The Zetas have predicted "Great Clarity" since this new phase began in early 2021. Let the clarity emerge!

SOZT The past couple months have been a phase shift toward clarity for those scanning the skies for evidence of the Nibiru complex. The Red Dust is charged, and thus seeks to cling to Nibiru or its Moon Swirls, even creating magnetic fields around these elements. Having the complex clouded by this Red Dust was considered inevitable. When out in space, this Red Dust would drag behind Nibiru, but when Nibiru slowed for his passage past the Sun it caught up to Nibiru and enveloped Nibiru and its moons in this fog.

Then in early 2019 the Petrol Bubbles arrived, though hints had been in view prior to that in Alberto’s photos. The Red Dust had arrived much earlier, being a fine dust and thus easily blown about, and also being magnetically charged being attracted to Earth’s magnetic field. The Lomonosov explosions on the surface of the upper atmosphere were captured on satellite images in February, 2019 and the Petrol Bubbles were appearing in a puzzled Alberto’s photos as dark smudges.  

Meanwhile, the fine Red Dust that clung to Nibiru and its Moon Swirls forced the use of filters for red spectrum light. Where these red smudges were found, there would be the bully magnet Nibiru or its moons. What changed over the past few months? The wafting tail, full of Red Dust and Petrol Masses, was blown close enough to the Earth to remove the Red Dust as a factor. The Red Dust was absorbed into the Petrol Masses - trapped there by the oil. Where the former view was blurred by a layer of Red Dust and then a layer of Petrol Bubbles, it now had been swept clean of the Red Dust.

In this new environment, a new view of Nibiru and its Moon Swirls and individual moons in a String of Pearls has emerged. Great clarity will be provided, especially as Nibiru continues to approach the Earth. The Red Dust would form into magnetic fields, which will now be absent from view.  Location vis-a-vis the Sun and general shape and size will be a clue. In the case of these recent photos provided by Marty, this is clearly a String of Pearls in apparent rapid motion. The motion is a factor of the Earth wobble, as it is the Earth that is moving. EOZT

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Comment by Mario Valencia-Rojas on April 25, 2021 at 6:47am

April 24,2021 6:21 PM

Comment by Juan F Martinez on April 25, 2021 at 3:44am

Posted by Jim Coon on ZTF Telegram.

Comment by Nancy Lieder on April 24, 2021 at 7:05pm

On April 23 Mr MBB333 discovered smoking Petrol balls dropping from the sky, and still cannot say Nibiru.

Comment by Nancy Lieder on April 24, 2021 at 3:23pm
incredible clouds in the sky over #Monchegorsk, #Russia April 20, 2021

What is making these clouds over Monchegorsk, Russia so dense? Clouds heavy with water will appear dark, as thunderclouds just before a cloudburst. But these Russian clouds do not represent a front moving in, heavy laden with water. They are individual packets, composed of water and another dense substance - Petrol. Both these substances are dissipating as they drop through the atmosphere, but at some point will likely begin to burn, setting the sky on fire.

Comment by Juan F Martinez on April 24, 2021 at 3:47am

MICHIGAN TODAY! WOW!! Red iron-oxide and petrol chemicals from the tail of Nibiru in the atmosphere is increasingly more obvious.

Comment by Nancy Lieder on April 23, 2021 at 2:20pm

April 22,2021 Sarasota, FL 7:26 PM. Interesting capture today, looks to be Petrol element in nature?

This Petrol is not a smear on the lens as it moves. It is also close to the photographer, as it stands in front of the waves at times. It clearly vaporizes in the blaze of sunlight, within a minute. This is the process ongoing all around the world as the Petrol infiltrates Earth’s atmosphere. Where will this lead? We have predicted that all the forest in the world will burn up during the forthcoming Pole Shift. This process does not wait until the hour of the Pole Shift. For the present, wildfires will likely increase.

Comment by Kojima on April 23, 2021 at 1:40pm

Comment by Mario Valencia-Rojas on April 23, 2021 at 8:49am

April 22,2021 Sarasota, FL 7:26 PM. Interesting capture today, looks to be Petrol element in nature?

Comment by Mario Valencia-Rojas on April 23, 2021 at 8:34am

April 22,2021 Sarasota, FL 7:08 PM. What looks again to be PX.

Comment by Nancy Lieder on April 22, 2021 at 11:05pm

April 22, 2021 SE Idaho 1020am I am testing my new filters out with my Nikon 18-55Mm lens . These are what appear on the camera screen and I would ask for assistance to explain if the filters are working properly , and also what the 2 objects are to either side of the Sun and if this is actually Nibiru or a flare or reflection in the layers of filters.

This is Nibiru below but what happened to the Double Helix swirl? As photos from Florida have recently shown the shape seems to be lost in the retrograde swirl of Petrol. The process of the Red Dust being consumed by the Petrol Masses and then these masses merging due to magnetic attraction of the charged Red Dust has reached the point where the Petrol is so thick and the Red Dust so heavy that one cannot discern the objects underneath. Briefly, there was clarity, but the moment when we could see features on the face of Nibiru may have passed.

The two objects above on either side of the Sun are more Petrol Joins, glued together by the Red Dust magnetic bonding and so thick that any moons or Moon Swirls within might be hard to discern. Where a cross is present on the face of such a mass, this is almost always due to a magnetic field being established, the equator and poles forming the points where more Red Dust aligns. In view of the Red Dust clog, it may be advantageous to filter less for red and more for other colors.

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