Is there a reason for an STO person to be living with a STS person? How does the disparity ever work? Is it supposed to work? Is there a bigger lesson to be learned? Is there growth that is supposed to happen, is the STO person supposed to "inspire" something in the STS? Is it the job of the STO to raise the STS person up to a higher level? Are there lessons to be learned from the STS for the STO? I am asking because I do not want to "check out early" due to selfishness, I want to do the right thing for everyone... Yes, for everyone; Is this an impossible task? I am asking because I am a very giving person, and my husband seems to come across as self centered. We are totally disintegrating as a married couple. We have children. I feel he will be an asset during and through the pole shift because he can rise to the occasion when needed, and we work well together when necessary; so I don't feel like it is imperative for us to separate. I want to help each other and help the family survive, together. I don't think it would be good to separate our resources. This would probably work; Excerpt: we are having a very hard time getting along, as we are coming to a head in the collapse of the marriage. I am frustrated and so is he. So to clarify: Is there a higher purpose to working out these differences? I sometimes feel like it is my job to hold everything together because it is causing the least of amount of pain and disruption. Or am I doing a disservice to everyone by holding on? I think this could be a good question because as we are getting closer to TSHF, more and more divisions and frustrations are erupting between families and loved ones....I just really want to do the right thing, for everybody. Thank you so much for all the insight and help I have received from the wise words of the past; I look forward to more insight in the future!

We have often spoken of the polarizing period, when those who are Service-to-Other will tend to find each other and group together and expel or refuse to deal with those who are firmly Service-to-Self. This is primarily a trend whereby those who are Service-to-Other refuse to be taken advantage of anymore, as the Service-to-Self certainly do not want the status quo to change. There is also a separation between those who take the Earth changes and our warnings seriously from those who prefer denial. This is not necessarily along the lines of spiritual orientation as there are those who are highly Service-to-Other who simply cannot bear to think of the horror, and those who are highly Service-to-Self who are determined to survive. However, it is certainly true that the Service-to-Other individual is more likely to plan for the safety of others, and work at this, where the Service-to-Self individual will party until the end, planning to loot and take advantage of the work others have done. Given all that, there can be an additional reason that couples of families separate as the times get more tense.

It is not a true statement that all those who are highly Service-to-Other get along with each other, or have the same view on approach or overall agenda. Just look at Service-to-Other alien groups, who do not agree on how to present the pending pole shift to mankind! The Pleiadeans do not want to be the bearer of bad tidings, so sugar coat the coming changes. Yes there will be some rough times but how wonderful at the end! We on the other hand feel mankind should be empowered by knowledge, to better their chances of survival and their chances of being alive so as to help other survivors such as orphans or the injured. Yet both groups are highly Service-to-Other!

We have mentioned Mother Teresa as an example of a highly Service-to-Other individual, and Yoda as another example in fiction. Yoda could be brusk, firm, refuse assistance, yet would throw himself into the fray without hesitation when it was called for. Mother Teresa gave to all, unfailingly, at sacrifice to herself. Some mistake a tendency to simply give to all as an expression of being Service-to-Other, and it certainly is a trait of those in the Service-to-Other to be highly giving. But others, equally concerned about the general welfare, equally Service-to-Other, will be more firm with others, insisting they contribute as much as possible, not be lazy, not have unrealistic expectations of others. These views clash, often. The one who is overly giving does not meet with distress when times are good, but will encounter distress when there is not enough to go around. A challenge among humans in the Service-to-Other going into the rough times ahead will be to learn to live with and respect each others viewpoints.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for November 13, 2010

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Comment by Nyaarii W Zawati on May 9, 2020 at 11:10pm

Much thanks for this post, Gerard! This subject is very important because human relationships between diverse personalities can be so difficult to maintain in harmony.

Almost three years ago, I accepted an invitation for a seemingly "perfect" small group living arrangement, sharing a rural off-grid house at seven thousand feet elevation. You know what I was thinking!

After many months,  certain factors contributed to the gradual ending of that learning experience. As individual intentions and expectations became clearer, tensions increased dramatically. My life is informed by the predictions of the Zetas as revealed by ZetaTalk through Nancy, and many wonderful personal experiences as a contactee. The decisive moment was the ridicule expressed by the snarky greeting, "Nubia, what are the aliens saying today?" 

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