Council of Worlds at WAR re Announcement Delays

Note the location of “Planet 9” and the inbound path for Nibiru provided by the Zetas in 1997. Nibiru arrived, right on schedule in 2003, and right where predicted a full 7 years earlier. Where the Zetas provided the location of the gravity draw represented by the Sun’s dark unlit binary and the inbound Nibiru in 1983, when the IRAS team lofted its infra-red balloon in search of the inbound Nibiru, this location was not provided to the public. All articles in print at that time only referring to the location as the “western edge of the constellation Orion”, quite vague, and the “western edge” is vast. Yet the Zetas pinpointed the location as being just outside the lower bow of Orion. Such is the accuracy of ZetaTalk. How would the public eventually become “aware of the history and accuracy of ZetaTalk predictions” as predicted by the Zetas on April 16, 2016? ? It would seem this is already in process.

SOZT March 19, 2016

So what happened to the announcement? Obama lacked the courage. As a result of this colossal failure,  having to disband the Jade Helm structure, the US military reacted. Obama is no longer running the country. Chief of Staff General Dunford is. Ben Fulford has for months been referring to Obama as the US “spokesperson”. Is this true, and how does this work? In that the Middle East, under the direction and press from Israel, Turkey, the Jewish bankers of the Federal Reserve, and the Saudis were supporting ISIS and this threatened to create a force that would not only invade Europe but also create an endless terrorism threat to the US, the military did indeed effect a silent coup. Russia needed to enter the fray, and Dunford, but not Obama, agreed. This will never be admitted, publicly, nor do the parties want this.

SOZT October 1, 2015
The three major social media outlets in use around the globe all had significant, and simultaneous outages between September 20-24, 2015. Skype had complaints from the UK, Australia, and Japan. Twitter received reports from the US, Australia, and Singapore. FaceBook had the loudest howls, primarily from the US and Europe. Notably these downtimes, some lasting for hours or even days, got no attention in the major media, and there was no real explanation for the outages.  Every Skype user has an account and a password, as do their contacts. Every Skype user can broadcast messages to their contacts, even if these contacts are not presently online. Every twitter use likewise has an account and a password, and by sending a tweet passes information along to subscribers, who can retweet the info in the future. FaceBook users likewise have an account and a password, with many friends who pick up info from each other and pass it along on their FaceBook accounts.  In all of this, the networks themselves are AWARE of the accounts and passwords, and could do a broadcast to all in the event of an announcement. Check your user agreements. This is legal!

SOZT April 25, 2015
When we announced that the Council of Worlds would be going to war with the elite over their blockage of the announcement, the tools available to the Council were not immediately apparent. Early in the campaign the Sony hack showed one such mechanism, whereby an anonymous hacker revealed embarrassing information about Sony executives. Similarly exposing pedophile activities by Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton and blatant lies by self-promoting media talking heads such as Brian Williams and Bill O’Reilly required nothing more than encouraging contactees to step forward.  In many, many cases a financial loss sufficient to trigger a clash among the elite is a result of an electronic delay during trades. 

SOZT July 4, 2015
What is the message here? As with other failed launches, this most recent failure is a definitive message from the Council of Worlds. Space X has had success in resupplying the ISS, though has flounded on landing on a floating ocean platform.  Resupply of the ISS is OK, reuse of their launch equipment so as to help the elite escape, not OK. The message now is that the elite should not expect to get into space at all. No escape. The message here is to take all hope away from such plans among the elite. They are to remain on Earth with the common man. We expect the battle to shift from attempts to block the announcement, or deny its meaning, to attempts to enslave the common man in some way. That is another fight, on another day.

SOZT November 1, 2014
The elite – the wealthy and politically powerful in the world – have continued in their attempts to thwart the announcement by Obama and his partners admitting that Nibiru, aka Planet X exists. We have long stated that the announcement date was set by Obama and Xi at their June 7-8, 2013 meeting in Santa Monica. The flustered slip given by the French Foreign Minister on May 13, 2014 re “500 days
until climate chaos” was in reference to this, as the date set was to be 500 days from the 2013 meeting, ie October 20, 2014.

SOZT November 8, 2014
Relying solely on Russia or China to proceed would get the truth out BUT since the block had always been on the US end, via Reagan’s national security directive, without a confirmation from Obama this is awkward and subject to being countered. If true, where is the confirmation from Obama? It would be packaged as some odd communist attack against Obama going into the elections, to make him seem weak, almost comical. So where is this going now? For us to comment would be to empower the enemy, which of course we will not do. Your curiosity is not as important as having the announcement succeed.

SOZT December 10, 2014
We have stated that the public will see only the flash and parry of swords from a distance during the Council of Worlds war with the cover-up crowd. Meanwhile, periodic tests of the Emergency Broadcast System in the US are done, to see if the channels are open. As of this writing, they are not yet open. The war is still on, full press. Meanwhile, during the flash and parry of swords, one can see resistance, pleading, panic, and capitulation.

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Comment by Nancy Lieder on October 29, 2014 at 8:02pm

@casey a, its a grand game of chess indeed! Trying to discredit Obama on any and all fronts so when the announcement happens, it will be claimed he is making it up to bolster his popularity or some such. This will occur in any case. We are just moving onto the next phase of the Awakening. But if the Council of Worlds is stepping, in, its going to get very interesting! I have been saying, I've popped my popcorn and pulled up my chair!

Comment by casey a on October 29, 2014 at 7:57pm

Im wondering how much of the fear-based reporting RE: Ebola was propagated to attract viewers (& partisan politics at work).

But also, how much of it was intended to hurt Obama's credibility & dissuade him from making the announcement.

Fox News, Joe Scarborough, etc were irresponsibly ratcheting up the fear while actively downplaying the scientific community's advices.

Comment by Nancy Lieder on October 29, 2014 at 7:34pm

While puzzling what moves the Council of Worlds might make, or allow. The ZetaTalk article called Things vs People applies. The Rule of Non-interference can be maintained if things, but not people, are manipulated. If you want to shoot your rival, they can cause the gun to jam, but they will not stop you from trying to shoot your rival. Something like that.

In a spiritual learning house, a schoolhouse for emerging souls, the prime directive is non-interference. This places a wealth of spontaneous experiences before the emerging souls, who develop empathy by being subject to various painful situations. Empathy simply does not exist if a spirit has not been there, in its past. ... At a certain point in the progress of a world developing emerging souls, it on occasion becomes necessary to interfere further with circumstances, to maintain a proper balance for the first lesson that young souls are to learn, which results in their decision to be either Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self. ... In all these exceptions with the Rule of Non-Interference, manipulation is done to things, not the incarnated human or life form, and thus does not interfere with the setting the emerging young soul can control. The decisions by the entity, expressed into action by the incarnated human, are not interfered with, thus.

Comment by Nancy Lieder on October 29, 2014 at 5:28pm

@Konstantin, Oops, yes, 500 days lands on Monday. But if one considers the plan to be WITHIN the 500 days, and if one assumes the stock markets and banks should be closed as they normally are on the weekends, then the weekend of October 18-19 should have been it. But instead, we had White House cyber attacks! And who knows what other kind of mischief. But the big question is .. what does the Council of World intend to DO? What does going to war mean, for the Council of Worlds, when you are dealing with 3rd density brats destined to go to prison planets in their next incarnation? When the Rule of Non-Interference states one should give all 3rd density entities the latitude of making their own choices? When the Quarantine was imposed on the Annunaki, they were given bad weather, kept losing their gold at sea when their ships sank. And large predators (which per the Zetas terrified the Annunaki) attacked. What might be in store for our misguided elite?

Comment by Stanislav on October 29, 2014 at 5:18pm

Maybe they (Obama and his team) will wait for the elections to the Congress in November?

Comment by Nancy Lieder on October 29, 2014 at 4:48pm

@Sanislav, October 20 is a Sunday and the markets worldwide are closed from late Friday night (US time) to late Sunday night (US time). They open again for a new week on Monday, in New Zealand. Late October is also when the crops are in, in the Northern Hemisphere, and as Charty has stated, it is too cold for people to just rush for the hills and sit. They will sit home and think it through, plan, instead. Vacations are over and kids back in school, so people in their home fronts, not distant and away from home. And it has that nice convergence - 500 days - which just happen to land on a Sunday, happen to land in late October. And if I am not mistaken, none of the players has a big holiday or political deadline either.

Comment by Stanislav on October 29, 2014 at 4:05pm
It is strange why the autumn, the time for the announcement. (ie, when Obama is trying to make an announcement) It is quite possible to do on New Year's address for example. But I probably do not understand this (in politics games), so I will not guess.

Comment by Nancy Lieder on October 29, 2014 at 4:04pm

@Charty, well, as is said so often, the Earth is a schoolhouse, where opportunities exist. And I guess that includes for people like Donald Trump and Dick Cheney, etc. But a line has clearly been crossed. The Annunaki didn't get to have their way forever either. Their quarantine involved bad weather and large predators, until they gave up on Earth and ran away. Wonder what it being planned now, for OUR evil misguided elite?

Comment by Nancy Lieder on October 29, 2014 at 3:45pm

@Charty, probably not that cut and dried. There would likely be parameters, spans of days, Plan A, Plan B, Plan C. I'm sure the Zetas would not give details on what those are. My understanding was that it was if Obama could not/would not announcement, then the others would. Obama is obviously still trying.

We have repeatedly stated that the announcement date was set in concrete, not to be changed even if Obama appeared to have been replaced by a look-alike or was claimed to be in a coma. Russia and China and other countries would proceed, regardless. This date was frozen after China’s Xi and Obama met in California in June, 2013.

Comment by Nancy Lieder on October 29, 2014 at 2:44pm

Seems it is being postured as an Ebola thing. But still not saying that.

Ah, now they say it will be about Ebola. "President Obama Speaks to American Health Care Workers Fighting Ebola" But do we have a new game plan afoot??

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