Looks like the cover-up artists are scraping the barrel to invent more laughable excuses and lies that allegedly explain some real Planet X related earth changes. Not only is the mainstream media in the U.S. doubling down on global warming/climate change being responsible for Hurricane Sandy and, by implication, other extreme weather events, those who control the media want to connect atmospheric carbon dioxide to increased “space junk” and collisions in space.  Do the elite really think the 99% are stupid enouigh to believe this lie, or is this evidence of desperation in the cover up?  Could the Zetas elaborate on or debunk this apparent nonsense like only ZetaTalk can? Arctic sea ice is decreasing at an unprecedented rate, and the public is supposed to believe this is directly related to “climate change.”  Yet, at the same time, sea ice in the Antarctic is increasing, which presents an obvious contradiction and problem for the cover up.  Is wind strength a valid explanation for why sea ice is increasing in the Antarctic? Attempts to connect "global warming" with satellites and "space junk" tell me the cover-up artists have reached a new level of chutzpah. Articles purporting to explain away earth changes and signs in the sky often appear in the media on the same day and are akin to birth announcements for new Establishment Lies and disinfo. Search "wind Antarctic sea ice" and "carbon dioxide space junk," note the publication dates, and you will see what I mean. [and from another]  http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2012/11/11/atmospheric-co2-risks-increas... Atmospheric CO2 risks increasing space junk: study, A build-up of carbon dioxide in the upper levels of Earth’s atmosphere risks causing a faster accumulation of man-made space junk and resulting in more collisions. While it causes warming on Earth, CO2 conversely cools down the atmosphere and contracts its outermost layer, the thermosphere, where many satellites including the International Space Station (ISS) operate. A contracted thermosphere, in turn, reduces atmospheric “drag” on satellites. A cooler troposphere will extend the lifetime of space junk — staying farther out for longer instead of burning up in the lower layers of the atmosphere, closer to Earth. We would see some effects on services provided from space if an important satellite was destroyed by a collision. [and from another]  http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2012/11/11/satellites-reveal-why-antarct...  Satellites reveal why Antarctic sea ice grows as Arctic melts. The mystery of the expansion of sea ice around Antarctica, at the same time as global warming is melting swaths of Arctic sea ice, has been solved using data from US military satellites. The Antarctic sea ice cover interacts with the global climate system very differently than that of the Arctic, and these results highlight the sensitivity of the Antarctic ice coverage to changes in the strength of the winds around the continent.

Why does the cover-up persist, when Obama is intent upon revealing the truth about the Earth changes, revealing that Planet X, aka Nibiru, is the cause? We stated that the announcement had only a 93% chance of succeeding, due to the intense reluctance of many whose hands were on the cover-up, and until and even after the announcement this crowd hopes to confuse the issue. All who participated in the cover-up – NASA on the presence of Planet X and the role of solar flares, the Global Warming crowd on the cause of weather extremes, the USGS on earthquake strength – all hope that the public continues to be confused about the cause of these events.

Thus they emerge when any information pointing to the Earth wobble or the presence of a magnetic or gravity giant nearby is about to hit the news. The simultaneous reporting of Arctic melt with an increase in ice buildup in Antarctica was such a threat, suggesting that the Global Warming excuse does not suffice. If the air is getting warmer, worldwide, then why is Antarctica not melting? The cover-up crowd rushed into the fray, immediately, with speculation that points to Global Warming again. This battle will frankly never be put to rest, as the cover-up crowd will become more shrill while the evidence of Planet X becomes more apparent.

The ice melt in the Arctic and refreeze in Antarctica is due to the Earth wobble, which is vertical over the Pacific. When the Sun is over N America, the N Pole is pulled down, so that the warm Pacific waters are pushed through the Bearing Straits into the Arctic. This has resulted in the past in kelp and algae being found, floating in the Arctic. When the Sun is over the Pacific, a reverse vertical wobble occurs, the N Pole being shoved away by the hose of magnetic particles from Planet X. Antarctica is then pushed up into the warm Pacific waters of the South Seas, which then run under the ice fields of Antarctica and cause melting and large chunks of ice to break off, set adrift.

That Antarctica is simultaneously thawing in this manner and then refreezing can only be explained by the wobble, as re-freezing occurs when the globe is tipped down so Antarctica has been pushed far into the cold and the dark, away from the warm waters of the South Pacific. Therein lies the threat, as the wobble explains it all, and can be ascertained by the public if they examine the placement of the Sun during the day. Rushing in to assert that Global Warming is alive and well is the ridiculous excuse for satellite failure – the thermosphere is contracting. Of course the common man cannot determine this for themselves, but is expected to register that the experts claim that Global Warming is causing satellite failure. The theater of the absurd will not go away, and they have now sent in the clowns.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for November 17, 2012

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