Road to the announcement [2012/6/16 - 2018/12/23]

1) Announcement History; 2013/09/01

It was June 16, 2012 that the Zetas first announced that Obama was considering a public admission about the long-running cover-up over the pending passage of Planet X, aka Nibiru. 

Over the next year the road the announcement planned to take proved to be a bumpy one. The Zetas recently gave a synopsis. 

[2012/06/16 - 2013/07]


2) Announcement Posturing; 2013/11/03

Since July, 2012 when the Zetas first announced that Obama was planning to admit the presence of Planet X, aka Nibiru in the inner solar system, the announcement team has struggled to get the message out. 


3) Announcement War; 2014/11/09

The Zetas only recently revealed that October 20, 2014 was the planned date of the announcement, or the week following October 20, 2014 to be more precise. 

That October 20, 2014 was the date was not publically revealed by the Zetas until the date had arrived. 

The announcement by Obama during the week of October 20 was frustrated by blocking him from the media. 

Per the Zetas, the corporate media has Obama boxed in! 

In that Obama is working closely with the Council of Worlds on the matter of getting the common man informed about the pending passage, empowered with the knowledge the elite have had for themselves for decades, they are an involved party. Per the Zetas, the Council of Worlds was not amused by the delays, the deliberate blocking that Obama encountered. Per the Zetas, the Council of Worlds is now at war with the cover-up crowd, the wealthy and politically powerful elite controlling the media and blocking the message. 


4) Flash and Parry; 2014/12/21

Since the Council of Worlds went to war with the cover-up crowd on October 20, 2014 the public has seen the “flash and parry” of swords from the behind the scenes battles.


5) Cover-up Wars; 2015/03/01

Suddenly, within a day of each other, network talking heads are leaving the scene. On February 10 NBC announced that lying Brian Williams will be forced to take a 6 month leave of absence. The next day, on February 11, CBS lost talent. Bob Simon of 60 Minutes was killed in a car crash and Jon Stewart announced his unexpected retirement from the popular Daily Show. (The Daily Show was on the Viacom network, but both Viacom and CBS are under the same Redstone media empire.) Per the Zetas, this is a media against media war, with CBS and Redstone wanting to allow Obama’s announcement while NBC is holding out.


6) Post Announcement Expectations; 2015/04/19

The focus on the announcement has been around the issue of when it will happen, will it be allowed to happen, who are the contestants in the war, who will lead, and what type of information will break first. The focus on the announcement has only lightly touched on what will come after. Recently, the Zetas have hinted that the announcement aftertime is about to begin. 

Since then, the Council of Worlds went to war with the media elite. Though the flash and parry of swords can be seen on occasion, the war is primarily behind the scenes. But spontaneous EAS testing has continued, primarily under the cover of testing for a New Madrid emergency, and lately seems to be operating as intended. A test on March 17 and again on March 31 got through. 


7) Council of Worlds vs Space Shuttles; 2015/06/14

The Zetas announced that the Council of Worlds had gone to war with the cover-up crowd when the October 20, 2014 date for Obama’s announcement was missed, as detailed in this Pole Shift ning blog. 

The war was announced with a bang on October 27 and again on October 31, 2014 when two launches unexpectedly exploded. 

Per the Zetas, the Council of Worlds was giving a message that the elite cannot escape to Mars, but must remain on Earth with the common man during the hour of the Pole Shift.  

The Council of Worlds has also been at war with commercial (corporate) enterprises to launch spy satellites from Russia. These have regularly, and repeatedly, been blown up as a message, in fact, on an annual basis! 


8) Element of Doubt Fades; 2015/07/05

From the start of the ZetaTalk saga, the Zetas have outlined rules that the visitors must comply with – Council of Worlds rules guiding contact with immature worlds such as Earth.

The Element of Doubt is a rule in place to prevent undue panic over obvious evidence of the alien presence. It is not panic in the people that is the main concern, per the Zetas, it is panic in the establishment who fear losing control of the populace.

But tests such as the release of the Skinny Bob tapes in 2011 have shown the public will hardly panic.

The number of contactees has risen dramatically lately. In 2008 when the Zetas were asked about this, they stated that approximately 12,000 humans were contactees, and counting. A year ago they stated this number had risen to 3.5 billion, over half the world’s population now chatting with aliens on space ships. 

Per the Zetas, the need for the Element of Doubt rule is fading.


9) Council of Worlds Wins; 2015/07/26

The Zetas have recently stated that the war against the elite who were blocking Obama’s announcement admitting the presence of and pending passage of Nibiru had been won, with the announcement now back on the schedule.

One visible part of the war has been the elites plan to escape to and ride out the Pole Shift on Mars. A recent firm reminder that they will not be allowed to escape occurred when Elon Musk’s latest shuttle to the ISS blew up.

But the really dramatic message to the elite, showcasing the strength and reach of the Council of Worlds, occurred days later on July 8, 2015 when China’s stock market was closed to prevent a plunge, the New York Stock Exchange closed for hours, the Wall Street Journal website was unable to function, and United had to ground all their planes worldwide. All this on the same day. 

While the simultaneous downtime raised eyebrows, what was even more intriguing was that Anonymous had warned this would happen just the night before – on 10:45 pm on July 7. Per the Zetas, none of this was a coincidence, and it was all at the hand of the Council of Worlds.  Just don’t get cocky, is the message to the elite, and try to regress. 


10) Rush to Closure; 2015/08/02

For the past few months the Obama administration seemed to be in a rush to closure on several issues – all of which had deadlines prior to the start of Jade Helm 15 in the US.

— Trans Pacific Partnership arrangement; Iran treaty; pending Grexit; trade with Asia and countries around the Pacific Rim; relations with Cuba; Greece issue; Queen’s sudden rush to leave Buckingham Palace —

Per the Zetas, Jade Helm 15 is primarily in place for the expected start of the New Madrid adjustments, but in that the announcement is also pending, Obama anticipates secession attempts from some parties during the announcement process. All these preparations, all this rush to closure, was a rather obvious indication that the announcement indeed had once again been scheduled.


11) Puppet Master’s War; 2015/10/04

If the Council of Worlds has gone to war with the media elite to force the announcement admitting the near presence of Nibiru, then who is at war with those blocking the producers of the new CIA tell-all movie Mena? Per the Zetas, none other than the Puppet Master, who does not want either a Bush or a Clinton in the White House, as we reported in ZetaTalk in August, and wants the movie Mena to be released on schedule. 


12) Pre-Announcement Trends; 2015/11/01

Preparing the public for the pending announcement admitting the near presence and reality of Nibiru (in the inner solar system since its arrival in 2003) and for greater disclosure on the alien presence has been a steady trend over the past couple years.

The pre-announcement push got a shove on October 23, 2015 when both the Mirror and Daily Mail publications in the UK featured a Nibiru Moon Swirl video, both freely using the words Planet X and Nibiru.


13) Announcement Clues; 2015/12/06

An excuse was needed to allow Putin to enter into the battle with ISIS, as ISIS was causing chaos in Europe, and threatening to further delay the announcement admitting the truth about Nibiru.

Note the clue in the Zeta response, that Putin and Obama are “prepared to participate in the announcement”.

We had some clues earlier when there were Social Media Outages with the Zeta explanation that social media would have a role during the announcement. Could Anonymous have a role? Anonymous was suddenly on the stage with a hack of 20,000 ISIS twitter accounts. They have phenomenal success. Per the Zetas, they are working with the Council of Worlds on the war against the cover-up.


14) Announcement Fail; 2016/04/03

The long history of the announcement struggle, officially admitting the presence of Nibiru, can be found in the newsletter archives. Since June, 2012 when the Zetas first announced that Obama was planning to admit the presence of Planet X, aka Nibiru in the inner solar system, the Council of Worlds and the announcement team have struggled to get the message out, countering the cover-up. 

The history included cutting wires during an EAS broadcast, and challenging a planned Oval Office address. Focus groups indicated the public might doubt and a Zombie EBS broadcast is an example. Bait and switch maneuvers to catch the cover-up crowd blocking Obama occurred. Assassination attempts followed including a S African assassin. Obama sought international partners to ensure delivery. A meeting between Obama and Xi resulted in a Santa Monica shootout and the sudden resignation of CIA's Michael Morrell. To ready in case of panic, the Obama administration tested reactions to Wall Street services such as NASDAQ going down, or a delay in the EBS food stamp program. Meanwhile, to prepare for potential rioting, the US has been arming its agencies

Obama's announcement partners - Russia and China -  have been positioning to move their populace to safe areas while the US has prepared to vacate DC for Denver and establish rural survival camps. The announcement was to occur 500 days from the key meeting between Obama and Xi where, per the Zetas, the date of the announcement was set. But when October 20, 2014 came and went, a line had been crossed. The Council of Worlds stepped in. The elites, who were blocking the announcement, had their plans to escape to Mars dashed, and their ill gotten fortunes eroded. Meanwhile, the Pope hinted broadly. 

The date was reset for September, 2015 when Jade Helm was anticipated to still be in place. When Obama once again failed to deliver, the Council of Worlds prepared for an internet delivery. Due to this and other failures, Chief of Staff General Dunford was rumored to have taken charge of the US government in a silent coup. 

Meanwhile, Nibiru was increasingly visible in the skies, and the Earth wobble increasingly obvious.  Meanwhile, Obama goes to ball games in Cuba and dances the tango in Argentina, while Brussels burns. But no announcement about Nibiru’s approach.  Something is amiss!


15) New Sheriff in Town; 2016/04/03

The Zetas confirm, General Dunford is now in charge.

Per the Zetas, there was indeed a silent coup last September, 2015, and an examination of the ZetaTalk claims and statements about the announcement quietly documented this. Up until September, it was in the plans. After September, a great silence.

In July, at the start of the Jade Helm exercises to run from July 15-September 15, 2015, we referred to the announcement as “firmly in the schedule “. It was clear from the Jade Helm plans that the intent was for the US military to be standing at the ready, for the panic in the people and the rush from countries to the south of the US after the announcement, a matter we referred to as “rioting after the announcement”. Then there were hints of a Third Term for Obama in late July, on the Jon Stewart show, and we the Zetas suggested that Obama might “delay or cancel” the 2016 elections. 

On September 5, 2015 when Obama went to Alaska, roughing it with Bear Grylls, we referred to this time as “just ahead of the announcement”. Then Jade Helm came and went, with no announcement.  All talk of a pending announcement within ZetaTalk stopped, other than to indicate that corporations knew this was in the future, that mankind would become aware. On January 16, 2016 we stated the ocean shipping slowdown was due in part to “rumors that the presence of Nibiru is about to be announced”. And during Wal-Mart closures on January 23, 2016 we stated that this was because they “anticipate the announcement”. 

So what happened to the announcement? Obama lacked the courage. As a result of this colossal failure, having to disband the Jade Helm structure, the US military reacted. In that the Middle East, under the direction and press from Israel, Turkey, the Jewish bankers of the Federal Reserve, and the Saudis were supporting ISIS and this threatened to create a force that would not only invade Europe but also create an endless terrorism threat to the US, the military did indeed effect a silent coup. Russia needed to enter the fray, and Dunford, but not Obama, agreed. This will never be admitted, publicly, nor do the parties want this.

What now? What does this news about General Dunford being in charge in the US mean for the announcement? Time will tell. Remember that this is in the hands of man, who has free will. The important thing is that something happen, by whatever means. Remember, there is more here than human actions. There are a billion visitors, in various life forms, working during the Earth's Transformation. Over half the human population are already contactees, hearing the truth from their contacts. Nibiru visibility is increasing daily. The Earth wobble is increasing and undeniable. The Council of Worlds can inform the people of Earth in a number of ways we are not even aware of. Stay tuned, this drama has hardly reacted its last chapter!


16) House Arrest; 2017/01/22

The Zetas have acknowledged that the Ben Fulford reports are highly accurate, though not 100% accurate as he gets his info from many sources and has been spectacularly wrong on occasion. For instance, when he pronounced Hillary dead after her 911 Memorial faint and seizure. The Zetas have described what they call the Transformation Team - a team composed of both humans and aliens working to turn the world into a Service-to-Other oriented world. This is a motley crew, with specialties that focus on different parts of the mission, but respect and work well together. 

ZetaTalk Insight 12/10/2016: The Transformation Team, as we have explained, is composed of many parts. Ben Fulford and his groups, Wikileaks and Assange, Anonymous working with millions of contactees behind the scenes, General Dunford who is currently in charge in the US, the Puppet Master who wishes to see the populace of the world informed about Nibiru and the pending passage, and his protégé Trump, ourselves at ZetaTalk and Nancy, and many, many others who quietly work behind the scenes. This Transformation Team owes their strength to the backing of the Council of Worlds, who went to war with the elite of Earth over their objection to the Nibiru announcement.

That the Zetas and Fulford are working off the same set of facts can be seen in the recent house arrest situations they describe. First, the Queen. On December 10, 2016 the Zetas stated there would be a crack down on European elites, such as royalty. Then on December 26, 2016 Fulford stated that the Queen had been put under house arrest. Then ahead of Christmas there were news reports that the Queen had a bad cold and was missing her traditional Christmas and New Years appearances due to that. Finally, on January 8, 2017 she attended church, but looked very worried and scared. 

Next, Hillary Clinton. On December 10, 2016 the Zetas stated the Clinton and Bush crime families are in the process of being taken down, and investigations into the Clinton Foundation are still in process. On December 12, 2016 and again on December 19, 2016 Fulford described the Bush/Clinton crime families being under house arrest. On December 28, 2016 Hillary was caught eating alone at a restaurant. This is the real Hillary, not the double, as the finger lengths show. Hillary’s appearance on January 10, 2017 to commemorate the new State Department Museum was the real Hill also. Though when Bill and “Hillary” appeared on January 7, 2017 on Broadway for the last show of The Color Purple, the hooked nose and lack of Hillary’s weak lower jaw show this to be the Hillary double attending with Bill. 

Netanyahu is another case in point. While not obviously under house arrest, he is suddenly under investigation for corruption by the Israeli police and under pressure by a UN mandate to return land to the Palestinians and to stop building settlements. Netanyahu retained his Prime Minister post by election fraud on March 17, 2015, and has operated in an arrogant and criminal manner all this life.

On December 10, 2016 the Zetas stated that the cabal that included Jewish bankers and Netanyahu were going to be taken down. On December 24, 2016 the UN voted a mandate against Israel, the US abstaining in the vote for the first time in years. On December 26, 2016 Fulford stated that an essential blockade of Israel was in place, essentially house arrest for the country. On December 27, 2016 news that Netanyahu was being investigated for corruption in Israel appeared in the press. This is a long way from when Netanyahu visited Congress while snubbing the White House in March 18, 2015. How far he has fallen!

No wonder Nethanyahu looked so sheepish when visiting Obama on November 10, 2015. He knew what the possibilities were. 


17) Inauguration Milestone; 2017/02/05

Trump’s inauguration on January 20, 2017 was a milestone, a passage, in so many respects. From the start of the revelation in 2012 that humming black boxes placed on fault lines were holding back jarring earthquakes, softening them, until the announcement about Nibiru and the pending passage could be achieved, it has been obvious that devastating Earth changes have been held back. Obama did not achieve the announcement, but the Transformation team allied with Trump certainly means to make it happen.  First indication is the removal of Climate Change disinformation from the White House website. It’s not Global Warming. It’s Nibiru!

With the inauguration on January 20, Trump secured the Presidency from the grasping hands of the Bush/Clinton crime cabal and their complicit media. The media wars are not quite dead as yet, as can be seen in the crowd size war. No, the crowd was not as large as the historic Obama crowd, but it was not as small as many in the media tried to claim. Despite the cold rain, and despite the threats of riots, and despite being held back by authorities worried about riots before people were allowed to flow into the park areas – they came and cheered. 

And the glum and glummer Clintons showed up, still likely under house arrest and carefully watched. Only Trump finally elicited a smile from them during the evening dinner when he encouraged the crowd to give them a standing ovation. The Trump Administration is coming together, with General James Mattis and General John Kelly quickly confirmed for their cabinet positions as Secretary of Defense and Homeland Security Secretary. This is the good team, the one that will end the cover-up over Nibiru, tell the truth, help the world prepare for the passage of Nibiru, stop ISIS terrorism, end the 1% getting richer and the poor getting poorer, and stop the New World Order crowd’s evil plans. 


18) Trump’s Junta; 2017/03/26

Trump inherited his Junta from Obama, who was under a military Junta since the Fall of 2015. Obama failed to make the announcement about Nibiru when Jade Helm was in place to deal with the expected rioting. Per the Zetas, Obama “lacked courage” and thus disgusted with Obama, who had also proved unable to deal with the rise of ISIS, Dunford took over

But what has happened since the Fall of 2015? Surely Trump as a newly elected President is not under any restrictions. Not so, say the Zetas who declare that the US Military is still in charge of the country, albeit covertly. This explains many situations that puzzle the general populace. Why is Hillary not indicted and charged for her many crimes? Why have the Clintons, and even the Queen, seemed to have disappeared, while looking grumpy when they are allowed to make an occasional appearance? Per the Zetas, they were under house arrest, by a military court! 

Now the military presence around the President has increased, with highly acclaimed generals as Secretary of Defense and Secretary of Homeland Security. Dunford meanwhile is still on the job. This group is jokingly referred to as Trump’s Junta, and the term is indeed apt. How does this work? Covertly. And per the Zetas, in concert with the Transformation Team which has many arms and many talents.


19) Side Door Announcement; 2017/11/19

ZetaTalk Insight 11/30/2017: And the persistent suggestion by the Trump administration that Climate Change is not caused by man. First Trump rejected the Paris Accord, and now he has taken a step further as his pick for the new head of NASA also rejects the man-made theory. Piece all of these news items together, and what you have is a back door Nibiru announcement. The observable Earth wobble, smoldering brown dwarf that could be called a planet or failed sun, Noah’s Arc as a reality, and the periodic passage period of 3,600 years. Add to this the constant mention of “Nibiru” in headlines, which leads on any Internet search directly to the ZetaTalk website. Is this not a type of announcement?


20) Deep State Cleanup; 2018/01/07

When President Trump was signed into office a year ago he entered the “swamp”, the Deep State of Washington DC where personal agendas run contrary to those proclaimed, lobbyists hand out cash, and the crimes of the Bush and Clinton families remain unpunished. The Deep State expected Hillary to be elected, as the fix was in, election fraud in many states and many places, but when countered the will of the people prevailed. The Deep State went to war, a covert guerilla war that included claims that it was Trump, not Hillary who had colluded with Russia to influence the election, and including false rumors that Trump is senile or insane, and should be impeached. 

The Zetas have stated that the US is being run by a military Junta, since the Fall of 2015 when Obama failed to make the announcement about Nibiru, as he “lacked courage” in the Zetas words. Jade Helm 2015 was in place to deal with riots and immigration issues, but Obama did not step up to the plate. Thus Dunford took over. The Junta, in concert with President Trump, have been quietly cleaning up the Deep State. Many in the public have wondered why it has taken so long to prosecute Hillary’s crimes, and those of the DNC which clearly stole the Democratic primary from Bernie Sanders and murdered Seth Rich when he leaked DNC documents to Assange. And what about Hillary’s sale of US assets to a Russian company in exchange for hundreds of millions of dollars, the Uranium One issue? What about Hillary’s funding of the Russian Dossier? What about Soros, the Hungarian billionaire and friend of Hillary, using his funds to create chaos in the US? 

What did President Trump mean when he stated on October 6 that it was the “calm before the storm”? Shortly after this, on November 20, the CIA headquarters at Langley were paid a visit by Dunford’s Marines, in a lawful snatch of intel. The Zetas have refused to comment on these mysteries, as to do so would only inform and arm the enemy. And now we have an Executive Order from President Trump that appears on its face to be obtuse. Trump has declared a National Emergency, which is a step preparatory to all manner of actions that might be taken, or have been taken. It is of course true that the Clinton Foundation received vast funds from African dictators accused of human right abuses, and the Russian bribe for the sale to Uranium One was laundered through the Clinton Foundation too. 

Is Hillary’s day of reckoning about to arrive? The enigmatic Q Anon twitter account from a Trump Administration insider offers some insights, but the Zetas are still close mouthed. There are rumored indictments of thousands pending as cards to be played. There seem to be unexplained resignations in the FBI and DOJ. Whatever is in process, it seems clear that the good guys are winning! Per the Zetas, clues and hints are all we can expect to receive, as the more important issue - the approaching passage of Nibiru - should be the focus in the nightly news and should be the primary concern of every household. 


21) Military Tribunals; 2018/03/11

What does Trump’s new Executive Order published on March 1, 2018 mean? It gives new powers to the Department of Defense by allowing civilian courts and lawyers to be used to augment military staff during military tribunals. It also alludes to the current law allowing Martial Law to be declared during times of National Emergency or during any threat to National Security. Per the Zetas and many others, we are already declared, via Executive Orders, to be in a state of National Emergency. Are we going to have military tribunals of US civilians? Is this akin to Martial Law? 

What was astonishing was that none of what is termed Major Media brought this up as a topic nor discussed this among their talking heads. Not CNN, not Fox News, not MSNBC, not RT - none of them. Were it not for Ben Fulford’s weekly newsletter and Reddit, we would not have known! Does not the hint that military tribunals await raise questions? It was even missing from Corsi tweets and the Alex Jones shows and Trump’s tweets. It was off the radar! Yet it is momentous. 

The rumored 14,000 sealed indictments being served against pedophiles and the Gitmo housing expanded by 13,000 beds in the US budget relate. The Zeta have stated that Hillary was under House Arrest in January, 2017, along with the Queen briefly, when their illegal funds were taken from them. John McCain has also shown up with an ankle boot, which he switched to the other foot during an interview, showing that it was hardly due to a broken foot. Trump’s December 21, 2017 EO took their illegal funds away, via military tribunals. 

The hang-up in admitting the Martial Law status has undoubtedly been the current caseload in civil courts. Would everything not adjudicated under Martial Law be moot? The courts would be clogged with challenges, with requests that the prisons should be opened, fines revoked and repaid, meanwhile current judicial business at a standstill. Trump’s March 1, 2018 EO and Annex 1 and 2 address this, by stating that all prior civil adjudication is exempt. Meanwhile, the Hillary crowd and the Deep State are frantic to remove Trump from office.

But what of the period between March 1 and the point in time when the official status of the Junta is admitted? During this time, ongoing in the present, Military Tribunals are in effect, confiscating drug money and payoffs so they cannot go into the pockets of the Bush/Clinton/Soros/Netanyahu cabal. Pedophile blackmail material is being confiscated. Trump’s March 1, 2018 EO covers that problem by stating that the time frame between March 1 and the end of 2018 should likewise be covered. So we are to assume that the Junta expects its official status to be made public by this time.


22) N Korea Capitulates; 2018/03/18

N Korea’s chubby dictator Kim and US President Trump seemed on a collision course, but shortly before the Olympics the noise died down and now, barely a week after Trump’s March 1 EO, we hear that Trump and Kim will meet to negotiate. Is the outcome uncertain? Where the Zetas are giving the negotiations their privacy, so as not to arm the enemy with information, cause and effect can be intuited from the recent Executive Orders written by Trump – the December 20, 2017 EO authorizing confiscation of goods and the March 1, 2018 EO staffing Military Tribunals. 

What do the Zetas mean by their statement that Herbert Bush is the drug kingpin? When did the drug epidemic in the US start? By 1971 the War on Drugs was declared. Herbert became CIA Director in 1974. How often were CIA planes found to be loaded with cocaine? And what was the deal between Herbert and the Clintons in Arkansas re landing those loaded planes? It is open knowledge that N Korea manufactures Meth, and given Herbert’s role as the drug kingpin, would not the illicit funds being confiscated by Trump’s Junta as a result of the December 20, 2017 EO include these Meth profits? Herbert is losing his funds, and Kim is losing a patron. 

Then there is the nuclear connection. Bill Clinton provided nuclear material to Kim. This is a matter of record. The Bush/Clinton/Soros criminal cabal is losing, lately, with the failure of Hillary to grab the White House in 2016 a major blow. They want Trump and his Junta deposed, or at least distracted and stumbling. They want World War III to break out to create opportunities during the chaos that ensues. They want Trump goaded into bombing N Korea, to start this.

The threat of nuclear taunts from N Korea have continued and increased over the past few months. Kim openly threatened to bomb US territories. Trump was not intimidated, but likewise did not invade N Korea. On April 15, 2017 Kim’s ICBM missile test blew up, which the Zetas attributed to intervention by the Council of Worlds. By September, 2017 Kim’s nuclear program had reached the point of being able to deliver a bomb to neighboring countries. China nervously watched the destabilized Mt. Mantap where Kim did his nuclear testing. Putin evacuated Vladivostok at one point. 

Suddenly N Korea seems to have capitulated! While the Zetas cannot comment, we can connect the dots. The relationship in time to Trump’s most recent EO allowing Military Tribunals to take place in civilian courts, using civilian lawyers, is key. It was just a week later that negotiations were announced. It is not just Hillary and McCain wearing ankle boots these days, under House Arrest or held at Gitmo. There are tens of thousands of arrests pending. The Deep State is in Deep Dodo. If Kim still wants his Twinkies and girl toys, to avoid living like his starving citizens, he has to capitulate. 


23) Deep State Wars; 2018/05/13

Could the public be unaware of a secret war within Political Parties, between a King and his Generals, or between a Pope and his Cardinals?  In fact, most power plays are done quietly, out of the public eye, so that the public only learns of them by insider leaks or by analyzing patterns. The massive number of suspicious deaths among those who threaten the Clinton Cabal, for instance. The size of Bernie Sander’s 2016 campaign rallies or the Trump campaign rallies vs the handful of people who attended Hillary rallies. Examine the patterns. 

Thus the war against the Deep State is occurring outside the view of the public, like sharks in the water, only visible on occasion when a fin cuts above the surface. Yes, there are a lot of Generals in attendance in Trump’s administration, and that would imply a Junta in charge, but no official statement has been made. Yes, the missile attack alert for Hawaii on January 13, 2018 seemed suspicious, but we are told this was all due to a mistake and a misplaced twitter password. Now we have a number of US Military helicopters crashing, followed by a ferocious C-130 crash. Per the Zetas, part of the Deep State war. 

Adding to the confusion is the terminology used by various trusted sources to explain this war, which is not addressed by the corporate media except to defend nefarious characters and attack those who are trying to set things right. These trusted sources are Internet based – Wikileaks and Assange, Anonymous, Ben Fulford, ZetaTalk, and now Q. Meanwhile, most of the media screams their fake news, or focuses on distractions. The war is being won by the good guys, steadily. But as with the sudden good news on N Korea, the public may be the last to know!


24) Korea Surprise; 2018/05/13

What happened? Just months ago, in January, 2017 the world was anticipating a nuclear war between N Korea and the US. Kim was constantly testing ICBM’s that could strike the West Coast of the US and clearly had nuclear weapons being tested under Mantap Mountain. Despite trade restrictions and a starving, worm ridden populace, Kim seemed unrelenting. Then the Winter Olympics occurred, and after that an odd quiet to the usual blustering between Kim and Trump. Per the Zetas, Kim had a bully personality, and was not about to stop. 

So what happened? The world is speculating that Kim was no longer able to test nuclear devices at the collapsing Mantap Mountain, for fear it would leak radiation into the countryside and into nearby China or Russia too. But Kim had never cared about the welfare of others, clearly. He could create another underground facility, or go elsewhere, or dig new tunnels into the mountain rock, or simply launch missiles without testing the strength of the nuclear device. This is obviously not what brought about a change in Kim. Did China step in? 

Per the Zetas, though not being reported in the media, Xi of China did step in, threatening an invasion of N Korea unless Kim’s grab for power was stopped. The war on the Deep State and the criminal Cabal of Bush/Clinton/Soros included trying to trigger World War III via N Korea. N Korea ensured that illegal drug trade profits continued to the Herbert Bush Cabal via Meth manufacture in N Korea. Profits and support for Kim thus had stopped. He was being squeezed. What does a Service-to-Self soul do when trapped in this way? It leaves.

Now the world, stunned at the rapid turn of events, sees a completely different scenario. No invasion of N Korea by the US, or bombing of the poor civilians. No longer nuclear tipped missiles raining down on Japan or Hawaii or Guam. No longer increased tension between China and the US for another Korean War. Instead, peace, disarmament in Korea, and reunification. This was not even a possibility a couple weeks ago, not possible. And now it is happening!


25) Obama is Missing; 2018/07/08

It can hardly be ignored. President Trump is out campaigning for the GOP during the mid-term election fever and Obama is missing. Hillary Clinton left the Democrats in tatters and they desperately need his oratory, but Obama is missing. We hear he is bopping around the globe, visiting heads of state in Asia and Europe, and that he and Michelle took jobs with Netflix. Jimmy Carter rids Africa of its parasitic worms. George W. Bush just paints, but the world had expected more from the charismatic Obama. 

Obama was a walk-in, the soul of Lincoln stepping in to assume the body of a depressed teen who wanted to leave. Obama had already been in the sights of the CIA, who were grooming him to become President at some future date. This was confirmed by the Zetas in 2008, who were only allowed to comment on Obama’s private life with Obama’s permission. A walk-in is a peer of the Zetas, both coming from a higher density. But a walk-in can be temporary, if the walk-in soul decides to leave. What would this mean for Obama, and has this occurred? 

Per the Zetas, the soul of Lincoln assumed Obama’s body because he wanted to ensure the world knew the truth about Nibiru, that it was going to make a devastating passage, and understood that as President of the US he would have that opportunity. Obama was threatened with numerous assassination attempts and any attempt such as an EAS broadcast from the Oval Office was blocked. But Dunford was supporting the announcement and arranged for Jade Helm 2015 so Obama could proceed. Obama hinted at a third term. The stage seemed set. But, per the Zetas, Obama “lacked courage” and failed to act. 

Thus we limped through 2016 with Obama, who reportedly hated Hillary, supporting her campaign. Did she have something on him? There were many rumors, from a Kenya birth with a forged Hawaii Birth Certificate to the odd death of Joan Rivers right after she announced that Michelle was a “tranny” to rumors that the Obama daughters had been adopted. These rumors were supported by missing or contradictory official documents. But it was not until 2017 that the Zetas confirmed these rumors as true. The soul of Lincoln had left, so commenting on Obama was no longer against the rules. 

Now what? Without Lincoln, Obama went dancing in Argentina, and wind surfing, spending time at Branson’s island in the Caribbean, and hanging out at a South Sea island resort. Then there were reports that Obama was globe trotting, and the timing of his visits to Heads of State seemed to occur just ahead of an official visit of some sort by Trump or the Trump Administration. Was Obama trying to be a shadow president? The enigmatic Q relayed that Obama even tried to call Kim just ahead of the summit between he and Trump. What’s going on? The Zetas explain. 

ZetaTalk Insight 6/30/2018: Why is Obama visiting many countries, virtually a world tour, while seemingly out of sight for American audiences? Is he trying to act like a shadow President? Is he trying to pre-empt Trump’s influence and official statements? It is even rumored that he tried to call N Korea President Kim just prior to the summit with Trump, but that the call failed to go through as the phone number had been changed by the generals close to Kim. This is true, and the degree to which Obama personally is reacting to Trump’s success. 

Obama is not without ego, though was a Service-to-Other soul, a Star Child soul incarnated in the past in Lincoln. As we have stated, the Star Child was a walk-in, taking possession of the Obama body in its late teens. Obama the human at that time had already come under the wing of the CIA, who recognized that they could control events during an Obama Presidency because so many blackmail cards could be played. Obama was gay, born in Kenya, and the CIA arranged for he and his lover to have adopted children, all the paperwork to fit the lie. 

Why did the soul of Lincoln incarnate into a depressed teen who was at that time thinking of suicide? It was a premier opportunity to seize the stage at certain points and change the direction of the world politic for the good of mankind. Specifically, it was an opportunity to admit the presence and pending passage of Nibiru. He was given this opportunity during Jade Helm 2015, when Dunford had the US ready for riot control, but Obama lacked courage and dithered. Thereafter Dunford took control of the US government. 

Unable to fully control his administration during his Presidency, Obama could not prevent Hillary, whom he hated, from becoming the Democratic candidate. The soul of Lincoln was not, essentially, a team player, as Trump has proven to be. If Obama could not sway events by his oratory, which was superb, then events were in the hands of others who ran it into what we currently see revealed – a corrupt FBI and DOJ, a State Department that put America up for sale, and the ascendancy of the criminal New World Order cabal. The soul of Lincoln has departed, in shame. 


26) Trump Derangement Syndrome; 2018/08/12

Trump Derangement Syndrome occurs when the Deep State and the Hillary fans, both losers in the 2016 Presidential election, have no recourse but to wail and throw tantrums. The Democrats seem to have no platform other than #neverTrump protests and the Deep State is steadily being removed from the federal government, kicking and screaming all the way. CNN reporter Acosta’s face shows a pout lately, but he is not yet in a full Trump Derangement Syndrome fist pounding tantrum. 

Meanwhile, awareness of the Q phenomena has gone mainstream. In horror that the public following Q has exploded, the well-controlled American media, nominally called the Main Stream Media, lurched into action. In what was obviously a coordinated attack against the Q phenomena, over 50 publications simultaneously reported the same fake news story line – Q is a cult, and a conspiracy. Never mind its phenomenal accuracy and ability to predict what is coming. Never mind that the public senses the ring of truth in the Q revelations, and is connecting the dots. 

Why the fear? Q is peeling back the onion layers on the crimes committed by the Deep State and the Bush/Hillary criminal Cabal, who use pedophilia blackmail to control politicians. Trump appears to be out of control, for this crowd, thus is constantly demonized by the media which is also owned and controlled. At base, the fear is that the cover-up over Nibiru will break, and that Q will migrate to telling the truth about Nibiru. Trump refused to sign the Paris Accord. Trump has a private summit with Putin, when Russia is more open and honest about Nibiru. Connect the dots. Trump Derangement Syndrome and control of the media is about Nibiru! 


27) Announcement Creep; 2018/12/23

The Zetas have recently stated that the Prongs are not dead, but will this route ever reach the point where Nibiru is admitted? The Prong approach seemed to stall in mid-2017 over an argument with NASA over the best sky survey to be used to find Planet 9. NASA was pushing their WISE survey (which looks in the wrong places) while the Zetas point out that the Dark Energy Survey (which looks in the right places) already had Nibiru in its images. The excuses keep coming. The Hubble cannot look at the Sun, and Kepler has run out of fuel. 

But all is not lost. The trend in the media has been to keep the issue alive. Nibiru, a.k.a Planet X, Nancy Lieder and ZetaTalk are frequently mentioned. Every time a new rock is found out past Pluto, the whole subject is pulled about in front of the public. Some articles appear to be preparing the public for the passage, describing what the Neanderthal Man likely saw during a passage of a Red Dwarf star 70,000 years ago. 

Our resident photographer, Alberto, has been taking photos of the Nibiru complex since 2003, when it came into the inner solar system. Using Mylar to focus on only the red spectrum light rays, the results are breathtaking! With a zoom, Alberto shows us Nibiru himself, shrouded by clouds. The many Moon Swirls, in a dance with each other, are dramatic as they are wafted to the left of Nibiru himself, and around in a retrograde twirl. Oh, but NASA is still looking! Perhaps they should go talk to Alberto. 


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