UPDATE: The pillar of the bridge gave way at around 6 in the morning. When the incident took place, a car collided with a tanker transporting fuel, injuring the two people in the car and the driver of the tanker.

One of the victims suffered from a broken thigh bone, whereas the fuel tanker driver escaped with only slight injuries. Local news reported that the collapsed bridge was the only way for tankers to deliver fuel from Aramco to Riyadh.

bridge collapses

Torrents of rain water and continuous heavy rains that has been plaguing Saudi’s capital city over the past few days has led to many infrastructural damages. The latest is the collapse of the old airport bridge in Thumama in Riyadh.

Images and video footage of the collapsed bridge has been widely shared on social media sites since this morning. A truck that was crossing the bridge got trapped over the collapsing bridge, but it is not clear whether the occupants of the truck were safely rescued. Many people expressed their anger over the falling bridge and called authorities to address corruption in the companies that managed the infrastructure projects in the kingdom, reported local news site Almnatiq.

The recent rains have caused extensive damage to infrastructure in the region including power supply disruption in some neighborhoods and flooding of many major roads and tunnels.