Those who say “Why Live” when confronted with the Pole Shift.

This is something many of us will hear as it becomes obvious to the world at large what is going to happen.

This ZetaTalk gives some insight into those who are most likely to say “why live”

“The undecided are the ones likely to make the statement, "why live?" as they do not polarize in either direction, but rather think of their own life, and how they interact on a daily basis with other, or what they have come to expect as their daily fare. The focus is the self, but as a child focuses on the self. How will this affect me, what will I do when presented with this or that without the resources I've come to expect will be available to me. The immature spirit pushes the post pole shift scenario out only so far, to the edges of the cocoon they see their life as, and see this cocoon not there. The job will be gone, friends and family may die or wander off, the store shelves empty, the government offices simply not staffed, and whom do they go to with their complaints? Thus, it is the immature, the undecided, who will present leaders in the Aftertime with motivation problems.”

Someone who says they would not want to live, when presented with the grim picture painted of life after the pole shift when modern day conveniences are gone and hard work goes into every meal on the table, is thinking first and foremost about themselves, without a thought of what others might need. We have stated that there are those who realize they will be a burden on others, and many aged or infirm who lose the will to live and die are doing so during the current time because they sense what is on the horizon. This is not selfish, because they don't want to live in hard times, as there is little they could do to assist others, and would be a worry to others already overburdened. But we have stated that for a hale and/or young person to make such a statement is selfish, and thoughts of suicide selfish too in this situation, because the thought should be to how many orphans and injured there will be that need them, need their assistance. If you think such a comment, "why live" is made in a flippant manner and not the real orientation of the individual then respond with "are you the only one who counts?" to make them ponder this. They will either get serious and start talking about the impact on others, or continue to be focused on how their precious life will change. This is not something in your control, as it spins off their basic spiritual orientation.

You are coloring the future gloomy because your personal expectations for the future are unlikely to be met. Happiness for you does not include what we have described - cooperation between good hearted people, sharing, and an almost endless opportunity to help others who will be near at hand and reaching out to you. For those who are highly Service-to-Other, this is a time of great satisfaction, as their efforts can go almost exclusively to helping others and seeing the results. They will fall asleep at the end of a long and exhausting day with a smile, thinking of the infant who had a full meal for the first time in a long time because someone took time to mash the food into a puree. Or because they had the satisfaction of seeing an infected wound they had been treating with herbs clear up, or handing someone a home-made bar of soap for their first hot bath in months.

This is not happiness for you because you have been holding an expectation of a future life that you perceive the pole shift to be taking from you. A steady source of food, delivered to your kitchen table with no more effort on your part than a quick trip to the grocery. This in exchange for some contribution you now provide or social position that you now hold that will be, perhaps, relatively worthless after the pole shift. You will have to actually put forth effort of some kind to secure and deserve a meal! We have stated that those who find the future
too awful to contemplate be allowed their decision, and to focus on helping those who have made the decision to live.

Some call this the glass-half-empty or glass-half-full view. For the good hearted, the glass may be reduced to being half full by the pole shift but they pour themselves into efforts helping others and soon their glass is overflowing. Others, who see their glass reduced to being half empty, and their usual method of filling the glass, their usual expectations, no longer available, will give up. Their pension is gone, their soft desk job gone, and their stocks worthless. This is their choice, their decision, and most often reflects directly upon their spiritual orientation, their spiritual maturity. Those who are Service-to-Other may of course feel anxious over what the pole shift has wrought, but they soon forget about worry, busy with the many opportunities to help others. The pole shift is an opportunity to grow, spiritually, or to focus on what you have lost. Your choice. .


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Comment by wanderer on June 1, 2012 at 7:17pm

Happening upon those with a soul choice to make will be a regular occurrence, particularly in the first few weeks and be cause for some very difficult decision making. Does one continuously try to coach someone out of their slumber and counsel the insane? Or move on, due to the threat of starvation, forced to leave loved ones behind for the good of the group? There will be frustration for those in STO, who will be too busy helping others to pose such a question to themselves and patience will run thin when their own hunger sets in.

Attitude and adaptability will count for a lot in the aftertime. For those who want to live decisive judgement should be exercised and as astrogal50 advances, particularly in the case of children.

Comment by Corey Young on May 31, 2012 at 7:04pm

Thanks Derrick,

That is a great compilation of the `bigger picture` that all should be familiar with when heading into the pole shift when looking at what we can do as citizens of this vast universe.

Comment by astrogal50 on May 31, 2012 at 2:11pm

Thank you, Derrick!  The Undecided souls will likely make this claim, a lot, but we are prepared to address it.  Ultimately what to do is up to each person, but many are responsible for children or others who cannot take care of themselves, and that is when the STO will probably have to step in and do what is right.

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