From the Book of Genesis to the Book of Revelation, the Zetas have elaborated on the distorted mythic parables contained in the King James Bible, providing cohesive explanations that rationally depict tribal culture within the context of Earth’s previous interactions with Planet X and its inhabitants.


In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth.

    Day 1 - God created light and separated the light from the darkness, calling light "day" and darkness "night."

    Day 2 - God created an expanse to separate the waters and called it "sky."

    Day 3 - God created the dry ground and gathered the waters. God also created vegetation.

    Day 4 - God created the sun, moon, and the stars to give light to the Earth and to govern the day and the night.

    Day 5 - God created every living creature of the seas and every winged bird, blessing them to multiply.

    Day 6 - God created the animals to fill the Earth. God also created man and woman in his own image.

    Day 7 - God had finished his work of creation and so he rested on the seventh day, blessing it and making it holy.


ZetaTalk: Creation

The Bible, as a guided book, attempted to explain the evolution of mankind in terms that humans could understand. Realize that in the day and age that the Bible was written, such matters as planets orbiting around a Sun, evolution in response to adaptations or genetic mutations, and such theories as the Big Bang did not exist. Man saw the Sun rise and set, seeded his crops or tended his herds, and hoped to raise his children before old age took him out. How would one explain evolution and genetic engineering to such a man? Simply, and with a tale they could relate to.

Such a tale was the creation tale. Since God is acknowledged by all, God caused all this to happen, ultimately. Since the stages on any planet that ultimately sustain life are basically the lifeless planet in darkness, the form and the void, and then the light, as in let there be light, and then the waters, as condensation happens as a planets cools, and then the plants, as without vegetation there can be no mobile animals, and then the fish in the sea, as all life first evolves from a watery womb, and then the creeping creatures that leave the waters followed by land animals and flying creatures, and lastly intelligent species such as man. This tale was not meant to be literal, but was meant to explain the steps so that man could understand.

It is only the rigidly religious who cannot see the obvious who fail to understand. If the road sign said Go when green, and the light never turned green, they would stand there still.


           Adam & Eve


ZetaTalk: Adam and Eve

The myth that mankind was once pure in innocence or fell due to awareness of their sexuality is utter nonsense. The myth makes no sense at all, other than in the context of sexual repression.

Is Christianity about sexual repression? To a great extent, yes, as control over the sexual practices of the flock gives the religious elite great leverage. The sex drive is constant and strong, and when the flock is made to feel guilty about this and tries to buy out from under any impending punishment, this in turn makes the religious elite rich.

This is the crux of Catholicism. Anyone who doubts this need only listen to the lectures given school children in Catholic schools and to the anguish poured forth in confessionals. We listen to both, and we know.

Why was this nonsense about Adam and Eve perpetrated? Early man had some sense that they were genetically engineered, having seen their makers, and passed this along in myth and legend. Early Christians adopted this legend and changed it to suit their needs. End of story.




Noah’s Ark

The Patriarch Noah saves himself, his family, and a remnant of all the world's animals when God decides to destroy the world because of mankind's evil deeds. God gives Noah detailed instructions for building the ark.


ZetaTalk: The Flood

The flood occurred in conjunction with the periodic visits of Planet X, which swings through the Earth's Solar System causing cataclysmic Earth changes such as pole shifts. The Flood occurred three pole shifts back, approximately eleven millennia ago. The shift prior to that had been slight, so that melting of the poles was slow and incomplete. Ordinarily each pole shift places the old poles in a position where they will quickly melt, facing the Sun. The pole shift ahead of the one causing the flood only moved the old poles slightly, so much of the ice was still remaining. Poles over land have constant runoff when they melt, and settle as the weight of ice presses down, but poles over oceans melt more from the bottom up, leaving caverns of ice honeycombed within as the water can support ice of odd shapes. Thus a vast body of thin ice stretched out over the southern ocean, over the location of the old pole. When the comet caused massive Earth movements this ice sheet fractured and fell into the water, causing a huge displacement and resulting massive wave. This wave was the flood, of legend worldwide.

Noah was given warning by the actions of inhabitants from Planet X, visiting Earth. He observed their frantic preparations to leave, as they were keenly aware of the devastation that their passing planet caused on Earth, and could compute the closeness of the passage when their inbound planet was sighted. Unlike other passages, they were going to be in harms way due to the condition of the South Pole ice, which they had visited and checked upon. Uneasy, and being a highly Service-to-Other man, he gave The Call and received visits from a Spirit Guide who responded. He did indeed construct a boat to save himself, his family, and household animals. The story of Noah has been romanticized to include all the animals of the Earth, which doesn't take much logic to dispel. How big a boat was this? Where the wave was large, it did not cover the entire Earth. How could it? Thus, there was more drowning during this particular visit of Planet X, but other than that, not much difference.


ZetaTalk: Noah

Noah was an individual who built a boat and pulled his farm animals onto it, and his family, in an attempt to escape what he anticipated would be heavy rains and flooded farmlands. How it is that Noah’s neighbors were not so prophetic, and did not have his insight? Noah was indeed warned, by a Spirit Guide, because Noah gave The Call intensely. He was a caring person, evidenced by how much of his family and farm he saved. He took his responsibilities seriously. Noah had a high level Spirit Guide who answered his call and advised Noah because his call for these contacts had not been given due to selfish interests, but due to concern for his family and others. He also warned his neighbors, who treated him with disdain. So Noah’s call was deemed a high level Service-to-Other call and as such he received attention from a very high level Service-to-Other entity who knew of the coming passage of Planet X, which caused the Flood.



The Story of Moses

The children of Israel leave slavery in Egypt through the strength of Yahweh, the God who has chosen Israel as his people. Led by their prophet Moses they journey through the wilderness to Mount Sinai, where Yahweh promises them the "Promised Land" in return for their faithfulness. Israel enters into a covenant with Yahweh who gives them their laws and instructions for the Tabernacle, the means by which he will dwell with them and lead them to the land.


ZetaTalk: Jewish Exodus

The last passage of Planet X is best remembered as the time of the Jewish exodus from Egypt, but what is not well known is the reason for the exodus. Slaves do not just walk away from their masters, and in particular a large group of slaves, old women and children among them, do not get miles away from their masters in a desert area where lookouts can see for miles. The institution of slavery is maintained by cruelty and punishment, and slaves attempting to escape are punished in a manner that will serve as a lesson to others contemplating such an escape attempt. Hands and feet are chopped off when the slave wanders or reaches where they are not to go, eyes poked out when the slave looks when they were supposed to drop their eyes, and tongues cut out when the speech of the slave is considered too bold.

 Thus, the Jewish exodus did not occur because this large group just decided to take a stroll one day, anticipating nothing worse than a whipping as the comeuppance should they be discovered. The exodus occurred because their masters were devastated and distracted by problems so severe as to take their minds entirely off their slaves. Would this have been a flooded Nile or a plague of locusts or even celebration where all got drunk? Nothing in the normal course of Egyptian society would have created a situation where the Jews could have left, en mass, or even a situation where they all would have had the courage to leave. They left because the passage of Planet X imposed first a long night and then horrendous earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in nearby volcanoes.

 Chaos reigned, the very type of chaos that governments throughout the world fear lies in their near future. Guards left their posts, and household servants stole from their masters and crept away in the seemingly never-ending night. The rulers held their heads in worry and discussed among themselves how they might placate the gods. The military elite, used to utter control and tolerating no challenges to their orders, react to chaos by trying to re-establish order. Hysterical troops, unable to comprehend what was happening to them, were in no mood to placate their superiors, and thus the military was engaged with internal battles for some time. It was not until the rotation of the Earth was re-established that the Egyptian rulers and their military leaders were able to regain control of the troops. By that time, as history well tells, the Jewish exodus was a success!


ZetaTalk: Moses

The story of Moses is written almost with complete accuracy in that the Jews were forbidden to lie in anything they put into print and the story in many cases is bolstered by Egyptian writers who were recording the cataclysms that struck Egypt at the same time. Velikovsky did a good job pointing this out. So was Moses lying when he said he had a guide? He went to the mountain top. He prayed fervently for guidance. He had a large charge in the number of people he felt responsible for. He was in desperate need to get them to safety as they left Egypt, knowing the retaliation that would come to escaping slaves, and his heart was in this throat the whole time. Needless to say, a man of this quality, who gave this Call, was given Spirit Guides who responded to him. There’s been a lot of discussion about why the Red Sea separated and how he could have found his way.

What was the pillar of fire? In fact, there was a space ship with a light pointing down, showing him where to go. This was a time of great darkness, in which they were stumbling over rock. In many cases, because of the earthquakes, new rocks with very sharp edges had been tossed, and the old paths were no longer walkable. So they were stumbling and climbing and it was important to lead the lame and the small children, the cattle and sheep in tow, and perhaps an ox cart - to find a path where they all could flow over and struggle forward and not find that they were faced with a cliff or huge boulders that they would have to climb over. So the light was directing which way to go as they approached. In the past, ZetaTalk was unable to explain the degree to which Spirit Guides and visitors could assist humans during times of trouble, so as not to interfere with the sense that humans in 3rd Density are to have that responsibility for their life is in their hands, and that they will not be rescued by parent figures or those they might consider gods. We, the Zetas, sought and were given special permission from the Council of Worlds to detail how Noah and Moses were assisted, as it was deemed that ZetaTalk has a following that is already taking responsibility for the path their lives will take, in the main.


ZetaTalk: 10 Commandments

Why did Moses lead his people to wander in the wilderness for 40 years? Well, they were just doing what everyone does after a cataclysm - wander. Life isn't good anywhere, so everyone is on the move, hoping. Velikovsky is an author who correctly understood the relationship between the story of the Exodus and the last pole shift. The gloom, the waxy carbohydrate condensate that melted in water to form what looked like milk - the land of milk and honey. Moses felt his people, the Jews, must be special, protected in some way, because they survived. He was not altogether mistaken, as he gave The Call almost continuously, while wandering around in the gloom worrying about how to feed his people, and as one genuinely in the Service-to-Other orientation, he was assisted. This situation should not be construed to mean that the Jews are in any way special or assisted, today. One hesitates to give up any such title or perception, even if it has become but an illusion.

 Did Moses descend from the mountain top with the 10 Commandments carved in stone, having spoken to a burning bush? Yes and no. Moses often climbed mountain tops, which in the desert are more like hills, and did so to get the view. When he relayed that he spoke with an entity in the bushes, which he could not make out but which was of such bright light that he could scarcely look at it, how did this translate over time? The bush was so bright ... folks who had never seen an entity in light form could only assume a fire. And did Moses descend with the 10 Commandments written in stone? This was the last thing Moses would have been inclined to do, as he was not a control freak or given to hauling stone tablets around on top of all his other burdens. This story was cooked up later, and attributed to Moses, who was no longer around to refute it. Unlike Jesus, who spoke to the masses in many places and repeated his messages, Moses had few followers. The lie grew larger than the truth, as there were few to speak the truth.

 The 10 Commandments show the hand of entities strongly in the Service-to-Self orientation, who answered The Call of humans wishing to tightly control others under the guise of religious edicts. Thou shalt not ... thou shalt not ... thou shalt not - where does it say love another as thy self? Where does it say to practice the Golden Rule, to do unto others as you would have them do unto you? The 10 Commandments are almost entirely fear and rule based, leaving little leeway for one to follow one's heart. Had the 10 Commandments not been packaged as the handiwork of Moses and God's angels, with the necessity of keeping up appearances, the word love would not have made the list at all.


ZetaTalk: Red Sea Parting

The parting of the Red Sea so that Moses could lead his people to safety is counted as an act of God, a miracle, but in fact occurred during the last cataclysms. The waters were separated partly due to the fact that there was sloshing of water and heaving of ground, but such a thing as the fact that the Red Sea could part, and that the whole troop could pass, and then come closed just as the enemy was about to follow in their footsteps, was not a natural occurrence. As you might imagine, things can be moved aside and artificial barriers such as force fields put in place. We are capable of putting a force field down that any weapon that humans possess could not penetrate, yet it is invisible. Without going into the technology of such a force field, this was simply put down, the water sucked out and put on the other side of the force field, allowing high walls of water on either side. Due to the intensity and fear, and excruciating knowledge of what they would receive at the hands of the Egyptians if they were recaptured, and the fervent following that Moses had, they all wandered into this in a leap of faith to a one, and crossed whole. The sea floor heaved up, temporarily, long enough to provide safe passage to Moses but not long enough for the Pharaoh's hapless soldiers, who followed.


ZetaTalk: Warning (Turning the Waters Red)

During the time of the Jewish Exodus, it was reported that Moses was able to turn the waters of the Nile red, with his staff. Of course, this was the red dust in the tail (of Planet X) doing this, but having been forewarned that the moment was upon them, Moses took advantage.


ZetaTalk: Manna from Heaven

“It is generally assumed that hydrocarbons such as petrochemicals are formed under extreme heat and pressure, conditions that mankind assumes can only take place under the surface of the earth where biological elements might be sandwiched between layers of the Earth's surface. They also form in the air during every passage of Planet X, as all the components are in the atmosphere - carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen. During a pole shift, violent volcanic explosions take place, super-heating the air passing overhead. Combined with continuous lightning flashes in some places, many chemicals form readily which under ordinary circumstances do not form in the atmosphere. Some of these chemicals are what humans term petrochemicals, but their close cousins, carbohydrates, form also.

 It is written in many parts of the world that after a pole shift, what the Jews called manna was found lying on the ground in the morning dew. Beads of carbohydrates that tasted like honey, and where landing on water turned the water milky, so that those lands where this occurred were sometimes known as the lands of milk and honey.

 Not all locations find this handy food delivered for breakfast, and not all such food can be gathered and eaten by the eager humans, as there is competition from the bugs and rodents in the area who seem to need less sleep than the weary and malnourished humans scrambling about in the gloom upon rising. Manna is formed and dropped in those parts of the world where the air has just passed over active volcanoes. It is formed to some degree during normal times, but becomes pronounced after a pole shift due to the exponential increase in volcanic activity. Other parts of the world find no such gift beading the ground in the dawn, and residents of those parts that are fortunate in this regard must rise early and scramble if they are to collect any manna at all. Not only is it eaten by anything that can crawl, it also melts and seeps into the ground during the heat of the day.



David and Goliath

The Israelites, under King Saul, faced the Philistines in the Valley of Elah. David heard the Philistine giant Goliath challenge the Israelites to send their own champion to decide the outcome in single combat. David told the King of Israel he was prepared to face Goliath and King Saul allowed him to make the attempt. He was victorious, striking Goliath in the forehead with a stone from his sling. Goliath fell dead, David took Goliath's sword and beheaded him, and the Philistines fled in terror.


ZetaTalk: King David

Like many humans who bore genes originating from the giant hominoids from the 12th Planet, King David was greatly admired for his strength and courage. That he took on one of these giants in the historic David and Goliath battle is not surprising, as he had a personal hatred of their domination, learned at his mother’s knee. Female slaves, who were held in bondage to act as more than cooks and maids, became pregnant on occasion by the brutish and fiercely strong soldiers working in service to the mining outposts the Planet X rulers routinely put into place during every periodic passage of Planet X through the Solar System. Chosen for their unhesitating brutality in the line of duty, these soldiers were used to keep the human slaves that worked the mines in line, and seldom displayed any tenderness, not even to their lovers.

Most often, a female slave that had been impregnated would die in childbirth, unable to deliver an oversized infant, taking her infant with her. On rare occasions half-breeds survived, often without their mothers who bled to death or were torn beyond repair. David’s mother, like he, bore genes from a half-breed, and thus had the hips to bear the product of rape and live. Beyond the great strength and unflinching courage which are traits of the giant hominoids from Planet X, they have a singleness of purpose when aroused into anger. Thus he became a leader of the downtrodden, and was held in great esteem, this reverence expressed in devotion to his symbol, the Star of David. His lineage, the House of David, was noted primarily for its courageous leadership, not surprising when one considers the ancestry.



 image source

The Story of Samson


ZetaTalk - August 18, 2012

Was Samson Annunaki, or did he, like David in the David and Goliath saga, carry Annunaki genes? Where Samson is described as being of Hebrew stock, he was not.  Annunaki soldiers were stationed on Earth during the long 3,600 year period between the periodic passages of their home planet, and since they had a normal life span as do humans, reproduction had to occur. Annunaki women were thus stationed with the soldiers, to bear young. When one of them died in childbirth, the child was unwanted by the father as there had been a dispute over paternity, and the babe left to die. Adopted by a Hebrew couple, who lied about his origin, he had status in the community but was also highly resented because of his size and strength and fierce determination. Thus, he came under attack.

The Samson saga is a true story, although descriptions of his strength in some accounts are exaggerated. He could not move mountains, for instance. Fighting an army hand-to-hand and slaying thousands with the jawbone of an ass is describing what a fiercely angry Annunki would accomplish in hand-to-hand combat. Only so many soldiers can crowd around, and the long arms of an Annunaki would reach further than their arms, and thus his slashing landed where their swipes missed. Could an Annunaki push pillars apart, thereby tumbling a structure? Yes, as the pillars are just loosely placed, not secured, and rely upon gravity to hold the structure in place. Did cutting his hair debilitate him, as the legends suggest? This depressed him, as hair was a status symbol, and thus depressed he had less of a will to fight.



image source

Sodom and Gomorrah

ZetaTalk: October 15, 1995

“Prior to recorded history there were many dramas that earned their place in history by their impact. They so impressed those who lived through them that the story was repeated, endlessly, until the era of recorded history arrived. As these dramas occurred before clocks and calendars were in use, no one is sure of the date, but the circumstances, often told in allegory fashion, generally arrived intact. Such is the case with the tale of Sodom and Gomorra, the city of sin destroyed, so the story goes, by the hand of God. This story has a basis in fact, but like most stories repeated over time has changed to fit the viewpoint of the audience. The ear hears what the heart and mind expect. The story gets slanted, as you say.

“Sodom and Gomorra were two rather smallish cities in the arid lands of the middle east. In those days sodomy was a common practice among males without a mate. Young boys were sent out to mind the herds, and learned from the older boys how to use the sheep and goats they tended to relieve sexual tension. From there it was a short step to use each other when in the cities, and no one thought much of it. A favor among friends. However, as with most aspects of the human drama, this took on other overtones. The dominant males wanted to do unto, not be done unto, and those leaning toward the Service-to-Self orientation rather enjoyed the role of being top cock, and insisted not only on this position but on being able to demand service from whomever they choose.

“Such was the situation in Sodom and Gomorra, during the era when the 3rd Density visitors from the 12th Planet walked the Earth. These visitors, as we have reported, are strapping handsome hominoids, who themselves choose their sexual partners as they saw fit, and were in no way subservient to the puny humans they generally considered their servants and slaves. However, in Sodom and Gomorra, the practice of sodomy accompanied by domination games, had gotten rowdy, with several toughs thinking they had no match. A single 12th Planet hominoid, traveling with his entourage, was raped near these cities by a gang that wouldn't take no for an answer, and the repercussions were brutal. The visitors from the 12th Planet had the bomb, as we have reported, and used it.

“Business partners were warned ahead of time but were given scarcely enough time to leave. No time for good-byes or even a lingering last look, yet the wife of one business associate did just that. She lingered, not wanting to leave the home she loved and not truly understanding the circumstances. When the bomb exploded she was gazing down on the city and was in line of the blast rather than over the hill, and was essentially vaporized where she stood. Legend explained her burned and hardened remains, gray with the fine dust of the fallout, as a pillar of salt.”


The Story of Jesus


ZetaTalk: Virgin Birth

The mother of Jesus did indeed have a Virgin Birth, and correctly ascribed this to a visit from an entity not of the Earth, an entity she called an angel. We would direct the reader to what has been documented extensively about the ability of extraterrestrials to manipulate human births. Jesus was the product of the union between Mary's egg and a man's sperm. Her husband Joseph, an old man, was impotent with old age. She required a donor, but was not the type of woman to be unfaithful to her husband, no matter what the mission. She was assisted in her desire to bear a child, to bear this special child, as both she and Joseph had given The Call to Service-to-Other entities strongly and repeatedly and understood full well the hardships their life might bear because of it. As artificial insemination was an unknown science in those days, the Virgin Birth was explained as best the people knew how. Thus, the story as told is essentially correct.


ZetaTalk: Jesus

Regarding Jesus being the Son of God. This is a touchy subject. As the saying goes, if one wants to remain above a bickering argument, don't talk about religion or politics. However, it seems a third item should be added to this list, that being the alien presence. As we are already embroiled in controversy, what's a little more heat?

 Jesus was not an ordinary man, but he was no more the son of God than any other human. Jesus was an entity from a higher dimension, who had earned the right to function in a higher density, that being above 3rd Density. Bear in mind that there are many, many entities among humans now, functioning in human society, who are operating in the same manner as Jesus was in his day. We are speaking here of entities who have come to a lower density, and incarnated here, in order to influence human affairs, human spiritual evolution. Jesus was a very high grade entity operating in the Service-to-Other orientation. He was immovable in that regard, meaning that those allowing him to come to Earth and undertake the incarnation could trust him not to veer from his stated path.

 When Jesus was on Earth, he lived the life of a normal man, as all incarnations into human form do. He had sexual hungers, felt despondent when alone and rejected, and doubted his ability to deal with issues before him. He was human, in every regard. As with all incarnations, by the Rules of Forgetfulness, he did not remember his prior spiritual state, where he lived in light and wonder, a veritable feast of learning and exploration. He chose his path, as Jesus, for the message he wished to deliver was, to him, a primary message of great importance, and the flack he met was not at all unexpected. Jesus knew he would take heat. That he was tortured to death was not a surprise to him. He is reported to have expressed surprise, or dejection on the cross, reportedly saying "Father, why have you forsaken me". The humans in attendance interpreted his comments with their own view, and took this to be despair or resentment. Our understanding was that he was asking for things to move along more quickly, as anyone being tortured does.

 Jesus accomplished his mission in formulating and disseminating a message of love for others, and sacrifice for love. This message is the opposite of the Service-to-Self message, which is love thyself, and sacrifice for no one. The words of Jesus, where possible, have been corrupted by those who wish to see mankind headed toward the Service-to-Self orientation. Most of the words of Jesus were spoken carefully, and spoken often enough, so that their meaning could not be corrupted. He repeated the same message in many different contexts, and to many different groups. In this he succeeded in passing on a legacy, the legacy he intended. Jesus was not alone in incarnating from a higher density in order to assist in the spiritual evolution of humankind. Buddha and Mohammed, among others, have done likewise, with similar results. The message bearer should not be blamed for the twists made upon their message. Look to those who are perpetrating the twists, and place blame accordingly.


ZetaTalk: Da Vinci Code

We have stated in the past that Jesus was not a virgin, not a celebate man, and had the same desires as a normal man, and indeed married a young woman in her early teens, a situation so common as to be the norm in the culture and times. He had children, almost half a dozen, primarily girls as his marital relations were frequent and he took care to include his wife in sexual arousal, being a conscientious and caring husband. Was his wife Mary Magdalene, ever present during his life and at the foot of his cross during his death, along with his mother? Yes. Did Jesus die on the cross? Yes, as the rule was to not remove a man from crucifixion until death was certain. Did his wife and children then move to France and become part of the aristocracy? They of course escaped the area, fearing reprisals, but had no need nor means to travel that far. His blood line, mere DNA not at all related to his spiritual nature, is irrelevant. They disbursed, married and had children, and were simply genetic code, just human, not bearing his depth of spirit.


ZetaTalk: Miracles

Many stories about Jesus are based on true incidences with untrue distortions. How and why did this occur? Based on the stories being spread about Jesus, a simple statement made in error by a single person can spread and grow in details as it does. Think of the rumors you have today, and how easily disinformation can catch on and continue. He seemed to them to be consistently so much more than a man, and indeed he was. And as he face the terrors they faced with such equanimity, his faithful concluded he must be a god. Why else would the threat of torture and death leave his face serene?

  • Did Jesus walk on water? Desert sands, particularly in flat areas, produce mirages, and a common mirage is water. A human walking at a distance can be seen as walking on water.
  • Did Jesus raise the dead? As Jesus was well connected to entities from higher densities, he was able and not reluctant to give The Call for help in many situations. Thus he on occasion was instrumental in curing people who had been stricken and at the point of death. It is well known that severely ill people can appear to be dead, and have on occasion even been buried alive because of this confusion. Such a person, recovering suddenly because of intervention, would be rumored to have been raised from the dead.
  • Did Jesus mold a bird from clay? He found and rescued a bird caught and caked in dried clay so that flight or even motion was impossible. This was subsequently explained as creating a bird from the clay.
  • Did Jesus make many loaves of bread from one or wine from water? A few of the faithful seated close to Jesus as he lectured, having brought their own lunch, would conclude that their lunch had been multiplied on observing the following: Jesus notes that new comers are without food, and asks those who had brought lunch to share, helping in the distribution. Later more new comers arrive, with various foods which they share among themselves. The original arrivals look over their shoulders, noting the masses and the sharing of food, and make an erroneous conclusion based on their heartfelt admiration for Jesus.
  • Did Jesus resurrect from the dead? The supposed resurrection of Jesus from the dead was, of course, a story based on the widespread human custom of carrying beloved deceased to what the bearers considered a proper burial. As Jesus had relayed that death is not the end, that his faithful could expect to meet him again, the disappearance of his corpse, a true occurrence, was supplemented with supposition. Where did he go? He resurrected, was the supposition.

How do we know these things about Jesus? Where we, the individual Zetas speaking to you, were not necessarily there, or reading from some sort of written record, we are consulting with Jesus himself and the group of entities he works with, his team. We go to the source for this information.”


ZetaTalk: Golden Rule

In the simple words of Jesus, ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’. Jesus, Mohammed, and Buddha, Star Children all who came to leave a gift of clarity for mankind, all preached the same message. Equality, where ‘the least of you’ is considered on the same level as the self. Considering ones physical needs, for food and shelter, in a manner that balances concern for what others need, what the goat about to be slaughtered might feel, what the land over grazed or tilled into a dust bowl might need. Confusing, a quagmire of intellectual decisions, if left to the intellect alone. What these great preachers left with mankind was the suggestion that the answer lies in the heart. Before you do something that will affect another, put yourself in that other’s place, and imagine the consequences of your action. This is generally known as the Golden Rule, ‘do unto others’. Driven by the heart, one will never make an errant decision from a spiritual standpoint. A man in agony over whether to share the meat from his last goat with his starving neighbors, when his own family is faint from hunger most of the time, will find his answer by placing himself in their perspective as well as his family's perspective. What sense of abandonment will his neighbors have, seeing his family feast when they are cramped and weak. What need to throw up walls against empathy for the neighbors will his family require in order to choke down the meal quickly, blinded to the neighbor's plight. He chooses sharing, seeing that damage to the soul is the greater danger, as the physical will in any case pass.

 The reason that an average of 1,000 lifetimes is required for a young soul to reach its orientation decision is this complexity, as the man about to share his last goat with his neighbors, each a bite and none a full meal, knows from experience what the alternatives are. He has experienced abandonment, has forced himself to block empathy at some time in his past lives, and has experienced hunger to the point of starving to death, and thus can arrive at his decision. He has become, rather than a young soul, an old soul, wise. The Earth currently has a large number of very young souls, due to the population explosion, most so immature as to be considered infants, if an old and wise soul is to be considered aged. How does one explain to an infant that the others in the playpen must be considered? Where infants are often considered to be focused solely on themselves, they in fact respond to other infants put in the playpen, smiling at each other and vicariously enjoying the play of the other. Body language, the vibes that all living creatures exude and which can be read by another, are there. Thus, even infants can practice the Golden Rule, even on a first lifetime, and this is the lifeline to be used going into any event when sudden change and turmoil will ensue.



ZetaTalk: Revelations

The Bible, when written, as we have stated, had a specific audience of those in the region, as Jesus was just one of many Star Children visiting Earth with the intent of passing on a message of love-thy-neighbor-as-thyself, and the spread of Christianity not anticipated anymore than the spread of the Koran almost worldwide. Thus, those who interpreted his words, or put their personal visions into words, were in this tradition, speaking to the people of the area.

Revelations describes, often in symbolic language, the coming pole shift, by explaining what those in the regions would experience - hail, earthquakes, exploding volcanoes that darken the sky with ash, fire storms from air passing over the volcanoes, and being on the Long Day side of the Earth, a fire dragon in the sky; the heat of the Long Day, an unending beating of the summer sun on an area near the Equator; the heat of hot earth as many fault lines adjust, some by subducting under each other or by allowing lava to flow closer to the surface; frantic insects of the desert, not waiting for night to creep about but running in panic over people not used to this experience. In reading the words of Revelations, those words that apply to the Earth changes without doubt, one can see what folklore and ourselves are explaining will occur.


ZetaTalk: Da Vinci Code
Was Da Vinci giving clues in his artwork? What other means was available to him, with the grim hand of the religious elite determined to eliminate the truth from the evolving Bible? More secrets are in his artwork than have been discovered to date. Should this inflame those intent on uncovering the truth, there is another secret omitted from the Bible more important for those living today - the truth about prior pole shifts and the forthcoming shift. It is also no secret that the Kolbrin, considered a parallel Bible and hidden from destruction in Scottish monasteries, details the pole shift causing the Flood and occurring during the Exodus. This material originated from the Egyptians, who kept immaculate records. Should this origin cause the faithful to discount the Kolbrin, look to the Book of Enoch, another book carried forward from the Jews, the originators of the Old Testament, who also were required by their laws to record only the truth, and not embellish. Enoch, a man mentioned in the Old Testament, was dropped because it described the forthcoming pole shift, and the signs that would preclude this.

The Third Secret of the Fatima, also about the forthcoming pole shift, is yet another example of the Church suppressing the truth, as they care not for informing and empowering their flock, but only about continuing their control and positions of power.

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