12/02 Rising Sun, Comprising PX Tail Elements * 12/01 16:07 Bright Moonswirl Jewel, Wafting Wide * 11/30 12:27 Mylar-Filtered Moonswirls, alongside Same Image, Converted in fts

2012/12/02 09:31 Rising Sun, Comprising PX Tail Elements






2012/12/01 16:07 Bright MoonSwirl Jewel, Wafting Wide







2012/11/30 12:27  Mylar-Filtered Moonswirls (left image), alongside Same Image, Converted in  fts (right image)

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Comment by Nancy Lieder on November 30, 2012 at 6:15pm

Tail wafting to left, as usual. BIG Moon Swirl showing up lately so visible it shines through a paper filter! On 11/28 NASA had an 'event' where they debunked all manner of excuses for the Earth changes and potential 12/21/2012 cataclysms - Glactic Center, asteroid hits, solar flares (Ed Dames "kill shot") which they themselves hyped in 2009-2010, planetary lineup as happened on 5/5/2000 and was claimed at that time about to cause a pole shift or cataclysmic happening. Went through the list. And oh, Nibiru is not real, don't believe Nancy Lieder (once again I am the only name mentioned).

Senior guy David Morison said if Nibiru were real, it would be visible to all, very bright. Well??? I posted on the even log to go check the poleshift.ning.com

Comment by Corey Young on November 30, 2012 at 4:49pm

Great pic Alberto!

Based on previous entries (and Zetatalk) it looks to me like 2 moon swirls for sure...and I could be mistaken but the big one to the lower left could be the Big Moon Swirl @Nancy talked about previously? 

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