India: 70,000 for All those who Lost Houses in Sea Erosion

June 19, 2014

Ullal: The District-in-Charge Minister Ramanath Rai has announced that the district administration will provide compensation of Rs 70,000 for those who have lost houses following sea-erosion. He was speaking after after visiting sea erosion affected areas in Kaiko, Hilariya Nagara, Uchila on Tuesday,

"Efforts are on to provide a permanent solution to the menace. The work will commence once the tender process is complete. The permanent solution will be completed in two years. About 70 houses are facing threat in Ullal and 18 families do not have any facilities." He said.


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Comment by Khan on July 8, 2014 at 3:56am

Sea erosion poses threat to coastal villages

July 8, 2014

They are sandwiched between the Uppanar and Bay of Bengal

The coastal villages of Akkaraigori, Singarathope and Sonankuppam in Old Town here are facing a grave threat from the advancing seawaters.

These fishing villages are sandwiched between the Uppanar (backwater) and the Bay of Bengal. The residents fear that if sea erosion is not swiftly arrested, their habitations will soon be swamped by seawater. Recently, a community hall close to the shore at Akkaraigori became unusable.

Mere dumping of sandbags on the shore, as it is done to plug the breaches in riverbanks and lake bunds, will not help because they will be swallowed by the sea in no time in the case of turbulence. The fishermen have made many representations to the authorities, pressing for either a groyne or a rubble-mounted sea wall.

Tamil Nadu Meenavar Peravai president M. Subbarayan told The Hindu that ever since the December 2004 tsunami, the entire coastline in Cuddalore district had undergone a vast change. The tsunami washed away a large volume of sand that had earlier served as a protective wall. “With every storm or cyclone, and even during high tides, seawater surges into the land,” he said.

For instance, a coconut grove over 400 metre on the Thazhanguda coast, which acted as a windshield and a buffer area between the sea and the fishing village, has shrunk to a narrow sandy stretch, without most of the trees. The fishermen were finding it difficult to even safely berth their boats and leave fishing nets on the shore. At Periyakuppam, the net-mending shed was either pulled down or washed away recently. Therefore, the authorities should take foolproof measures to safeguard the fishermen, their assets and livelihood, Mr. Subbarayan said.


Comment by Khan on June 24, 2014 at 4:49am

Coast Erosion Damages Kakinada-Uppada Road

June 24, 2014

The Kakinada-Uppada road that was damaged due to shoreline erosion between Kakinada and Uppada beach in East Godavari | Express Photo

KAKINADA: The Kakinada-Uppada road is gradually disappearing due to shoreline erosion. In the event of submersion of the road in sea water, the residents of 20 seashore villages will have to face many difficulties to reach Kakinada. Many buildings, temples and coconut orchards in the village also face the threat of submersion.

Even the RTC authorities are unable to operate buses on the road which is used by thousands of people for various purposes every day.


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