After the Paris attacks in November the President imposed a state of emergency, its extension will now be debated and voted on. While Europe has been at risk of such attacks for many years, the EU chief now suddenly says that EU states are at risk. Is this a further 'excuse' to close borders and impose a state of emergency with localised curfews in European states and cities, also as a sort of a 'general repetition' related to turmoil ensuing from possible internal population displacement related to the 7-10 events? There is now an earthquake as well as volcanic eruptions somewhere every second day. Could the Zetas expand on this as it feels that we have entered acceleration territory. [and from another]  Islamic State is actively focusing its attention on conducting large-scale attacks in Europe similar to those last year in Paris, the head of the EU’s law enforcement agency has said. Since last spring the country’s intelligence services had foiled 11 terrorist attacks, some of which had been ordered by the Islamic State attackers behind the Paris atrocities. The Europol report says Islamic State is preparing more mass gun and bomb attacks of the sort seen in Paris and, in 2008, in Mumbai, “to be executed in member states of the EU, and in France in particular”. Terrorists struck France in a series of attacks last year, which began with shootings at the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in January. The government introduced a state of emergency after the November attacks, but the move has been criticised by civil liberties groups. It is due to expire on 26 February, but last week the Elysée Palace announced it would seek to extend it for another three months. [and from another]  [and from another]North-East India (6.7), 25 January: [and from another] Glbraltar (6.1), 25 January:  [and from another] Alaska (7.1), 24 January:  [and from another]  [and from another] China (6.4), 20 January:  [and from another] Fiji (6.2), 16 January:  [and from another] Turkey, 16 January:  [and from another] Japan (6.7), 14 January:  [and from another]Bolivia (6.1), 14 January:  [and from another] Mexico Jalisco (6.6), 9 January:  [and from another] India (6.7), 4 January:  [and from another] 11 volcano eruptions in January:  Russia, Indonesia, Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua

Should France maintain their state of emergency, in light of continuing terrorist attacks? Absolutely. They were attacked twice, recently, during the Charlie Hebdo attack a year ago and again during the Paris attack in November, 2015. France is a very visible leader in the fight against ISIS and oppression in the Middle East. They were quick to fight Gaddafi in Libya, have joined Russia in the fight against ISIS in Syria, and have espoused a Palestinian State, despite objections from Netanyahu. 

We warned that only a strict crackdown on sleeper cells and more control over the flood of refugees would protect Europe from repeated attacks. This is even more important now that the African roll has picked up steam. Earthquakes along the African border with the Eurasian Plate will disorient the populace of North Africa and southern Europe alike. High tides will develop, suddenly, swamping boats. Without an explanation of why the African Plate is rolling, and what the outcome will be, people will be given to panic and speculation. Thus distracted, more illegal immigration into Europe will occur, supplying sleeper cells there. 

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for January 30, 2016

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