Spain: sinkholes and landslides hit country


07.04.13. It is not the first time police have over the past two months, sets the cordon in this area known as the Casas Altas, to prevent accidents. Three weeks ago in the Escoplillo they did the same with another sinkhole, which was about ten meters in diameter and 6 meters deep.


07.04.13. On a plot more than 25 meters of the NA-6100 road, between the towns of Miranda de Arga and Falces, occurred landslide. Due to the collapse of the road with the 7:0 pm blocked movement in both directions, said in a statement the official authorities of Navarra. Earlier in february already reported about 2 landslides in Navara - in Ilurdotz and in Subiza.


20.03.13. Huge cracks blocked the access road to the town of Yeste


16.03.13. Landslide in Benavente


10.03.13. Subsidence of the bridge on road N-420 at the river Yeguas. Sinking of the road happened on Thursday night 10/03, which led to the collapse and stop traffic in Conquista.

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