32 Degrees Disinfo Video - New ZetaTalk (more evidence of Planet X)

Recently a video surfaced on the internet, purportedly captured through the window of an aircraft and being touted as a PX-related capture.
I was loathe to post this here as there appears to be a connection with a banned disinfo spreader,  but this is going viral and, on reflection, I decided it would be better to get the Zeta input on this if possible, cut through the bunk. Unfortunately no information is included which might identify azimuth, time of day etc, when this capture was made. Interesting also that comparisons are being made to a 2008 Avebury Manor crop circle, addressed at the time by the Z's. Would the Zetas please speak to this?
[and from another]
Those who say that this represents the precise location of the planets at the presumed Dec 21, 2012 Mayan calendar end date must explain Pluto. The planets line up in their artificially symetrical and perfectly spaced orbits except for Pluto. If there were to be consistency in this diagram, then why not make Pluto's orbit a perfect circle too? It is illogical for all other orbits to be a set space apart and a perfect circle, but for the circle makers to insist that Pluto's orbit be appropriately lopsided and cross over into Neptune's orbit. If you were a circle maker and wished to relay the message that the determination for the end of the Mayan calendar was wrong, how would you go about it? This circle clearly states that there is "something wrong" with the December 21, 2012 date assumption.

Amid the 2012 hype was a 2008 crop circle, legitimate, showing the location of the planets where they would be expected on December 21, 2012, with the exception of Pluto. Pluto was in a position for a much EARLIER date, as we stated in 2008, the true end of the Mayan Calendar should have already occurred.
Now a dramatic capture of Moon Swirls from an airplane above the clouds on May 28, 2012 is being correlated with this crop circle. There is no correlation with this single photo, any more than a correlation with the hundreds of photos being taken almost daily around the globe, using the red filter technique to exclude the glare from the Sun. Moon swirl orbs often go in clusters, as the wafting tail of Planet X blows them all in one direction or another, and when the swirls are lined up and pointing their long tubes toward the Earth, the bright orbs of light coming out the ends of the tubes cluster about one another in the view.

Despite some light distortion on the window of the airplane, caused by water vapor trapped between the panes, this is a legitimate capture of the Moon Swirls. Where in the Northern Hemisphere the swirls are most often seen to the left of the Sun, due to Planet X being on the right side of the Sun and pointing his N Pole somewhat toward the left, in the Southern Hemisphere this is reversed. Thus in the airplane photo we see the Sun is to the left, the Moon Swirls to the right. Whatever spin might be put on this capture, it is merely yet another capture of the Moon Swirls of Planet X.

Prior 2008 ZT: http://www.zetatalk.com/index/zeta426.htm
The 2012 date is not the end of the Mayan calendar, which actually ends before 2012.

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Comment by astrogal50 on June 2, 2012 at 6:48pm

A person took the photo from a commercial aircraft flight.  No red filter involved, but a capture of moon swirls from the Planet X Complex nevertheless.

Blaming valid captures of Planet X, its moons, or moon swirls on lens flare is straight out of the cover-up playbook.

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