Any comment. On July 1, Russia will vote on constitutional amendments, according to which Putin will be able to re-elect and potentially remain in power until 2036. And it seems that in terms of falsification, it will be the worst vote in history! Voting will last 7 DAYS! There will be a home, early and electronic voting! There are no restrictions on campaigning, therefore the authorities can openly use all state information resources. This cannot be done on ordinary elections. And still a huge number of other trifles which allow to falsify voting. Russian authorities today are facing declining ratings, allegations of corruption and economic decline. It looks like the world is about to explode in Arab Spring 2.0. With the advent of the Internet, hiding corruption in government has become more difficult. The world seems to be rebelling against dictatorship and corruption, instead considering democracy mixed with meritocracy. Even towards China, the cracks of Xi’s rule are visible. If earlier the party structure in China was changing and the party relied on meritocracy, now everything is built on the identity of Xi, which is dangerous. Previously (until 2012), China could not even be called an authoritarian country, but now... It is noteworthy that now China (with Xi) is facing an unprecedented economic problem and inequality. Another illustrative example is Belarus where Lukashenko seemed immortal and invincible. Now everything has changed. Another example is Saudi Arabia. Once the most conservative country on earth, it is now forced to start reforms. [and from another] Russian opposition politician Navalny links PM Medvedev to billion euro property empire [and from another] 2020_Arab_protests [and from another] Income inequality is growing fast in China and making it look more like the US [and from another] Xi Jinping now a ‘leader for life,’ like Mao? Here’s why this is dangerous. [and from another] China faces outcry after premier admits 40% of population struggles [and from another] Belarus' Lukashenko outlaws protests, arrests opponents [and from another] Netanyahu trial: Israeli prime minister faces Jerusalem court [and from another] Saudi Arabia Is Changing Fast

As we explained from the start of the ZetaTalk saga, the Earth is in her Transformation to spiritual 4th Density. What this means is that souls who have not grown into the Service-to-Other orientation will not be allowed to reincarnate on Earth. In addition, many walk-in souls from other worlds are incarnating at this time, to assist with the Transformation. This is a time of change, and as such many opportunities open up for those in the Service-to-Self or the immature to attempt power grabs. Thus many tussles at the top levels of government are not what they seem.  

Those in the Service-to-Self are adept at camouflage, seeming to be caring and charming – an act. Thus when they are removed and replaced by another, this may seem like a step backwards. At this time, in the West where Satanic Khazharian Moloch worship has infiltrated the royalty in Europe and politicians both in Europe and the US, many formerly in leadership have been tried and executed and replaced by doubles. Money laundering and drug and gun running, as well as the child sex trade, is being stopped. This prosecution of the Bush/Clinton criminal Cabal has created panic among those formerly in control.

This dying criminal network has reacted aggressively by trying to promote politicians and prosecutors who will push their agendas. Many bribes are being provided, in desperation, and threats. Thus those in top leadership, such as Putin and Xi and King Saud and President Trump may seem to have become more dictatorial in response, as they are truly under assault. The criminal elements being eliminated are not yet dead, but are at the point where they are fighting for their lives. Like trapped animals, it is at this point when they become most vicious.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for June 30, 2020

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