I have a pretty direct question. Will our alien brothers and sisters come to earth and help out mankind after the pole shift and play a role in all the survivor's lives?  Why would they not come to help if they are peaceful and of service to others? What would their role be for mankind? There will be no government or power on earth for a short time, until the rebuilding begins and we start all over from the stone age back up to primitive times.  So will those big space ships in the sky fly down to help out and offer assistance?

We have addressed the Aftertime, the time after the Pole Shift, when survivors will literally find their world upside down. The establishment will not be in charge, but rather natural leaders, primarily women and children, taking the helm. Women doing their familiar household chores, and children who have not yet been indoctrinated into expected societal roles. There will be a separation into groups according to spiritual orientation, with those in the Service-to-Others sharing and caring for one another, while those in the Service-to-Self form into gangs and take up criminal activity.

There are expectations by many that aliens - benign space brothers - will swoop down and rescue them from the coming devastation. This is termed the Rapture by Christians, who imagine they would qualify because they read the Bible often, when this is not what Jesus meant at all. Humans earn their right to assistance by helping others, being staunchly Service-to-Others, and the assistance they receive during the hour of the Pole Shift is a temporary Lift to safety so that they can continue their efforts to help others.

Those who are solidly Service-to-Other in their orientation have been increasingly rescued during disasters such as the Haiti earthquake, and taken to live with ourselves and the hybrids and other aliens. They are assumed dead, so this is not a breach of the Element of Doubt rule. After the Pole Shift, these biodome cities will be suddenly transported from 4D to 3D and the residents will reach out to help human survivors. We anticipate that the biodome concept recently patented by Nancy’s son will get media attention so these self-sufficient cities will be a familiar concept and not induce fear in the survivors.  

We have mentioned other assistance that survivors in Service-to-Others camps might anticipate. Of course, vicious and looting gangs out to serve themselves will not qualify for such assistance. We plan to provide what we termed a perpetual power pack. But assisting with guided migration, food production, medical emergencies, and the security of the camp can likewise be anticipated. In that the majority of humans on Earth have already become contactees, firmly in memory in their subconscious, this will not be a shock but rather welcomed. The Earth will rapidly become a home where those in the Service-to-Others become galactic citizens, a very exciting time.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for January 31, 2021

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