With the onset of the Pole Shift, electronic games, gaming on-line and cell phone games will be obsolete.  Traditional games will probably be played in the After Time.  Games that help children especially with hand eye co-ordination, balance and socialization, team work and are educational, will probably be used more often.  Traditional games like skittles, boules and jacks to name but a few were popular years ago.  What traditional games do you remember playing and what is involved in organizing them?

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This is a really good game for kids, helping with dexterity and team work.  Cats Cradle is a finger string game that can be played anywhere.  Get a string that's about two or three feet long and tie it off to make it into a loop.  Here are some instructions on how to play! http://www.alysion.org/figures/introkids.htm

Juggling is a great way to entertain, create great hand eye coordination and keeps people entertained!

how to play:


have fun!

Another awesome game is  ball in a cup.  Attach a string to a ping pong ball and place the string into a small paper cup,  The string has to be long enough so that it makes the ball harder to get into the cup. 

With the evenings being long and with people having lots to say, story telling will be a way of passing the time.  There will probably be lots of children in camps or willing to help with stories as well.  Puppets make great theatre.  Take a sheet and hang it on a line, and light a fire or have a lamp behind the sheet to create shadows.  The further away the light the bigger the characters/puppets get, the closer the light the more defined and smaller the charachters/puppets get!  There are many ways to do puppets,   Socks, hands with drawings on them, hand shadows, or figures on a stick.  Or if someone by chance has dolls or action figures these will do well too!  there are so many different ways to create puppets or tell a story through different characters.  Only the imagination is limited!

I have been having dreams of the aftertime for the last 2 years, and last week there was a group of women and children in an area and they stopped me and requested colored paper, glue and scissors for the children. I knew where an abandoned school was and said I would check it out for them and that was the end of that dream. I thought when I woke up that maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to have not just food supplies, but educational and entertainment supplies. Love and Light, Beth

@ Beth, that's a great idea!

Here's some ZT on teaching kids and kids learning in the AT ...




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