Firefighter poses in the 4 feet of hail that fell north of Amarillo, Texas on April 11, 2012.   Source


Violent hail storms have undeniably been on the increase in both intensity and frequency around the globe as a direct result of the approaching Planet X, aka Nibiru.


"We warned at the start of ZetaTalk, in 1995, that unpredictable weather extremes would occur and increase on a lineal basis up until the pole shift. Where this occurred steadily, it has only recently become undeniable. ZetaTalk, and only ZetaTalk, warned of these weather changes, at that early date." ZetaTalk: Weather Extremes


Where many of these extreme weather events have been reported on ZetaTalk and the ECAPS ning, an astonishing escalation of insurance claims for hail and wind damage across North America since 2008 further corroborates the Zetas' predictions.


Hail Damage Doubles in 2011

Hail-related damage claims for auto insurance more than doubled in 2011 compared to the average filed between 2008 and 2010.



By 2012, hail damage had jumped 84 percent from 2010 and constituted the predominant insurance claim across the U.S.


Hail Claims Rise 84% in 2012

"Insurance claims from hail damage have increased an astounding 84 percent since 2010, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.  While homeowners filed the greatest number of claims, auto policy claims are rising at the fastest rate, more than six times greater in 2012 than in 2010."

Hail/Wind Most Common Insurance Claims in West Virginia

Hail Damage a Leading Cause for Insurance Claims in Illinois

Hail/Wind Damage Top List of Most Common Claims in Tennessee


Insurance companies in Canada likewise reeled from the dramatic surge of hail damage claims in 2012.


Saskatchewan Farmers Hail Damage Claims Double in 2012

Hail Damage in Manitoba Prompts Special Claim Centre

Hail Damage Claims Backlogged 2 Years in Calgary

Alberta Declares Disaster for Hail Damage in 2012


In 2013, insurance companies started raising policy premiums, increasing deductibles and even incorporating exclusions for damages caused by hail and wind.


Hail Damage Sends Kansas Insurance Premiums 20% Higher (April 2013)

Homeowners insurance companies in Kansas filed last year for rate increases that averaged 14.6 percent, with some companies filing for more than 20 percent.  And that came on top of an average increase of 6 percent the year before.

The companies attribute the increase largely to the high amount of hail, wind and tornado damage claims in recent years that are affecting the rates.

“There has been a tremendous amount of wind and hail damage,” said Steve Witmer, spokesman for American Family Insurance.

For three of the past four years, Farmers Insurance set new records for claims, said company spokesman Luis Sahagun. Losses in 2011 were an 82 percent jump over the previous worst year.


New Deductible for Hail, Wind Damage in Ohio (July 2013)

Insurers, hit with a rapidly growing number of claims caused by storms over the past five years, are starting to ask homeowners to pay a separate deductible for wind and hail damage that is higher than they are used to paying for claims.

“Over the last five years, catastrophic wind and hail storms have led to historic numbers of claims to help people repair damage to their homes. The frequency and severity of these storms have made it necessary for us to make changes to our homeowners’ deductible.”


New Hail And Wind Exclusion for Insurance Coverage (April 2013)

The "Cosmetic Damage Exclusion" for hail and wind damage, excludes payments for damage to exterior surfaces including walls, roofs, doors and windows from hail or wind if the storm impacts the appearance but not the function of these elements.

The American Association of Insurance Services (AAIS), an organization that develops policy forms used by more than 700 property and casualty insurance companies, created this new exclusion for insurance companies that have been hit hard by storm losses over the past decade.

Since 2008, U.S. insurers have paid 4.5 million hail claims totaling $32.1 billion, according to Verisk Underwriting.

"Is this as bad as it will get, prior to the pole shift when hurricane force winds will sweep the Earth and every region of the globe will emerge with a new climate and geography? Has the lineal increase we predicted in 1995 reached its climax? We are not here with good tidings, nor were we here with good tidings in 1995."  ZetaTalk

Below is a sampling of the more severe hail events that have occurred since 2012.



Southeastern U.S. Buried in 6 Inches of Hail (March 2012)




4 Feet of Hail in Texas Panhandle (April 2012)






Giant Hail Stones Pound Sichuan (May 2012)

Giant hail stones up to 50 centimeters in diameter weighing 20 pounds fell in Sichuan, terrifying villagers.





Devastating Hail Submerges Cars in Colorado (June 2012)


Destructive Hail Storm Closes Mississippi School (March 2013) 

Students, teachers and staff at Lovett Elementary School in Clinton had to move into the old Eastside Elementary campus after a severe hailstorm shattered windows, destroyed the school’s roof and flooded hallways and classrooms, leaving the building inoperable.

“There was no way we could hold school here. The baseball-sized hail perforated the roof so badly that there were leaks in every classroom.

The National Weather Service confirmed that the hail in Clinton was the third largest on record to hit the state since records began back in 1950.




Softball-Sized Hail Smashes Homes, Cars Near Houston, Texas (April 2013)


 Freak Hail Storm Batters Afghanistan Military Base (April 2013)





7 Feet of Hail in Central Mexico (May 2013)




Storm Dumps Nearly 2 Feet of Hail in New Mexico (July 2013)

Amalzan, Spain (July 2014)

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Comment by Howard on September 3, 2015 at 1:42am

Apocalyptic Hailstorm Pounds Mexico, 4 Dead (Aug 31)

Authorities in Mexico state said Monday that at least four victims were killed when an unusually strong hailstorm hit the capital suburb.

A 45-day baby and two homeless people were amongst the victims of Sunday night’s storm, state government said in a press release.

Gov. Eruviel Avila said the baby died in a car accident but the parents and another five-year child survived. 

The most affected towns in the region received 53 millimeters (2 inches) of precipitation in 50 minutes – an amount three times more than the municipalities’ ability to drain.

By Monday afternoon, piles of hail several feet high were still blocking streets in the towns of Coacalco, Tultitlan and Ecatepec.  

Avila estimated that 100 houses suffered damages, and 35 trees and two billboards were also damaged by storm. The rising waters also carried vehicles and streetlights.

State government has advised residents in the region to continue to be careful. More precipitation is forecast for Monday night.


Comment by Howard on April 9, 2015 at 5:13am

4 Feet of Hail in Manchester Missouri Strip Mall (Apr 8)

It was a crazy scene in Manchester where several feet of hail piled up on the lower level of a strip mall.

The clean up crew says they've never seen anything like it.

"After I picked my jaw up off the pavement I believe my first thought was 'Ah, hail no,'" says local business owner Matt Lacaille.

"Honestly I didn't believe it was hail. I didn't know what it was. I had to come down and take a double take, take a couple of handfuls of it and see exactly what it was," says Kevin Thole, owner of Servpro.

Hours after the hail fell from the sky, Servpro was called to clean up this lower level of a strip mall off Manchester Road in Manchester.

The crews had to first find the pavement, digging in some places four feet to hit the concrete!

"It's compacted now because some of it has melted but you would just step through and it was almost like you were wading in water only it was hail," says Thole.

Lacaille owns Cignot, an e-cig store, the only retail business located in the affected area.

He says right after the Tuesday morning storm, the hail poured down the stairs from the above parking lot and even made its way inside some businesses.

"The door was either really clean or no longer had glass and so I looked in there and the entire floor in that vacant unit was it was just two feet of hail," he says, describing a neighboring unit.

Servpro crews scooped and shoveled for hours still in shock of what they were moving.

"We've heard of snow removal, water removal but never hail removal so it might have to be a new thing (we) are going to have to start of offer," says Thole.

The clean up crew says they had to remove the hail rather than just letting it melt, fearing it would flood other businesses.

No word on the cost of any damages.


Comment by Howard on March 29, 2015 at 9:00pm

Bogota Columbia Buried Under 2 Feet of Hail (Mar 22)

Colombia’s capital Bogota was surprised on Sunday by a major hail storm that covered the south of the city with a 24-inch layer of icy slush.

The excessive hail caused a number of emergencies across the city.

Among the most serious events was at a parking lot where the roof collapsed and trapping four adults and three children, rescued by firefigthers.

Entire streets became either covered in ice or former rivers, while rooftops were damaged and trees fell down.

The unit was called to rescue four people from a parking garage where the collapsed roof was impeding the victims from leaving.

The iced water that came down caused major floods in the historic center of the capital city and the surrounding neighborhoods, according to the fire department.

At least 500 homes were affected. Late into the night Sunday, backhoes worked on the streets to remove the ice.


Comment by Howard on August 23, 2014 at 7:19pm

Courtesy of lonne de vries:

Three Feet of Hail Cripples Mexico City (Aug 17)

A hailstorm of mammoth proportions hammered sections of Mexico City Sunday. Several feet of hail piled up, making some city roads impassable.

Roads such as the North Loop were flooded by hail and flooding, so municipal and Federal District workers labored for hours to clear them, Notimex reported.

Mexico news organization Azteca Noticias called it a “historical hailstorm”.

Pictures from Twitter are remarkable; parts of the  low latitude city appear transformed into a winter wonderland in the dog days of August.


Comment by Howard on June 28, 2014 at 12:58am

"Hail Sales" Booming for Hail-Damaged Automobiles (Jun 12)

Thousands of drivers in Nebraska, Colorado, and Iowa are lining up to buy cars with shattered windshields and badly damaged exteriors.

A series of brutal hail storms hit the Midwest and mountain states this spring, and among the damages were thousands of new cars sitting on auto dealer lots. Lately, many of the affected dealers have been trying to get buyers to take these vehicles off their hands with “Hail Sales,” in which damaged cars are being sold at steep discounts—sometimes as much as 66% off the sticker price.

Baseball-sized hail destroyed over 4,000 vehicles at a new car dealership in Blair, Nebraska in early June, with losses estimated at over $160 million.

Sid Dillon Chevrolet and Woodhouse Ford in Blair, Nebraska, and Woodhouse Chevrolet in Missouri Valley, Iowa, have all been hosting such sales. Woodhouse’s marketing team said that more than 150 customers were waiting to speak with dealer sales staffers over the weekend, and the Woodhouse website warns, “Due to the overwhelming response to the Hail Event, all sales representatives will not be able to timely return phone messages of ‘contact us’ messages for the next 2-3 weeks.”

Dozens of auto dealerships in the Denver-Colorado Springs corridor hosted hail sales leading into Memorial Day weekend, with deals up to 25% off MSRP on new cars, and up to 50% off some used cars. Phil Long, with locations in Denver and Colorado Springs, is still advertising “Hail Savings” of as much as 66% off MSRP.


Comment by Howard on April 25, 2014 at 4:46am

Woman Dies After Being Buried Under Several Feet of Hail in El Paso Texas (Apr 21)

A woman from Arroyo in Northeast El Paso died after being swept away by a river of hail. 

She was buried under several feet of hail that was waist deep in spots.

The water rescue team searched very large pools of icy hail using long metal rods to poke through the slush.

Minutes after the rescue team pulled the woman's half naked body from the icy river, emergency personnel performed CPR all the way to University Medical Center, but the woman was later pronounced dead.


Comment by Howard on March 21, 2014 at 2:39pm

Rare Storm Dumps 3ft of Hail on East African Nation of Eritrea (Mar 14)

(Courtesy of Andrey Eroshin)
The nation, usually dry and only experiencing the odd shower at this time of year, had the heaviest rainfall ever recorded this week.

The hail storm, which dropped 1 metre (3ft) of ice, lasted 90 minutes and left much of the city completely blocked.

Government-run newspaper Hadas Eritrea reported that streets of the capital were impassable and that the storm had shocked residents who were not prepared for the extent of hail.

Eritrea, situated just south of the Sudan and on the Horn of Africa has an average yearly rainfall of just 24 inches and rare hail storms.

The storm is by far the heaviest ever recorded in the capital, according to officials.


Comment by Howard on September 14, 2013 at 11:55pm

West Denver Buried in 2 Feet of Hail (Sept 9)
Neighborhoods in the west-metro area were hammered Sept 9 by a storm that brought high winds and heavy hail.

The hardest hit by the hail storm appeared to be an area near 26th Place in Wheatridge. It brought along a sense of winter, even as summer still hangs on.

"I've never seen anything like this," Terry Cohen said. "It's nuts."

"The sound of it was just truly amazing, deafening," Doug Junda said.

Wind gusts glued leaves to siding. The hail was described as blinding.

"It was coming down so hard, you couldn't see out across the backyard at any one time," Junda said.

"I could have sworn it was a winter wonderland in summer," Jacob Cohen said.

"It's a couple feet deep".

Snowplows and front-end loaders were helping with the cleanup by hauling away the hail.


Comment by Carlos on September 7, 2013 at 11:13pm

Freak hail storm Brings winter scenes to Falmouth

BBC News 


Falmouth residents found their garages flooded after the hail turned to a torrent of water

A freak hail storm has left part of Falmouth in Cornwall looking like a winter's scene.

PE teacher Tommy Matthews, 52, of The Gluyas arrived home from work to find an inch of hail covering the street.

Neighbours' garages were flooded and manholes burst as the hail turned into a stream of water.

The hail storm, which left cars sliding on roads, occurred at about 17:00 BST after a Met Office warning of heavy rain in the South West overnight.

'Sky opened up'

"I was walking up the street and it suddenly all went nuts," said Mr Matthews.

"My drive is still covered in hail.

"It went on for about 20 minutes. Just when I thought it was over, it came down harder and harder."

He said the hail was confined to within about a quarter of a mile radius of his home.

Patricia Minson, who lives nearby at Boslowick Road, said: "There was a thunder clap and the sky opened up.

"There were about 10 cars stuck on the hill.

"I've never seen anything like this."

Comment by Howard on August 25, 2013 at 10:02pm

Hail Decimates Montana Wheat Harvest (August 2013)

John Decock was days away from harvest when hail came in an angry white veil and pounded his wheat and oats into the mud.

“I’d just come in for supper and I could see it coming from the highway,” Decock said. “It was a like white wall. There was a plunk-plunk-plunk on the roof and then it was a roar.”

The wind blew so hard from the northwest that the icy pebbles bounced horizontally off Decock’s home, rolled down the roof and piled a foot deep in his doorway. It ripped up his wife’s rhubarb and tossed cottonwood branches 100 yards southeast of the trunk. In the end, the very sky Decock turned to for drought relief in May was by August his undoing.

“Well there’s no harvest this year,” Decock said recently as he harrowed the field that before Aug. It looked like it would deliver that once-a-year paycheck that comes with harvest. Instead, Decock will be turning to crop insurance for partial coverage of his losses.

Montana has had an unusually long hail season, according to the National Weather Service. Consequently, crop damage claims for the year are not only nearly double what they were in 2012, but also the third highest in 50 years with time left for more claims still to be filed, according to the state Department of Agriculture.

The reasons for the prolonged season are weather conditions normally over by mid-July that this year stretched into August. In a normal year, the worst of Montana’s hail falls from late June through mid-July, said Tom Frieders, National Weather Service warning coordination meteorologist in Billings.

Frieders is the region’s severe weather guy and he’s had a busy year so far. Montana has had 263 severe hail storms so far this year, compared to 115 for all of 2012. Severe hail is anything larger than an inch in diameter. The state has also been hit by nine tornadoes and 225 severe wind storms, including the violent July 8 storm that damaged the grain silos at United Grain in Pompeys Pillar.

The hail storms are created when moist air traveling north to Montana from the Gulf of Mexico collides with Pacific weather moving across the state west to east. Weather Service maps of severe weather show a broad swath of hail storms plotted from Texas into Eastern Montana. The Gulf moisture usually stays east of the Rocky Mountains.

In a typical weather year, the moisture traveling north from the Gulf begins to leave the area by mid-July when it’s replaced by hot, dry weather. This year the Gulf moisture stuck around.

“What we had was actually a persistent pattern that began in June and extended into early August,” Frieders said. “We had consistent southeasterly flow feeding that Gulf of Mexico moisture into our area.”

Farmers submitted 852 claims to the Montana Hail Insurance Program through Tuesday, nearly double the claims submitted in 2012.

Not all the claims filed are for major crop loss, but there has been an increase this year in major claims for hail. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Risk Management Agency oversees the nation’s Federal Crop Insurance Corp.

RMA literally has a hand in every farm policy in the United States. Private sector insurance companies sell and service policies, but RMA supports it all and requires advance notice if a claim exceeds $500,000.

This year, there are 12 Montana claims for hail-related losses in excess of $500,000, according to RMA. There were none in 2012.

At Decock’s farm, the “white combine” has taken everything, which has rarely occurred in the past because the fields are spread over more than 4 miles. It takes an unusual storm to dump hail over that wide of a swath, but the early August storm did just that, rolling over the Crazy Mountains and chewing up these mile-high plains.

The busted plant stems all tilt to the southeast at a 35-degree-angle like a sundial stuck at 6 o’clock.

“It even beat the thistles down,” Decock said in disbelief.


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