not been live. Do humans reside in the installations on the Moon? No. These were abandoned when Alternative 3 was abandoned.

Ambassadors from the Service-to-Self orientation reside in 3rd Density on the Moon when they are not out and about on the surface of the Earth, responding to The Call as given by various humans. Ourselves, the Zetas, live in 3rd Density directly on the surface of the Earth, as has been explained, and do not reside in 3rd Density on Mars or the Moon or any other planet in your Solar System that you are currently aware of, including the Earth's dead twin orbiting opposite the Earth. We were not involved in the Alternative 3 installations, as we are the Service-to-Other Zetas. The two groups do not mix.



ZetaTalk: Marilyn Monroe
Note: written on Nov 15, 1996

Marilyn Monroe's death is attributed to her awareness of the alien presence, and specifically to her knowledge of this that President Kennedy relayed to her. It is rumored that the CIA had her killed because of her mouth. This rumor is true. Drug overdose is a painless and quiet way to go, and in one given to relying on the temporary comfort that sedatives can bring, raises little suspicion.


President JFK Assasination


ZetaTalk: President Kennedy
Note: written on Nov 15, 1996

President John F. Kennedy was killed under orders of MJ12 as he was threatening to tell the American public the truth about Roswell. JFK was of the opinion that the public would accept the fact of the alien presence without undue panic, but in those days MJ12 was still affronted with the personalities and actions of the Service-to-Self aliens that the CIA, as an arm of MJ12, continually made alliances with. JFK believed in the strength of the human spirit, in its ability to sort things out, and in any case felt the public had the right to know what they were facing. The CIA wanted the knowledge they hoped to get from the Service-to-Self aliens who were playing them along, and they wanted this knowledge for themselves and themselves only. Thus, they used their influence with MJ12, which in those days was considerable, to press for JFK's assassination, which they were allowed to implement when the order was finally given.

MJ12 has recently released us from our agreement to remain silent on the Kennedy assassination. This agreement to remain silent covered certain matters involving the Secret Government and the alien presence. Should humans be incensed by this, that we knew something they desired to know but would not share the information, they should contemplate what life might be like without our having an agreement with the government. In this situation, only the Service-to-Self aliens would be communicating, having as you say the inside track. Such was the situation when we first encountered your government, which had been vastly misinformed and was engaged in all manner of harmful practices under the influence of the Service-to-Self crowd. This has now turned around, but we are honorable in our agreements, and a promise made was to be a promise kept.

The JFK incident is one which hardened and increased the determination to keep elected officials in the dark as much as possible about the existence and activities of MJ12. Given that the US is a democracy and could potentially elect a dark horse written in on the ballot, such stringent rules about non-disclosure kept elected officials from the danger of being killed. Prior to JFK, presidents and other elected officials were already being kept in the dark, a decision made by an exiting president who did not want a rival political party granted such knowledge. JFK learned what he did due to leaks, shared this with a girl friend long known to be so reliant on sedatives that she could be expected to murmur forth this information with the next man who shared her pillow, and argued incessantly with MJ12 representatives who came to visit him under other pretenses.


It all happened. Almost everyone knows about it but few know the whole story. It is referred to as the Kennedy Assassination. It would have remained a mystery if it weren't for the work of Bill Cooper. Mr. Cooper worked for the military and had Top Secret MAJC security clearance (higher than Top Secret). He felt this was information people needed to know. It felt he was risking his life by talking about it. Today, he lectures on the subject of JFK and the government's involvement with alien intelligence. 
So why did they have to kill Kennedy? To come on television one night and say, "Good evening, this is your President. I'm here tonight to tell you that we are not alone in the universe. Aliens form outer space are among us. Goodnight and God bless America" would have caused mass hysteria and collapse of social institutions. This was not in the best interest of the public, according to MJ-12. An equivalent bombshell would be telling a child, "Santa is dead, the immaculate conception was actually performed by aliens, and don't put money on the Easter Bunny being real, either."

The key of this video shows that it was the driver William Greer (an agent of the secret service) who shot JFK from the front in the head on the right hand side.

(the video is not available at this time, due to copyright issues)

This video proves that the first gun shot missed JFK.  The second shot hit JRK in the neck.  Then the governor Connally got shot.  Finally FRK was shot in the front on the right hand side of his forehead with a large exit wound on the lower back of his head on the right hand side.

There were definitely more than one assassin.

(The video is not available at this time, due to copyright issues)


Here is what the President would have said:

My fellow Americans, people of the world, today we set forth on a journey into a new era. One age, the childhood of mankind, is ending and another age is about to begin.

The journey of which I speak is full of unknowable challenges, but I believe that all our yesterdays, all the struggles of the past, have uniquely prepared our generation to prevail.

Citizens of this Earth, we are not alone. God, in His infinite wisdom, has seen fit to populate His universe with other beings -- intelligent creatures such as ourselves. How can I state this with such authority? In the year 1947 our military forces recovered from the dry New Mexico desert the remains of an aircraft of unknown origin. Science soon determined that this vehicle came from the far reaches of outer space. Since that time our government has made contact with the creators of that spacecraft.

Though this news may sound fantastic -- and indeed, terrifying -- I ask that you not greet it with undue fear or pessimism. I assure you, as your President, that these beings mean us no harm.

Rather, they promise to help our nation overcome the common enemies of all mankind -- tyranny, poverty, disease, war. We have determined that they are not foes, but friends. Together with them we can create a better world. I cannot tell you that there will be no stumbling or missteps on the road ahead.

But I believe that we have found the true destiny of the people of this great land: To lead the world into a glorious future. In the coming days, weeks and months, you will learn more about these visitors, why they are here and why our leaders have kept their presence a secret from you for so long.

I ask you to look to the future not with timidity but with courage. Because we can achieve in our time the ancient vision of peace on Earth and prosperity for all humankind.

God bless you.



ZetaTalk: Moon Landing
Note: written on May 15, 2002

A hot topic on the Internet and among conspiracy buffs is whether man ever indeed landed on the Moon, or all the evidence provided to mankind is faked. As evidence of a fake is apparent wind blowing a flag, dust raised by landing feet blowing about as though air were present to move it, shadows inappropriate for the Moon, and other evidence of atmosphere or staging. Did man go to the Moon? Absolutely. Were dramatizations done in film theaters? Absolutely. both occurred, and here's why. 

As is often reported, the early Moon landings involved startled astronauts making statements on live feed about "we were not the first" and the like. Likewise, live video feed showed trash on the Moon giving evidence that activity had occurred in the past, and perhaps the recent past. Evidence of awareness of the alien presence, or other information not given to the general public, can often be discerned from what is not said as much as what is said. Why the 3 month delay in reporting, by different media organizations, if approval to report was not a part of the process? Likewise, the astronauts were on a need-to-know basis, as they were expected to be mobbed if they succeeded and went on the lecture tour, often interviewed and the like, and slips were to be avoided by telling them as little as possible. Thus, they were genuinely startled by what they found on the Moon, and their handlers in Houston were unaware of the degree of evidence they would in fact find on the Moon. Oops! What to do? Lets just film some new footage, and release that, instead.

NASA was aware that there were alien enclaves on the dark side of the Moon, but unaware of the trash on the visible side. During early genetic engineering projects, the engineers often used the Moon as a lab, fearing and wishing to avoid the large carnivores on Earth. During these genetic engineering episodes, they would scarcely be hiding on the dark side of the Moon! Why hide? The aliens talking to NASA going into the Apollo missions were Service-to-Self, part of Alternative 2, to set up camps off Earth as a survival means during the coming pole shift. They were on the dark side as Service-to-Self aliens do not do density shifting well, ala the movie The Fly, and their masters do not allow their minions to shift during missions, for this reason. Thus, they are in 3rd Density, highly visible from Earth should they not be on the dark side of the Moon. NASA expected this, but discussion on past genetic engineering projects, which were not done by the Service-to-Self, never came up!

The astronauts were read the riot act when they returned, having blabbered their first impressions on the Moon. It has been obvious to those looking at the pattern that prior to this live feeds were the norm, and afterdelayed and only partial release of video and audio was allowed. When a heavy job of intimidation is done, with death threats and worse than death threats, it takes a lot to release this. Beat a dog each hour, viciously, for months, and then try to tell it that was all in the past. The dog has lost trust, cowers, growls, avoids, and will likely never trust humans again most certainly if not in the same company. NASA has not changed hands, is still the same agency, infiltrated by CIA, and thus the astronauts, as their beaten dogs, are loath to trust.

Note: Below added during Nov 16, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

NASA of late has been dealing with its many failures, its inability to get a space station operational in time to stage escape to Mars, and the months upon months of delays getting any shuttles up at all. Wanting to be a player, perhaps be viewed as important by the elite with money and bunkers and guns, they hope to be influential in the public eye. They have for years denied the public direct Hubble images, been caught endlessly air brushing out UFO's, and are suspected all around the world of a conspiracy regarding the Moon landing itself. Well of course they went to the Moon, and landed, but they also filmed footage on Earth to fill in, as they could not trust their own men to avoid blurting out the truth. Now, covered with the lint of decades of lies and deception, and the increasing pool of specific information on just when and how they have lied, they come forth declaring themselves clean. Why did they announced new information regarding the Moon Landing, and then withdraw? There was a final rehearsal, and all the many glitches that would only inflame the conspiracy theorists were discovered. This pig is too dirty to ever clean up, and the less they say, the better, was the decision.

Apollo Moon Conversations and Pictures Show NASA Cover-up

1972 to 1974

Watergate Scandal / President Nixon Resignation and it's connection to JFK assassination


Confrontation at the Dulce underground lab between human & Aliens

please refer to PHILIP SCHNEIDER

1988 / 1989


ZetaTalk: Bob Lazar
Note: written on May 15, 1997

Like Bill Cooper, Bob Lazar is truthfully telling his experiences, and like Bill Cooper he has been attacked and knows he is at risk and could lose his life. Both these men walk a fine line and are playing a dangerous game. Where others are talking about their passing exposure to documents or peripheral details about possible crashed ships, the information Bill Cooper and Bob Lazar are providing is neither hearsay or rumor, but first-hand eye witness accounts of their activities when in direct contact with MJ12. They are both breaking a security oath in this, beyond the point where those wanting to control the outflow of information about secret government activities allow.

The line must be drawn somewhere, and they both stepped over this line. They are, in fact, both only alive because they went public, and noisily so, before they could be killed. Bob Lazar has been embroiled in scandals designed to discredit him, and has allowed this to occur as the alternative stands behind this discrediting campaign, snarling and hissing at him. As with Bill Cooper’s cooperation with rumors about his mental health, Bob Lazar has learned to live with a smear campaign as the lesser of two evils. He would rather live, discredited, than meet with an accident.

Bob Lazar truthfully relates his experiences while hired as a contractor to assist military engineers and physicists attempting to reverse engineer space ships loaned to MJ12 by aliens in the Service-to-Self. His insights into the bumbling nature of a military operation purporting to be scientific are not fantasy, nor would they surprise anyone in the private sphere exposed to how the military works. Discipline and a long history of cooperation with superiors comes before competence. However, even if the most competent scientists were to be assigned to back engineer these ships, they would not succeed, as the secret of how they work is locked where they cannot peek! The power source on these ships is truly a Pandora’s box, which disintegrates when opened, taking all in the near vicinity with it.

True to the need-to-know basis under which Bob Lazar worked, he learned little of the information already gathered by the military. He filled in the blanks with his own hypothesis, but did not arrive at the correct conclusions. Even with the information withheld from him, he or other human scientists would not arrive at the correct conclusions. The reach is too long, not only because the human brain has a relatively limited IQ, but because the hypothesis human scientists cling to out of loyalty are incorrect. They start out handicapped, and in order to progress in human society, they stick with the handicap in preference to independent thought. Thus, they are running down the wrong roads, furiously. This was well known by the aliens who provided the ships for back engineering, and were the situation to be otherwise they would not have been allowed to provide the ships.

(The video is not available at this time, due to copyright issues)


ZetaTalk: Lazar's Sport Craft
Note: written on Aug 15, 1996

Many humans interested in Bob Lazar's true reports have seen his sketch of an alien ship, the inner workings diagrammed and the method of operation laid out to the best of his ability. Is this a real space ship, and are his speculations on its operations correct? Yes and no, as where he saw a real ship, his understanding of how levitation and rapid travel occur was not close to the facts. All scientists in the employ of MJ12 are to this day still scratching their heads, as the details were never explained to them and being unable to dissect the mechanism without an explosion occurring, they can only speculate.


Phil Schneider


The Mysterious Life and Death of Philip Schneider
By Tim Swartz with assistance from Cynthia Drayer

Al Pratt suspected something was wrong with his friend Philip Schneider. For several days in a row, Al had gone to Phil's apartment, in Willsonville, Oregon, saw his car in the parking lot, but received no answer at the door. Finally, on January 17th, 1996, Al Pratt, along with the manager of the Autumn Park Apartments and a detective from the Clackamas County Sheriff's office entered the apartment. Inside, they found the body of Philip Schneider. Apparently he had been dead for five to seven days. The Clackamas County Coroner's office initially attributed Philip Schneider's death to a stroke. However, in the following days disturbing details about his death began to surface, leading some to believe that Philip Schneider had not died from a stroke, but had in fact been murdered.

Philip Schneider's life was certainly as controversial as his death. He was born on April 23, 1947 at Bethesda Navy Hospital. Philip's parents were Oscar and Sally Schneider. Oscar Schneider was a Captain in the United States Navy, worked in nuclear medicine and helped design the first nuclear submarines. Captain Schneider was also part of OPERATION CROSSROADS, which was responsible for the testing of nuclear weapons in the Pacific AT Bikini Island. In a lecture videotaped in May 1996, Philip Schneider claimed that his father, Captain Oscar Schneider, was also involved with the infamous "Philadelphia Experiment." In addition, Philip claimed to be an ex-government structural engineer who was involved in building underground military bases (DUMB) around the country, and to be one of only three people to survive the 1979 incident between the alien Grays and U.S. military forces at the Dulce underground base. Philip Schneider's ex-wife, Cynthia Drayer believes that Philip was murdered because he publicly revealed the truth about the U.S. government's involvement with UFOs.

For two years prior to his death, Philip Schneider had been on a lecture tour talking about government cover-ups, black budgets, and UFOs. Philip stated in his lecture that in 1954, under the Eisenhower administration, the federal government decided to circumvent the Constitution and form a treaty with extraterrestrials. The treaty was called the 1954 Greada Treaty. Officials agreed that for extraterrestrial technology, the Grays could test their implanting techniques on select citizens. However, the extraterrestrials had to inform the government just who had been abducted and subject to implants. Slowly over time, the aliens altered the bargain, abducting and implanting thousands of people without reporting back to the government.


ZetaTalk: Phil Schneider
Note: written on Apr 15, 1997

 The aliens that Phil Schneider talked about were in the service to self nature.



ZetaTalk: John, Jr.
Note: written on Aug 15, 1999

The unfortunate accident that plunged John, Jr. into the waves below was indeed not an accident in the normal sense. The small private plane faltered, plunging several thousand feet in seconds - sure death as those who arranged this accident knew would occur. The impact of a rapidly dropping plane shatters the plane, destroying mechanical evidence which would be the only clue to what actually had occurred. Why was John, Jr. targeted, when he was just a small boy, surely out of the loop, when his father’s suspicious death occurred? 

The family talks, behind closed doors, the elders passing information down to younger members now and then. This younger Kennedy was noted for a certain rebelliousness, being unconventional and adventurous, and these traits doomed him. Those responsible for his father's death watch closely lest the secrets they have kept from the public leak out, and they surround the living Kennedys with spies who have infiltrated the households and families of the living Kennedys. Those who recently shared their knowledge with John, Jr. are living with a special grief, knowing they in essence caused his death, as such information was unlikely to rest easy in the hands of an offended and affectionate son. 

What secrets were revealed to him, outside of what the public already has pieced together? Names and titles of those still living who were responsible for the death of President Kennedy, information that would allow researchers to find and link the missing pieces of the puzzle. These individuals would not be suspected, and thus the puzzle has remained fractured, the finger of guilt pointing always in the wrong direction! Thus, should the anger of the Kennedy's continue, unabated, the public can expect more such unfortunate accidents



ZetaTalk: Bill Cooper
Note: written on Jul 15, 1995, prior to Bill Cooper's death in 2001.

Bill Cooper is legit. He is telling it as it is. In order to survive, and not be killed, he wraps himself in the persona of a paranoid mental case. These elements are mixed together in his writings and lectures, so like the spices laced into soup, they cannot be separated. Cooper found himself threatened early on, and was given warnings he could not dismiss. He still bears the scars, as do more US citizens than the public is aware of. Who so physically injured him? His government, the CIA, a group who is no longer empowered to act in this manner, we might hasten to add. No more torture, physical injury, or death. At least these are the new rules. Were people tortured to death in the past? Absolutely, but torture that leaves no marks, such as electric current to the point where systemic shock sets in, thus death. Those with weak hearts or weak points in their blood vessels would also succumb, but their loved ones, who discovered them dead, would learn nothing unusual from the autopsy results. Cause of death? Natural causes.

Bill Cooper is given information, frequently and repeatedly over time, from members of the Secret Government who want the word out. This has been the official position toward Bill Cooper for some time, and we foresee no change under the current arrangements. Why does he not drop the wacky stuff? He looks at his scars, and remembers. How could he not, when he sees them daily in his bath? He is a supremely courageous man, but he's not stupid. He's leaving his safeguards right where they are.

(the video is not available at this time, due to copyright issues)

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Comment by casey a on October 23, 2014 at 9:01am

Re: Marilyn Monroe's assassination-

CIA documents reveal she had threatened a "tell-all" press conference about what she'd learned from JFK

Comment by Howard on October 13, 2012 at 7:39pm

Many UFO Researchers Die Under Mysterious Circumstances (Oct 12) -


Many UFO researchers working on their research in the 1970s and 1980s died under mysterious circumstances, and may have been killed. This is the conclusion reached by an amateur astronomer, a former U.S. government adviser Timothy Hood. He made this statement at an international conference in Amsterdam dedicated to search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

This statement is true not so much for the chasers for unidentified flying objects, but the researchers trying to find extraterrestrial life, including professional astrophysics. Hood's conclusion was prompted by a 30-year study of this topic.

Famous American astronomer Morris K. Jessup, whose books about intelligent life beyond Earth have become bestsellers, committed suicide. He ended his life by opening an exhaust pipe in his car, locking his door and turning on the ignition. Professor James Edward McDonald, who for many years served as head of the Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the Earth and studied unidentified aerospace objects, put a bullet in his head.

Edward Ruppelt, who led a project for the study of unidentified objects in the skies over the United States, died of a cardiovascular crisis at the age of 37. On November 5, 2001, William Milton Cooper, a famous UFO researcher who has repeatedly accused the U.S. government of hiding the truth about UFOs, was killed by police in his home. Cooper, who clearly suffered from delusion, lived in Yeager (Arizona). He bought weapons in bulk to create units to fight a secret government led by aliens.

Before the incident the police was told that Cooper threatened harmless residents, believing, apparently, that they were chasing him on the instructions of the authorities. The police surrounded the ranch where he lived. He said that anyone who would dare to cross the threshold of his private property will be killed, but the police ignored him. As a result, one policeman was seriously wounded, and the other one had to shoot the researcher as self-defense.

There is also the famous "Sheldon list." The famous American writer Sidney Sheldon, working on his novel "The End of the World", drew attention to a series of mysterious deaths among British specialists developing space weapons.

In October of 1986, Professor Arshad Sharif killed himself by tying one end of the rope to a tree, making a loop at the other end, putting his head through it and driving the car away. A few days later another London professor, Vimal Dazibay, jumped head first from the Bristol Bridge. Both of them worked on the development of electronic weapons for the English government program, similar to the American "Star Wars."  

In January of 1987, another scientist, Avtar Singh-Guide, went missing. He was later declared dead. In February of 1987, Peter Pippel was run over by his car in his garage. In March of 1987, David Sands committed suicide by crashing his car into a building. In April of 1987, four developers of space programs died. Mark Wiesner hung himself, Stuart Gooding fell victim of murder, David Greenhalgh fell off the bridge, and Shani Warren drowned. In May of that year, Michael Baker was killed in a car accident.

In a relatively short time, 25 people who worked in the space field died for various reasons. Sidney Sheldon, who discovered this tragic phenomenon, seriously believed that it had to do with aliens.

According to Timothy Hood, these deaths were not accidental, but rather, were the work of special services that eliminated the experts because they knew too much.

In the 1970's and 1980's in the United States there were secret UFO research programs such as the "Blue Book", "Aquarius", "Area 51", "Majestic 12", and GEIPAN. While official data show that most of these projects are now inactive, many conspiracy theorists doubt it. Every now and then "sensational" materials emerge in the media whose purpose is to convince the public that the U.S. government is hiding the truth about human contact with aliens.

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