The famous episode of Betty and Barney Hill, was april 19, 1961, when returning from Canada, here we see the drawing she made of Zeta Reticuli.  It is important to note that several of the stars drawn by it, were unknown to the man back then, here we can see and compare the accuracy of your drawing with the star map.

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Apparently the poor woman was extremely scared and so was her partner by the abduction. At least she managed to let us all know it was real with this star map, and what happened to her was real.
Carlos, thanks for the info. I have heard about Betty Hill, but did not know about her drawing of Zeta Reticuli. The star map and her drawing are like identical. Thanks for posting.

Apreciado Carlos... I was impressed by this picture of  Barney Hill.. this comparison throw down the doubts about his experience, he was not an astronomer as you are.. incredible.!!

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