Ship runs aground in Norway - oil sheen on water

A CONTAINER ship has run aground off Norway's southwestern coast, leaving a film of oil in the surrounding waters.

Rescue service spokesman Nils-Ole Sunde said all 14 crew members, from Russia, Ukraine and the Philippines, were unharmed.

Then Antigua-registered ship has 280,000 litres of oil and 67,000 litres of diesel on board. Mr Sunde said "we haven't been able to confirm (a leak), but there's a film of oil on the water."

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Comment by Stra on March 10, 2012 at 8:15pm

Another one, same day, Sicily, Italy:

They are again blaming the captain for sailing too close to the shore. Also, they mention a "course error". I wonder how many of those "course errors" we are going to see in the future...

Sicily, the ship runs aground Gelso M. And the region is preparing for the exceptional weather


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