Brazil/Colombia: earth fissure opened in Pitangui/activated geological fault in Tobo


29.02.12. Earth fissure opened in Pitangui, Minas Gerais, Brazil


09.03.12. The crater, which opened in the middle of Highway BR-364 in thursday, damaged both lanes and blocked the only access to the city of Porto Velho from other regions of the country. Road-building machinery is already working to resolve the situation, but rains at this time of year in the capital of the municipality of Rondônia is a strong barrier to quickly solve the problem.


14.02.12.  In Araraquara, Sao Paolo, in the weekend opened a crater on avenue Alberto Santos Dumont, which provides access to the city airport. The path is completely closed. Repairs will be completed within 45 days.



24.02.12. Administrative authorities activated vigilance because of the geological fault reactivation in Tobo. But without evacuation. In the village area of the municipality of Tobo, where 3 years ago was registered by the geological fault which damaged about 100 hectares of land, in recent times has been activated.
The result of activation began to appear cracks, and the earth keeps moving. Locals watch the daily on mountains earth movement. They hear any sounds emanating from the depths of the earth.

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