I know that the Zetas already gave some answers about on how to deal with the STS. Like that they would use those around you to get to you.  Yet I would think that with the increased polarization that there are attacks also increased. Is this the case and/or is it be done on another level now, and what do the Zetas considers battles with the Service to Self? Could they say something about this, like what to expect as I would think that during the 8 of 10 this will increase big time?

We have defined the techniques used by the Service-to-Self in their dealings with others – to lie, to claim an advantage for the other when this is false and the outcome will primarily benefit the self, to seek power positions and refuse to help others unless forced to do so by public opinion or by law. Our advice when trying to discern the motives is to look to the result, to the actions taken especially when there is risk to the self as a possibility, as therein lies the proof of intent. 

When Service-to-Self humans giving The Call have a self-serving motive, the response is from Service-to-Self visitors, who counsel the human on how to achieve his goals. They cannot promise the human any rewards, but have been known to lie about this. Other than counseling, nothing can be provided by the visitors, who can only work through the actions of humans. As with Service-to-Other visitations to those giving The Call for the good of others, it is possible for the visitors to encourage group actions, so that others can be guided to where they can help. Such coordination among the Service-to-Self is nill, because these humans are only thinking of themselves, not in assisting others.  

We have mentioned that during the Earth’s Transformation there was an Earth vote sometime shortly before the Roswell incident, when the Earth’s souls voted for the planet to become Service-to-Other. Elsewhere, on other worlds and during other Transformations, it on occasion happened that a continent or location on the planet could remain under the control of the loser, in this case the Service-to-Self, who were making a concerted bid for S America and Africa. Both battles have been won for the Service-to-Other, but not before battles between the orientations, engagements between alien groups. Man noticed these battles when tools such as the Chupacabras were used, and during the Brazilian Roswell incident as a Service-to-Other countering maneuver. 

The Service-to-Self seek to gain souls for their harvest by spreading despair and encouraging selfish acts among mankind. As the Earth changes move toward the time of the Pole Shift, starvation increases, migration of the desperate from flooding areas increases, and opportunities to take advantage of others seeking a safe location abound. We have called this a time of great opportunity, as those with Service-to-Other instinct can reach out and help others. It is a balanced opportunity, when choices can be made and confirmed by the actions taken. Coordinated actions by groups of Service-to-Self contactees are not expected, where this can happen among contactees of the Service-to-Other. But individual actions by self-serving individuals will be on the increase. 

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for November 22, 2014

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