Portugal: 15 May. Sao Miguel island land subsidence recorded in the Grota Lombinha!

Causes landslides cut on the regional road for Vista do Rei, S. Miguel

A land subsidence recorded tonight in the Grota Lombinha, in the parish of Feteiras, municipality of Ponta Delgada, caused the cut-ER9 a regional road that gives access to the Vista do Rei, in the Seven Cities.

According to the Regional Service of Civil Protection and Fire Azores there were no victims, but the collapse of part of the road for a distance of several meters above the water line will prevent the movement of traffic on that route during the coming weeks.



Researchers at the Center for Volcanology visiting areas affected by storms in S. Miguel

Researchers at the Centre for Volcanology and Geological Risk Assessment today visited several areas hit by storms that hit in recent days the island of St. Miguel. The rain that fell significantly increased the flow of streams that swept trees and boulders along the riverbed. In many instances the hydraulic passages under roads were inadequate to ensure the flow of water and sludge that have risen to the lanes and in some places, even caused the partial or total collapse of the roads.

The survey conducted was held today in the area of the massif of the Seven Cities where several sections of the regional road were disrupted. The most serious cases were registered in the Lombinha Grota, where a collapsed section of several hundred feet of extension that connects the Watchtower view of Feteiras the King, and John Good, where there was partial collapse of the road affecting both tracks Shooting. The losses were only material but can amount to several hundred thousand euros taking into account the tipolgia to consider interventions to restore normalcy, including the reconstruction of roads and basic infrastructure, as well as cleaning of the streams most affected where the amount of woody material can be re remobilizadpode forming dams or even be dragged close situations of intense precipitation. In parallel to these events, several homes were affected by floods and another is in critical condition since it was situated on top of a slope where you have already registered a landslide surface.



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