Indonesia: LOW Rainfall causes flooding in Bekasi

April 7, 2014

JAKARTA , JO - Rain only briefly residential streets to the Grand Galaxy City , Pekayon , South Bekasi flooding, precisely at the intersection of Pulo Ribung many two-wheeled vehicle that is breaking down due to force myself to pass .

According to a user who frequently cross the road there , flooding in this area is never as bad as now . He also questioned the existing housing developers , including the Bekasi municipal government is considered not anticipate the development of the region .

" It was not ever this bad . Developer and I expect the Bekasi municipal government coordination to prevent a more severe flood events , " said Ardian , 45 , told .

Admittedly , before entering the developer in 2010 , around the housing complex is already flooded . Supposedly , said Ardian , a developer must fix the maximum drainage network ( drainage ) , not to close it . ( jo - 4 )



ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for October 15, 2011


Flooded cities in southeast Asia, where we have predicted that the waters will rise 40-80 feet above their current level, cannot continue as before. Jakarta was known as a city with an elevation of 23 feet above sea level, and now the reports are stating that 40% of Jakara is below sea level and the sinking is not yet completed. Bangkok, predicted by ourselves to lose 40 feet of elevation, has declared "war" against the rising water, which they ascribe to draining rainfall from the highlands but in fact is an inability of any rain to drain because the rivers are backwashing from the sea. And Manila, refusing to acknowledge what has happened, is telling their populace sitting on rooftops to just wait it out.

This reaction, where the establishment as well as the populace refuses to acknowledge what is happening, will occur elsewhere around the globe too, as the 7 of 10 scenarios play out. The crumbling of Central America and the sinking of islands in the Caribbean will be blamed on a spate of earthquakes in S America. The dropping of Africa will be overlooked and ignored just as the appearance of Planet X and its Moon Swirls in the skies and on SOHO images is today. No comment from the establishment. The New Madrid will be treated as something long predicted to occur, so that it will not be until the European tsunami that the world will be faced to either acknowledge our words or escape into deep denial.

Meanwhile the cities of southeast Asia will be soggy, water in the basements, water undermining the foundations so the buildings begin to sag and lean. Certainly rot and mold will be rising, as well as water born illness and parasites and snakes, plagues all. Those trying to continue life as before will finally be forced to leave these cities, or move to higher ground nearby. Those governments trying to hold the line on the cover-up over the presence of Planet X will continue to talk in terms that had meaning in the old days. More dykes, more sand bags, cleaning the drains or dredging the rivers, more pumps, and that it will all drain in time. And this drama of clinging to the old while refusing to face the new will continue elsewhere around the globe.


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