The purpose of this blog is to counter the hatred, lies and disinformation being spread about Obama by those who don’t want the common man to be informed about Nibiru AKA Planet X in our inner solar system, and the Pole Shift that will result as it passes the Earth.

Obama is relentlessly attacked and it’s beyond normal politics, there is so much disinformation out there resulting in hatred for the person who is working so hard to inform and protect the common man from the elite who would like nothing more than to see most of humanity die during the coming earth changes and the rest slaves in their work camps.

The elite cannot kill Obama (not for lack of trying) so they are working very hard to make you hate him as much as they do, and they defiantly don’t want you to trust him, the last thing they want is for you to believe the announcement which they haven’t been able to stop.


This is a compilation of  ZetaTalk  which contains the truth about Obama and what he is trying to accomplish,  it’s something that you won’t find anywhere else because the elite cannot influence the Zetas and they don’t  influence Earth Changes and the Pole Shift Ning.


ZetaTalk about how Obama is a Star child, the reincarnation of Lincoln & working with the assistance of many STO spirits

Obama is an old soul, and Earth is not his first planet of residence. There could hardly be a better person in charge of having to motivate and organize the populace of the United States when the time comes to address the reality of the Earth changes and the pending passage in mankind's future.

We have mentioned that Obama is a Star Child. Most Star Children operate alone or in concert with others from their world with whom they feel a kinship. Thus, several Star Children from the same world may be incarnated on Earth nearby each other, and find and work with each other during their lifetimes. In Obama's case, since his mission was so ambitious, he had this and more. There are many spirits supporting his efforts, both incarnated and disincarnate.

Obama was also Lincoln, as is obvious to many, including Gordon Michael-Scallion (GMS). Most Star Children recognize early that they are different, and sense the reason why. In Obama's case, he was a walk-in during his teens, so was able to choose the body and life circumstances for his mission. In such cases, where a walk-in occurs, the human body and mind sense a change, and seek an answer for this, arriving at the conclusion that they have a new soul within.

There is no reason for the inclusion of Lincoln's picture on the CNN screen other than the speculation about his reincarnation. Lincoln did not set any precedence on his State of the Union speeches, nor is there any similarity to his era and the present. Roosevelt, during the Great Depression, had more similarity vis a vis era, as Obama is in truth struggling with a second Great Depression. Has CNN been reading Gordon Michael Scallion's 2007 pronouncement and the ZetaTalk confirmation, re speculation that Obama is the reincarnation of Lincoln? Is this a subliminal message to the public about the fans of Scallion and ZetaTalk within CNN? The answer to both these questions is in the afirmative


ZetaTalk about the obstruction Obama has to deal with and for those who expect more the US is not a dictatorship

We keep repeating, when asked this type of question weekly, that Obama cannot make things happen from the Oval Office unless Congress passes laws first! He is taking what he can get, and will use that as a base to lobby for changes in the law as it is shown that the profit makers cannot restrain themselves or comply with the law as written. Do you understand the Constitution, what the separation of powers means? He could of course refuse any bill that the Congress presents to him, and then there would be no opportunity for change. Is that better, in your opinion?

“As with the case of Obama, who is supposed to accomplish miracles, pass laws bypassing Congress, and dictating to the Judicial system what judgements they make in the process if necessary, this is narrow and childish thinking. Obama can only execute what laws the congress enacts, and cannot dictate.  Iran's president Ahmadinejad likewise is limited in what he can do. Both leaders attempt to work within the restrictions, to accomplish as much good as is possible, given the situation.

The Republican Party, primarily key Republicans in the House and Senate and the Tea Party, have made it a point for several years to try to prevent Obama from having any success in any arena. McConnell, the Senate majority leader, made a public statement at the start of Obama’s first term that this was viewed as his primary mission, to obstruct Obama in every way possible. A dying party, accused of being a party of “old white men” who used to be in power in a nation where white men had the advantage over races of color, and where men had the advantage over the women in the workplace, they rage behind closed doors and plot how obstructionism can win the day.

The government shutdown in September was caused by the Tea Party’s attempt to hold the government hostage in order to obstruct Obamacare.  This failed, and another weapon in the Republican arsenal, the
Senate filibuster, has likewise just been eliminated. Used in the past to delay anti-lynching laws for decades, it had been used to hobble the Obama administration’s ability to appoint judges or executive staff in order to proceed with the workload at hand. For those with a simplistic view of just how much power Obama has, expecting him to paternalistically fix all problems with a top down decree like a benevolent father, Obama’s recent accomplishments look slim.

The US public gives Obama credit for ending the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and keeping the US out of another war with Iran. The DOW is now higher than it was before the Bush Wall Street crash in 2008, thus more than a recovery, and the real estate market has now come up for air. But unemployment is still a concern, and those in a leadership position are traditionally blamed. Add to this the silent war that Obama has been fighting, to inform the peoples of the world that Nibiru is present, causing earthquakes and an Earth wobble, and in the future, a terrifying passage.  The “old, white men” wanting the cover-up to continue have been more of a nightmare for Obama than the public battles he has endured.

The announcement admitting the presence of Nibiru, aka Planet X, is not a popularity contest nor will the many necessary steps Obama and other leaders around the world will be taking be considered in that light. Migration and rioting issues will need to be addressed, and the necessity of moving any of the populace willing to relocate to safer ground will need to be expedited. This will involve legislative changes, close teamwork with regional governments, as well as international cooperation. Something as shallow as a current popularity poll, at the end of the first year in a four year term, is hardly a concern. In a past life, Obama was Lincoln and ensured that the 13th Amendment freeing the slaves was accomplished. This mission in this lifetime is no less momentous.


ZetaTalk about how Obama has reversed over 200, mostly classified excusive orders put in place by his predecessors which would have allowed all sorts of atrocities to occur

The federal government still has the same mission statement that it has functioned under during previous administrations. Laws did not change instantly with the election of Obama. Earth changes will bring about catastrophic disasters within the US that will cause FEMA to be called into action. However, the desire to effect martial law in the US was a Bush administration objective, and will be absent in an Obama administration. Any secret arrangement that the Bush administration arranged with Halliburton, to build prison camps for instance, or any secret executive orders written by Bush to effect martial law at a whim, will be reversed under an Obama administration. Obama has already alluded to that in his public statements, re the executive order reversal.
There are those who know where the secret bunkers which cronies of Reagan and the Bush family intend for their retreat from the public's rage when the truth comes out about the cover-up over the presence and approach of Planet X. There are those who know about presidential orders for martial law, issued during the last three Republican presidencies and to a great extent reversed by Obama, which would allow mass murder of US citizens by confinement in cities and poisoning by water or air borne pathogens. Such executive orders are secret, under great cover of national security, and the order to murder citizens disguised as preventing mass panic or tranquilizing the citizenry, but the wording is such that "any means necessary" is clearly authorized. Those with integrity, knowing of such matters, are feared by those who are no longer in charge, and thus they are being eliminated.

When the Obama administration took control they reversed over 200 executive orders the Bush administration had issued. Most of these were classified so could not be shared with the public. There are those who think somehow that the Chief Executive can simply issue orders and set the world right. Congress sets the laws. Within this the Executive branch administers those laws and has some leeway on how to do this. They set policy, but any policy change is intensely discussed. These matters are not simplistic! Where the Bush administration conducted essentially criminal activity and ordered others to comply and participate, simply throwing all information out to the public so an uproar occurs causes more problems and injustice than it cures. To think otherwise is simplistic and childish. It is not our wish to spend the ZetaTalk chat trying to explain the complexity of each and every executive decision to those who cannot imagine this complexity.

ZetaTalk about Executive Orders put into place by Obama to deal with the coming disasters and help the common man.

It is no coincidence that Obama’s new Executive Order revoking FEMA’s authorities (in place since 1994) was published almost at the same instant with FEMA’s new announcement of a volunteer civilian work force similar to the Peace Corps. Obama is clearly anticipating disasters within the US, but beyond this he seems to be anticipating mischief during a disaster where his authority might be challenged, legally. In 1994 Clinton gave FEMA a primarily role during disasters. In that this 1994 Executive Order was left standing as a precedent during the Bush administration, all that would be required during the Obama administration would be a disaster sufficient to have Obama blurt out the words “national emergency” for it to take effect.

Certainly, the pending New Madrid adjustment, as described by ourselves, would find US officials rattled and prone to such spontaneous statements.

By clarifying the chain of command during emergencies, Obama has ensured that he is not supplanted. Thus, an essential martial law with FEMA in charge is not legally possible. Obama’s new 2012 order also removed from authority something George Herbert Bush inserted in 1988, giving the DOD authority within the US in civilian matters during an emergency. It is no secret that there are elements within the US - former politicians such as Dick Cheney and members of the Department of Defense - that would like to see martial law declared as soon as possible within the US. The wording of Clinton’s 1994 order would allow them to effect a coup, a matter not lost on Obama.

Why did Clinton give FEMA such a dominant role, in 1994? As might be inferred from all the rumors about Bill Clinton - his love life and financial self-dealing – he had many matters in his past that could be used for blackmail. The impeachment proceedings over the
Monica Lewinsky affair is an example of the potential. Clinton deferred to those wanting to establish martial law, concluding at that time that the US was far from any situation that might constitute a true national emergency. That he then put those very words into Executive Orders in the fall of 1994 shows the pressure this group was imposing upon him. They have festered ever since. This same group was very much at the helm in getting George W Bush elected in 2000.

We revealed a year ago the FEMA plan under Obama, to deal with potentially millions of homeless during forthcoming disasters in the US. Executive Order 13575 is proof that this IS the plan, despite whatever interpretation conspiracy websites might conclude. This is not part of the New World Order, nor it is targeting small farms or actively productive agricultural land. Take a look at the list of agencies in order 13575, 25 in total. It encompasses the entire federal government under the control of the Executive Branch!

  • The rational for this Rural Council is to assist rural areas, so why is the Department of Defense, Veteran Affairs, and Homeland Security involved? Guarding the borders from invasion will be replaced by guarding survivor camps, clearly, with the Federal Communications Commission on board to assist such endeavors.
  • If economic development is the goal, then why bother with Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Transportation, Energy, and Education? Such sociological infrastructure develops as a result of population increases, and their involvement is not required until such an increase occurs.
  • If survivor camps were to be setup on idle land, confiscated from farms of whatever size, and to include national parks, this would explain the inclusion of the Department of Justice, Interior, Domestic Policy, and placing Agriculture as the head of the council. Contracts would be broken, and lawsuits in this regard limited to the point of exclusion.
  • Economic development as the ruse would explain the inclusion of the Department of Commerce, Labor, Economic Advisors, Small Business Administration, and Science and Technology Policy. But building survivor camps in the interior would also require extensive coordination of existing labor pools.
  • If law enforcement is expected to be overwhelmed keeping order in survivor camps, with a need to relax law enforcement in other areas, this would explain the inclusion of Environmental Protection, Environmental Quality, and National Drug Control Policy. The rules designed to protect the environment over human interests would be relaxed.
  • If the Rural Council is to be funded from existing agency budgets, then why the inclusion of the Department of Treasury and the Office of Management and Budget? In the event of catastrophic Earth changes in the US, all funding would be diverted to priority issues.


ZetaTalk about the announcement Obama is working so hard to make

Interest in the pending announcement admitting the presence of Planet X, aka Nibiru in the inner solar systems is intense. When will it be done? How will it be framed? How closely will it align with the facts of its arrival in 2003 and the halted Earth orbit? Will a virtual admission of the presence of aliens visiting Earth occur, simultaneously?

  • Last May, 2013 we reminded the public of the many attempts Obama made in the Fall of 2012, all of which were blocked by the cover-up crowd who did not allow the EAS system or a broadcast from the Oval Office to occur.
  • Obama then began a campaign to identify and incapacitate those in the federal government who were thwarting him on the announcement, and over many months notables like General Petraeus, General Allen, and the second in command at the CIA, Michael Morell were dismissed. Imagine the fallout in lesser positions.
  • Meanwhile numerous assassination attempts were made. Diesel was put into Obama’s car in Israel, to force a roadside transfer open to a sniper. Poisoned tableware at a Republican luncheon was attempted. A fire in the West Wing of the White House. A Santa Monica shooting rampage as a diversion during Obama’s visit. And these are only the attempts known to the public.
  • Meanwhile, Obama and his team developed a failsafe plan. As we explained on June 15, 2013 this would involve other countries, all announcing simultaneously. Russia and China are the main players, but dozens of countries would be involved. Even if Obama goes missing and even if he is reported by others or a lookalike to have changed his mind, the other major players will proceed. That is the agreement. 
  • Nancy noted in her newsletter on late July 28, 2013 that a number of Chinese Ltd investment companies, newly formed, were attempting to secure domain rights via Chinese registrars based on the ZetaTalk name. This occurred just days before Premiere Xi’s meeting with Obama in Santa Monica. Something was to happen to make ZetaTalk very popular!
  • As we stated in June, the date had been set, frozen, so the aggressive cover-up crowd in the US could no longer control the outcome. Meanwhile, the date was closely guarded to reduce interference, remote viewers blocked from extracting the date. Even Nancy is unaware of the date so she cannot inadvertently give it away. Minor players, smaller countries, will be informed just prior to the date, to minimize leaks.
  • This of course does not stop speculation. Nancy researched holidays and government functions in China, Russia and the US. It was noted that both Biden and Obama canceled traditional Summer parties for jounalists and legislators and reset the dates potentially in September. Obama was no longer traveling overseas, sending envoys instead, but was due at the G20 in Moscow in early September. August looked ideal.
  • Meanwhile it is no secret that self-promoters are trying to position for the stage at the last minute. But it is not the Internet conspiracy crowd that will determine what the major networks do. It will be regular daytime radio shows and TV stations that will dominate. Given the certain mention of Nancy’s name during the coming announcement, that will be the guide as to what direction the microphones are pointed.

What happened to the announcement? We implied in private ZetaTalk to Nancy in early December that it would occur “mid Winter” and after the Chinese New Year. She then included this in a MUFON interview on December 7, 2013. Then we allowed this to become public ZetaTalk on February 8, 2014 in reference to Courtney Brown’s announcement claims. We then inferred on February 22, 2014 that Courtney’s mid-March date was too far “into the future”. Now that future date has come and gone, and no announcement as yet. What’s going on?

We have repeatedly referring to the game the announcement team has been forced to play as bait and switch. What does this mean? It means putting out false dates, and providing lots of action that indicates the false date is a real date, and then when the cover-up crowd tries to create mayhem to prevent the announcement, catching the culprits. This has happened dozens of times during the past year and a half since Obama determined to admit the presence of Nibiru. It was no accident that General Allen resigned two days after Obama’s
Florida golf trip nor was it an accident that Deputy CIA Director Michael Morell resigned within days of the Santa Monica shootout. Most bait and switch traps have no public flags, but they are equally important.

JFK was killed by MJ12 because he intended to inform the public about the alien presence. 911 was an inside job by the Bush family and their cohorts, but the public will never be told the truth. And does anyone think the establishment is casual about an announcement informing the public about the pending passage of Nibiru? Obama has had to deal with several
assassination attempts. For those impatient to have the announcement happen, impatient to have proof to convince family and friends that planning for a survival camp in a safe location must be given priority, we say that their first item of concern should be that the announcement happen at all! If bait and switch requires that Nancy truly believe the date is at hand, or even that official ZetaTalk hint at that, then that’s what will be provided. Or should you, like a child, feel that your impatience is all that matters. 


ZetaTalk about Assassination attempts and the fact that he is protected so they will never succeed

Obama was clearly ultra- cautious at the Republican luncheon, but ensuring that his own chefs and Secret Service were present during the food preparation was not made possible. The food was prepared elsewhere, and delivered to the Hill for the luncheon. Isn’t the procedure for ensuring that US presidents are not poisoned well understood? It certainly had been the policy, the procedure, for several presidents prior to Obama, in particular for the Bush presidents. Why then did the Republican luncheon deliberately thwart the procedure? Someone assumed that Obama’s sense of propriety, and his fondness for retiring Senator Olympia Snow, would push him to discard his procedures and take a chance.

Since the food was served family style, a large bowl of lobster salad and pre-baked blueberry pie, how could Obama be poisoned without the others present being similarly affected? Part of the insurance that a president not be poisoned includes washing the tableware and dishes. Obama’s place at the table was known, and those dishes and tableware intended for Obama set on the table prior to his arrival were laced with poison. When he refused to eat, they were quickly removed and washed, so this can never be determined. Who arranged for this setup, interfering both with food preparation and place settings outside of normal procedure? It was a Republican luncheon, need we say more?

And what of the accidental addition of diesel fuel into Obama’s special bullet-proof limo in Israel? Certainly his staff or entourage did not do this. The limo broke down on the highway, which would have forced Obama to switch cars suddenly in the open, into a vehicle that was not bullet-proof. As with the Republican luncheon, there is no doubt who was behind this, as Obama has pressed Israel’s leaders to stop building settlements on Palestinian land and has refused to go to war against Iran for Netanyahu. Biden, or perhaps Boehner who is next in line, could be assumed to be more cooperative.

Has Obama been saved by these and other less obvious assassination attempts by luck and strict rules? There are too many opportunities where harm could come to him. It is more than just following food preparation procedures. More than just luck that the limo broke down on the road before Obama could be its passenger on the road.
Obama has angels, as we said, protecting him. If a plot is in process, it is known to these angels, who are Service-to-Other aliens under the direction of the Council of Worlds. The means, the steps to be taken, the schedule, and those involved are all known, as they are within someone’s brain and nothing can be hidden from telepathic beings. It goes well beyond mere mind-reading, and in fact the clock can be turned back to undo damage, if need be. Bad news for Obama’s enemies.

This indeed was yet another attempt on Obama’s life, snafu’d by the angels standing in guard around Obama. Those intent on undermining the Secret Service protection got confused about the timing, and drugged the agent too early, thus exposing the plan. Their confusion on timing was not an accident, as benign aliens work via telepathy and can plant different memories or alter them. Thus, the screen memories given to contactees over the years to help keep their visitations in their subconscious. This interference with the free will of man is an exception granted by the Council of Worlds, who authorized Obama’s protection.

 ZetaTalk about how Obama’s decision to inform mankind greatly influenced the Council of Worlds to delay the 7 of 10 plate movements. As a result millions of people are still alive with the opportunity to move their loved ones to safety if they choose to.

“What we are stating is that of this day, at this time, the Council has not indicated plans to interfere with the coming Pole Shift beyond what we have already detailed. The 7 of 10 plate movements, including those that would have caused the horrific European tsunami, have been modulated to allow mankind to understand what is coming before these Earth changes strike. This Council decision was influenced in great part by Obama’s decision to inform mankind, else the 7 of 10 would have been allowed to play out without interference. The 8 of 10 Earth effects, which include a more severe Earth wobble and greater visibility of the Planet X complex, have been allowed to unfold on schedule.”

“We have stated that the 7 of 10 pace has been slowed to allow the planned announcement admitting the presence and pending passage of Planet X, aka Nibiru to occur. We detailed some of the effects of the slowing to be a lower magnitude of anticipated earthquakes in Japan and N America and along the spine of the Andes, and a virtual elimination of the European tsunami.  We stated that even after the announcement, the 7 of 10 pace would not simply be released to return to a sudden and violent pace, but some time would be granted to the world’s people to react.”


ZetaTalk about how Obama is highly respected around the world

Has Obama become a touch-point for all those concerned about the globe during the coming pole shift? Is he coordinating activities, giving advice, and giving orders? This is certainly not Obama's wish, but it is a role he is being pressed to assume. (Note Nancy will tell you that there was a significant delay before we would address these questions, as we had to confer with Obama re our agreement not to discuss his mindset.) In the past, the US has placed itself as a global meddler, setting up military bases and the CIA toppling governments on behalf of corporations interested in exploitation. They have assumed a dominant role in the World Bank, and have a permanent seat with a veto vote on the UN council. But it is for other reasons that the world is tumbling into the Oval Office, seeking Obama's council.

Despite what the political opposition may be saying during an election year, Obama is highly respected around the world as a wise and compassionate visionary. So what might his vision for the world be, if the ZetaTalk message proves correct as it increasingly seems to be? With all Obama has to do, guiding his country though what are going to be devastating times for the US, he hardly has the time and energy to take on the rest of the world. Resolving the budget crisis was a cake walk compared to what others expect him to accomplish. Corporations want their assets secured, by the military if no other way. If insurance companies default, as they clearly will in time, then the US government should compensate corporations for their loss. Other countries want the US to open their borders and welcome refugees, putting them on social services.

As we have mentioned, Obama drew the line on immigration during the Haitian earthquake, and relayed that
in Indonesia during his visits in late 2010 and in Central and S America in early 2011. Don't consider the US as your future home. He knows the US will have its hands full when the New Madrid adjusts, affecting almost every state east of the Mississippi. If the Andes will rumple and heave, the US can anticipate the West Coast to rupture also, afflicting most of the West Coast with volcanic activity and ash. If Siberia and Brazil will flood, so will the Mississippi Valley. If the African Rift Valley will rip open, so will the St. Lawrence Seaway. It is not lack of compassion but an insistence that all assume responsibility for themselves, rather than seek a parent figure to rescue them.

That said, why is the Dalai Lama paying Obama a visit, and what do the super rich expect from him? We mentioned recently that the
New Zealand Prime Minister sought Obama's counsel, and was counseled to take a firm stance on immigration. The Dalai Lama likewise has his own plan for his followers, encouraging them not to flock to Tibet. Certainly, the super rich and corporations would be naïve to request support from the Obama administration when half the nation may become homeless, but this has not stopped them from making such demands. The endless pleas will only increase in intensity, from all fronts, with few answers other than self reliance and taking a firm stance when necessary.

These are issues we, the Zetas, have not hesitated to address. What to do when the group is starving. What to do with those who are lazy or demanding special treatment. Whom to exile, and whom to nurture. What to do when escape from certain death is not possible. These are all issues we, the Zetas, have addressed from the start. Our Safe Locations documentation is well known and increasingly sought, with routes to safety and best and worst case scenarios anticipated discussed frankly. Does this mean that ZetaTalk is being used as a basis for discussion during Oval Office meetings where the coming pole shift is the focus of the meeting? Absolutely. A Bible of sorts. A Koran. Better than the FEMA guidelines. Addressing the issues better than the US Constitution and the UN charter.





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