Caribbean: flooding in Dominica, Grenada, Barbados and Dominican Republic


29.11.11. Several communities in and around Dominica are said to be experiencing some serious flooding as a result of heavy rainfall earlier.

The Canefield Airport is said to be in serious disarray as a result of the flood and several areas in that community including Minia’s 7-11 and the Old Mill Cultural Center.

There have also been claims of landslides and falling rocks under the Canefield cliff so persons traversing the area are being asked to tread carefully.

Meanwhile villagers from the communities of Petite Soufriere all the way to Castle Bruce have been cut off from the rest of Dominica. There are also reports of land slides near La Plaine.

Reports are that villagers are unable to move from their homes as a result massive road blocks.

Dominica News Online is seeking more information and will bring it as it becomes available.

29.11.111. Grenville has experienced severe flooding as a result of heavy rains. The rain affected mostly the northern and eastern sides of the island in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Several businesses have been forced to remain closed today due to the flooding.

The Grenada Electricity Services GRENLEC has advised its customers of power outages in the area as a result of downed power lines.

LIME has advised its customers that its Grenville office will be closed for the day as a result of the flooding.

NAWASA has also advised its customers that its Grenville office will be closed for the rest of the day.

The Ministry Of Education has advised the nation that schools in the parish of St. Andrew will be closed for the day.


29.11.11. Motorists had to either drive their vehicles onto the pavement yesterday or risk driving through floodwaters that reached higher than the pavements along the stretch of highway along Sion Hill, St James.

A long line of traffic built up when the water made the road almost impassable after an early morning downpour.

Photographer Lennox Devonish got this picture of several cars making their way along the pavement to avoid having to contend with the floodwaters.


Dominican Republic

28.11.11. Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. – North coast downpours since early Sunday in have swelled the Camú river, flooding streets and sectors in Montellano, including the site of Gregorio Luperón hospital, whose yards and entrance are under water.

The constant rains make the river a dangerous torrent causing landslides on the main route between Montellano and the sector Buenpan, where residents say the fear their houses will be dragged downstream.

Residents said the heavy showers began dawn Sunday and continued all day, unleashing new landslides in vulnerable zones, which could wash out the road at any time.

The reporter Aronis Polanco said they’ve repeatedly asked the provincial and government authorities to build a levy to contain the Camú, but nothing has been done, and appears that they await a tragedy before proceeding.

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Comment by Kris H on April 8, 2012 at 7:44pm
Here is another article about the Chinese influence in the Caribbean, recently from the NYT:
Comment by Kris H on December 2, 2011 at 3:28am
@Allistair: Thank you for the comprehensive history of TT flooding. However, you said earlier that the current flooding is not due to sinking or anything "unusual". I am still not seeing an explanation for why you think that this flooding is "normal". Are you saying this same level of flooding happens nearly on an annual basis? Keep in mind, Nancy has detailed in her letters recently both that there has been seismic activity recently in TT, Nov 11-12, and also about how China and the US have bribed local officials and media in TT to present the flooding there as anything other than the sinking predicted by the Zetas.

ZetaTalk Analysis 9/17/2011: The US is investing a mere $1.5 million and China can certainly afford to continue its investments in the Caribbean and Guyana with an additional $1 billion. The relevant issues are the FOCUS of the bequests. The “impacts of climate change” and “early warning” for “earthquakes and tsunami” are specifically mentioned. The forum was held in TrinidadandTobago,at the heart ofthe sinkingto occurduringthe S American roll. This is at base an attempt to control the local media, to put the right spin on the anticipated sinking. It will be “earthquake tsunami”, not the ZetaTalk predictions, and no mention of the flooding failing to drain. When the failure to drain becomes obvious, then it will be “climate change” with rising seas. Considering what the establishmentin both countriesstandsto lose with a premature break in the cover-up, this is indeed considered a good investment!
Comment by Andrey Eroshin on December 1, 2011 at 2:46pm

It is not only plate sinking. The area of ​​Trinidad is located near the border of plates, and thus pressure from South America can be led to compresion. Were in Trinidad recently the earth subsidence and landslides? If I am not wrong in the past month. Therefore water can flow from the mountains.

Comment by Andrey Eroshin on November 30, 2011 at 10:55am


Residents of north-west Trinidad and first responders to disasters were engaged in mopping up exercises and the removal of debris up to last night, after heavy showers caused the Maraval and Dibe Rivers to burst their banks, causing massive floods, landslides and land slips.,150891.html

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