Spain: massive chasm opened near of zone Rostrío, Santander


Massive chasm opened near the shore in an area of zone Rostrío, Santander, Spain. According to experts this reason was the process of the dissolution of limestone rocks at the depth, which creates underground caves, which may eventually lead to the processes of the collapse of the surface material.


15.02.12. The sinkhole absorbed the truck on the street Manuel de Falla, Sabadell, Spain. The reason is still unknown, but presumably this is a pipeline, which was broken and made a large hole. The truck, which was placed near, fell into the hole.


07.02.12. A section of a bridge over the Trubia River collapses under the strain of swirling water during heavy rain in the town of Trubia in northern Spain.

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Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on February 23, 2012 at 2:40pm

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Where ordinarily above the waves, when the waves get larger, Spain will find that land once considered safe is no longer so. During the hour of the shift, stretching of the Atlantic will pull Spain down some 50 feet, so that the coastlines will find flooding and high tides, and water flowing inland along rivers. Many will flee to the mountains in northern Spain, but due to the stretch the Atlantic will undergo, this land will sink, and those flocking there will be living on top of each other after the shift with nowhere else to go. They will find themselves perched on islands, staring across an expanse of water to toward the Alps, also crowded with desperate people who crawled there as the lowlands disappeared under the rising sea level, and to toward Africa, the better choice for migrating to a place less crowded. Due to its relatively high land mass, Africa will be almost entirely above sea level even after the poles melt and the sea level rise some 650-700 feet, worldwide.


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Thanks Andrey.  Lots happening in Spain.

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