Wanted to convey that we had close to freezing weather here in Michigan for 2 days about 3 weeks ago and then it happened again yesterday and the day before we HAD to turn on the heat just to get by. This is not normal, even the farmers almanac has our first freeze listed as October 3rd and to have it so cold in September seemed like a big change at least it was for us. The summer has almost been non stop rain as well. We wanted to know if anyone else noticed the trees...our tree leaves started falling a month and a half ago and most of the leaves have been splotched or have burned in little circles like someone had held a magnifying glass several times to each leaf, these are Maple and Oaks by us, but we have noticed not all trees are being affected like this. The trees themselves at the time were also dropping in spots not uniformly as the fall would have then do normally. The trees are also growing moss all over the bark possibly due to the incessant rain. Anyone else notice this?


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